May 27, 2017

Big Picture Interviews


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Big Picture Interviews

Andrew Gadomski Real Data, Real Power. The Real Deal


Aspen Advisors has teamed up with the Global Strategic Management Institute, (GSMI), to create Talent Congress

Published on May 23 2017
AndrewAndrew Gadomski

Numbers. Businesses love numbers: CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CHROs love numbers. Numbers that provide insights: a clear picture, actionable information, trends, analysis.

Meet Andrew Gadomski's Talent Congress. A radical approach to understanding your sourcing, recruiting, talent acquisition, retention, employer brand, and competitive positioning.

Here's the deal: Talent Congress Serves up Workforce Analytics, Real-time Candidate Experience, World Class Conferences. All in One. Stop and think about that.

Delegates receive ongoing data tracking of their recruiting and employment branding processes all year long. Gain insights in your candidate experience, hiring manager satisfaction, onboarding and exiting processes, requisition tracking, social media usage, recruiter productivity, and more.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel podcast with host Peter Clayton. In our interview with Andrew Gadomski, recorded at the recent Employer Branding Strategies Conference (#EBrandCon) in Chicago, you'll learn about Talent Congress, (developed in association with GSMI), and how this tool can be used to up your talent acquisition objectives by organizing massive amounts of your data, and serving it up to your mobile devices in real time.

Stay tuned. A complete transcript of our interview will be available soon!

Jason Roberts - Recruiting in the New Machine Age


What Got You Here Won't Get You There. Inside Sorcecon: Jason Roberts, Global Head of Technology and Analytics Randstad Sourceright

Published on April 18 2017
Jason Roberts, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Standardization Randstad Sourceright, TotalPicture interviewJason Roberts

Jason Roberts is Senior Vice President of Strategy and Standardization for Randstad Sourceright. In his role, he leverages more than 15 years of leadership and recruiting expertise to implement new innovations and identify the blend of standard processes and technologies that gives Randstad a decided advantage in their recruiting process.

Drawing on his extensive experience in big data, Jason also focuses on the thoughtful application of analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive technologies to drive action through automation and data-driven insight by the recruiting team. Making the title of his presentation at Sourcecon very much in alignment with his day job.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. I'm your host, Peter Clayton.

Stay tuned... Our interview with Jason Roberts will air Tuesday April 18th


Everyone is Talking About Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Summer Husband Explains Why.


Inside SourceCon - An Interview with Opening Keynote Speaker, Summer Husband, Senior Director, Data Science at Randstad Sourceright

Published on March 28 2017
Summer Husband, Senior Director, Data Science for Randstad Sourceright,TotalPicture interviewSummer Husband

Several days ago I posted a number of pictures on Facebook of many of the amazing women who took the stage at SourceCon in Anaheim, California. One of those amazing women, who delivered the opening keynote, joins me for a special Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio.

In her role as Senior Director, Data Science for Randstad Sourceright, Summer Husband is responsible for helping to bring recruiting data to life. Through deep analysis and visualization, applying predictive analytics and machine learning, Summer is able to support clients' preemptive decision making and deliver continuous and measurable improvement across all aspects of talent acquisition. This ability places her organization at a clear competitive advantage.

Machine learning, predictive analytics, AI, Big Data is on every conference agenda this year.


Headhunter Profile: Matt Schwartz


Inside the World of a Successful Boutique Executive Search Firm

Published on March 09 2017
Matt Schwartz, Founder and President MJS Executive Search - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonMatt Schwartz

Matthew J. Schwartz is Founder, President & CEO of MJS Executive Search, a New York based boutique retained executive search firm. When I interviewed Joe Apfelbaum, the CEO and founder at Ajax Union, Joe suggested I talk with his friend Matt - which I did, and that led to this Big Picture Channel Podcast.

I like having executive recruiters on the show because there's so much confusion and misinformation regarding how recruiting actually works.How search firms and staffing agencies work. The difference between a retained and contingency search firm. I think it's valuable to have someone with Matt's experience and background to navigate these waters.

Let's face it: Anyone can call themselves a recruiter. Unlike most professions, no formal education is required, no licenses are required to become a headhunter, you can put up a web page, print up some business cards and call yourself a recruiter and start soliciting business.

Stay Tuned... our interview with Matt Schwartz will air Thursday, March 9th.


Data Rules: Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology at ADP


Technology & Analytics - What Do You Need To Know to Differentiate Yourself?

Published on February 27 2017
Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology ADP- TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonChris Havrilla

"Data is driving our businesses to differentiate from competitors where margin and cost pressures are forcing innovation from every conceivable direction."

Chris Havrilla has a unique combination of experience in the Recruiting, HR, Information Technology, and Professional Services fields that she has leveraged to do projects related to Talent Acquisition, Strategy Development/Implementation; Full Life Cycle Recruiting; Sourcing; Technology, Tools, Systems; Social Recruiting / Social Media Strategy and Implementation; Candidate Assessments; Interviewing; Executive Search; Staffing Business Models, Processes; Training; Consulting; and Human Capital. Yes. All of that.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio with your host Peter Clayton. In this podcast episode, we're going to be talking about Big Data (a buzz term du jour for sure), with Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology at ADP, that little company that happens to be the biggest HCM vendor out there, with 620,000 clients. Another 'Gee Whiz' statistic: one in every six paychecks is processed by ADP.

I had the good fortune to show up at a SMA NJ meeting last month, where Chris was the featured speaker.  I've been dying to get her on the show so I can share with you her knowledge and insights.

watch for ADP water bottle selfe.


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