June 28, 2017

Big Picture Interviews


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Big Picture Interviews

The New Consumer of Work


A Conversation with Libby Sartain, recorded at TLNT Transform

Published on March 07 2012
Kurt Ballard, ACT BridgeLibby Sartain

Dear CHRO. Are you still treating your employees like... employees?

After listening to this interview with Libby Sartain (former CHRO at Southwest Airlines and Yahoo!), recorded at TLNT Transform, you might want to reconsider.

According to Sartain, "business competes for talent today in a free global marketplace in which traditional definitions of job and employee are increasingly outmoded. As a direct result, HR leaders must also change traditional ways of working in order to maintain their central role in the organization of the future."

While many influences are bringing about this change, perhaps the most important is the way in which the worker now approaches and engages with work. Workers today use the sensibilities of consumers to search for overall work experiences that not only provide a sense of connection and fulfillment, but also a part of their personal brands.

Libby's presentation at TLNT Transform had an essential message for all HR leaders: You can guide your organization through this competitive marketplace by treating your worker pool more like consumers and less like employees. "Think of each phase in the worker life cycle as a branded experience and design your HR programming to deliver this experience. Workers will become more engaged and your organization will be prepared for the impending brain drain likely to occur when the economy turns around and disengaged workers head for more meaningful work."


John Hollon, VP Editorial TLNT


TLNT Transforms News, Analysis and Insight for HR & Talent Management Leaders.

Premiers on December 21 2011
 John Hollon, Vice President for Editorial TLNT.com John Hollon

What differentiates TLNT from ERE.net? What are the trends in HR and talent management TLNT is reporting on? What's "in the news" is industry consolidation!

John Hollon is Vice President for Editorial of TLNT.com, and the former Editor of Workforce Management. He has written extensively about human resources and talent management, and joins us here for a Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio.

TLNT "is an HR blog about the business of HR, with news, insight, and topical information from experts and thought leaders in HR, talent management, and all areas related to HR and managing a workforce. This includes legal topics and issues, compensation and benefits (health, financial/retirement, and voluntary), HR technology and software, training and development, HR management, and other related areas."

This year, TLNT presents its first TLNT Transform Conference in Austin, Texas February 27-28 at the Palmer Event Center.


Patrick Riley Modern Survey CEO and Co-founder


As Employee Engagement Hits New Lows, Where is HR Going?

Published on November 22 2011
 Patrick Riley Modern Survey CEO and Co-founder Patrick Riley

Conducted in September 2011, the most recent iteration of Modern Survey's bi-annual study of employee engagement levels in the U.S. workforce found that 70% of employees are now either disengaged or under engaged at their job - a record high number since Modern Survey began tracking these numbers in 2007 before the recession started.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. Today, Peter Clayton interviews Patrick Riley, CEO and Co-founder of Modern Survey, "a human capital measurement company. From licensed technologies to full-service enterprise solutions, Modern Survey helps organizations gather employee and customer feedback to create positive change and sound business decisions."


Everything That Matters: An Interview with Gregg Robins


A Journey Across the Spectrum of Human Emotion and Experience

Published on October 22 2011
Gregg Robins, Everything that MattersGregg Robins

Many of us dream of pursuing creative passions. Gregg Robins has followed his dream and turned it into reality.

This is Peter Clayton, welcome to a Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. I have the delight of having on the show a good friend, Gregg Robins, whom I met many years ago when he was at Citibank. We did a bunch of films together in Europe, while he was running the Private Bank's communications initiative to convert to the Euro, and handling all the issues around Y2K. Gregg currently lives in Moscow. This is a really unusual podcast for us because we're going to take a very personal journey into Gregg's life.

We recorded this interview in New York, when Gregg was here to master an album that he has written and produced with the help of some very remarkable musicians. I wanted Gregg to tell the story of how this evolved. Obviously, he came from the business world, but has a real passion and a talent for music.

Gregg's new album, titled "Everything that Matters" debuts October 25. You can learn more about Gregg and listen to much of his music on his web site, greggrobins.com.


Stephen Leeb: China. Energy. Red Alert


Red Alert: How China's Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life

Published on October 17 2011
Stephen LeebStephen Leeb

"You know, the benefit of this, Peter, is just as in China, if we do wake up to this, we will create a number of very big growth industries in this country; huge growth industries." Stephen Leeb

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Stephen Leeb's provocative and insightful new book, Red Alert: How China's Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life is a frightening look at the growing political, economic, and social power of China and the threat that nation poses to the Western world. It lays out how the Chinese are strategizing to overtake the United States as the world's premier economic power-and details how our failure to respond quickly will result in a permanently lower standard of living for Americans.

Stephen's previous interviews on TotalPicture Radio are some of the most popular podcasts we've produced -- garnering thousands of downloads. I am pleased to have him back.

In Red Alert, Leeb argues that while U.S. officials and politicians engage in short-term myopic planning, endless legal maneuvering, scandals, and wartime investing that are crippling American economic viability, China's government is run by visionary scholars with backgrounds in such fields as chemistry and engineering who are carefully analyzing the long-term, big picture.


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