June 24, 2017

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Career Strategy Interviews

Time Management


Podcast with journalist and author, Laura Vanderkam

Published on July 29 2010
Laura Vanderkam
Laura Vanderkam

Time Management: A Podcast with Laura Vanderkam

You Have More time Than You Think... Really. There are 168 hours in a week, and Laura Vanderkam's book is a new approach to getting the most out of them.

Welcome to a Career Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting. It's an unquestioned truth of modern life: we are all starved for time. With the rise of two-income families, extreme jobs, and the ability to log on to the world 24/7, life is so frenzied we can barely breathe. But what if we actually have plenty of time? What if we could sleep eight hours a night, exercise five days a week, and learn how to play the piano without sacrificing work, family time, or any other activity that is important to us? According to Laura Vanderkam, we can. If we re-examine our weekly allotment of 168 hours, we'll find that, with a little reorganization and prioritizing, we can dedicate more time to the things we want to do without having to make sacrifices.

Vanderkam also explains, in depth, how to control investment of time so that "there should be almost nothing during your work hours - whatever you choose those to be - that is not advancing you toward your goals for the career and life you want"; how to determine what the "next level" of personal and professional development looks like and how to "seize control" of the schedule while completing a transition to that level; and what a "breakthrough" is and how to achieve it to expedite the transition process.

In 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think,  Laura draws on her own experience and the stories of other successful people who have fulfilled their goals by allocating their time according to these principles. It is a fun, inspiring, and practical guide that will help men and women of any age, lifestyle, or career get the most out of the time and their lives.


Brazen Careerist


Podcast with author and Brazen Careerist founder, Penelope Trunk

Published on July 22 2010
Penelope TrunkPenelope Trunk

"The best thing that you can do for your career is to get a strong set of mentors." -- Penelope Trunk.

Welcome to a special Career Strategy channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio -- with Peter Clayton reporting. I'm thrilled to have back on the show today Penelope Trunk, the author of Brazen Careerist and founder of the Brazen Careerist web site, a career management tool for next-generation professionals. Brazen Careerist enjoys about 200,000 page views per month.

"Brazen Careerist exists to give everyone an opportunity to build and nurture a network of trusted peers. Other professional sites allow you to display a network, but not necessarily build one. Microblogging resources like Twitter can tell you who you should network with, but it's tough to build a real relationship on 140 character missives. And social networks like Facebook are great for having a conversation, but it's a conversation that employers don't want to hear. "


Boomer Job Search


Podcast with author and career search coach, Rita Ashley

Published on March 05 2010
Rita Ashley Rita Ashley

Boomer Job Search Alert Over 45? How to Overcome the Grey Ceiling in Your Job Search

"Overqualified is the easiest answer to give a candidate when an employer passes on hiring an over 45 year old candidate. It is rarely the real reason; it is the politically correct reason and the safest way to get the candidate to go away. Employers who pass on baby boomers don't want to ‘handle' the questions and emotions that result from refusal; they want to move on to the next candidate. Same goes for recruiters." -- Rita Ashley

Welcome to a Career Strategies Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. According to career and job search coach Rita Ashley, highly quailfied executives in the mid-forties to late fifties are "angry, frustrated, and scared. Many in this age group have been unemployed for over a year. They've come to believe that ageism. She is a technology recruiting veteran who not only worked closely with investors, executives and hiring authorities to staff senior positions, she came to the job as a former Silicon Valley executive.

"One executive mentioned, "When a resume or LinkedIn profile begins, ‘25 years experience' I assume the person will rely on old expertise rather than up-to-the-minute and contemporary solutions. If they lead with number of years and not recent accomplishments, I run away."

Armed with an insider's view of how hiring gets done Ms. Ashley teaches her clients life skills for career development and job search.  In the last two years, 98% of her clients reached their targeted career goals within six months.


Swapping Contacts


Podcast with President of ZoomInfo, Sam Zales

Published on March 01 2010
Sam ZalesSam Zales

Sam Zales, President of ZoomInfo Responds to My Linkedin Questions--"No way no how, am not pimping my Rolodex!"

It all started innocently enough. I received a press release from ZoomInfo with a request I record an interview to promote their new FreshContacts offer:

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - Helping put America back to work, ZoomInfo, the world's most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies, today announced a new resource for job hunters. Available immediately, FreshContacts provides free access to job seekers looking to identify, research and connect with innovative companies and their hiring managers. Providing actionable intelligence on prospective employers, FreshContacts can drastically shorten the time it takes for many job seekers to find employment... Read the complete press release.

So here's the deal. To get access to ZoomInfo's database, you must allow ZoomInfo access to your Outlook contacts, via an application you download from ZoomInfo's web site. Now, here's their pitch: "You may be wondering why ZoomInfo has agreed to give away a 2 month subscription for FREE. Well, it's a simple win-win situation: you get the value of the ZoomInfo database of 45 million professionals at 5 million companies, and in exchange, you allow your contact records to improve the size and quality of the database, which in turn helps everyone else who is using it! " I found one of their bullit points to be particularly disturbing: "Contributions to the database are totally anonymous - they are not traceable back to you." Okay.

I've found Linkedin Questions to be a goldmine. This is a free focus group, all you marketing people! So I published the following question, "What do you think of ZoomInfo's FreshContacts initiative? ... I'm recording a podcast interview with Sam Zales the president of ZoomInfo tomorrow."

ZoomInfo recently opened their database (for a limited time), to anyone willing to share their Outlook contact list - this is accomplished through a plug-in you download. Here's a link to the press release


Guerrilla Job Hunt


Insights and Guidance from David Perry, Executive Placement Recruiter

Published on March 01 2010
David Perry, Perry Martel International David Perry

"In the new economy, jobs are temporary. That means you need to be permanently looking for your next opportunity." David Perry.

Welcome to a Career Transition Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton Reporting. Back by popular demand is @roguerecruiter (on Twitter), good friend and frequent contributor to TotalPicture Radio, David Perry. Dave is the Dave Berry of recruiting.

David is managing director of Perry-Martel International, one of North America's top executive , recruiting, and placement firms. He is the author of numerous career books, the latest being Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0: 1,001 Unconventional Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job. As a recruiter, he recently made his 1000th executive placement. He's been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and on TV as an employment analyst for NBC, ABC and CBC News in Canada.

Get David Perry and Kevin Donlin's new Guerrilla Job Search System Home Study Course DVD for only $29.


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