April 23, 2014

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Career Strategy Interviews

Re-engineered Job Search


Podcast with nationally-recognized job search expert, Debra Feldman

Published on April 28 2009
Debra Feldman, The Job Whiz Debra Feldman

Career Bailout Plan: Faster Results in Today's Job Market. "There are jobs. Employers are hiring."

"By re-engineering the search process and putting the candidate at the controls, prospective employees are able to get together with pre-qualified potential employers, establish meaningful dialogues that benefit both parties, progress to reach a decision and ultimately launch themselves into a new challenge. Networking is not about transactions, it's about building relationships."--Debra Feldman.

Welcome to a special Career Transition channel podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. We're delighted to have back with us today a frequent contributor and nationally-recognized expert who designs and personally implements swift, strategic, and customized senior level executive job search campaigns Debra Feldman. Debra is the JobWhiz.


Job Loss Rebound


Podcast with Martha Finney, President and CEO of Engagement Journeys

Published on April 18 2009
Martha I. Finney author, HR journalist, employee engagement consultant, speaker Martha Finney

You've just lost your job. (Or you're expecting to.) You know you're not alone: Millions of great people are losing their jobs these days. But this is you we're talking about. Losing your job can turn your life upside down. It can mess with your mind, your heart, your health, your family life...not to mention your financial security. Losing your job is just plain painful.

Rebound: A Proven Plan for Starting Over After Job Loss will help you get through the trauma -- and come out stronger, smarter, better. Top workplace expert Martha Finneybrings together all the answers you need to empower yourself and regain mastery over your own life. Drawing on powerful insights and personal stories from an enormous network of experts, she answers questions like:

  • How do I protect my finances?
  • How do I get past the anger, alienation, and isolation?
  • Why haven't I heard from my coworkers?
  • What are my rights?
  • Can I get a better severance package?
  • Can I sue? Should I?
  • How do I stay on my career path and keep my options open?

Interview Storytelling


Podcast with interviewing expert and ExecuNet contributor, Judy Rosemarin

Published on March 15 2009
Judy Rosemarin, Sensable Strategies, NYC Judy Rosemarin

Who Are You? Telling stories that win.

Welcome to a Career Transition Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. For over 25 years, Judy Rosemarin has provided Executive Coaching to people in career transition as well as to major corporations for their leaders in Leadership Effectiveness and Presentation skills. She is the founder of New York based Sense-Able Strategies.

As an interviewing expert, Judy also writes for ExecuNet, a national networking association for senior executives. For many years, Judy has hosted monthly senior executive networking meetings in New York City, in conjunction with Execunet, where executives learn how to present their best value statements and expand their contacts and networks to keep their careers vital and advancing. In the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to participate in one of the monthly networking meetings, and interview Judy on negotiating skills. I wanted to follow-up with her -- and discuss what strategies are working with her clients and ExecuNet group.


PrimeGenesis Onboarding


Podcast with PrimGenesis founder and onboarding expert, George Bradt

Published on March 08 2009
George Bradt, PrimeGenesis George Bradt

"Moving into a new job is among the toughest career challenges you'll face." George Bradt

Welcome to a Career Transition Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. If you're a Cablevision customer, "Know Before You Go" is a phrase you've heard ad nauseam. But in today's economy and job market, know before you go is not just a requirement for a job interview, but necessary before your first day of work with a new company. If you've accepted a job offer, especially at an executive level, you will have a far greater chance of success if you commit to a personal onboarding plan before your first "official" day in your new office.

According to our guest, George Bradt, founder and managing director of PrimeGenesis, "Moving into a new job is among the toughest career challenges you'll face. Half of newly hired executives fail within 18 months. Many, many more new employees simply fail to distinguish themselves." George is the author of The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results - the Second Edition was just published by Wiley. I interviewed George in 2007, when the first edition of the book was released. (That podcast is still relevant, you'll find it here.)

The Second Edition includes 40% new material and updates -- including new and updated downloadable forms -- plus:

  • A new chapter on positioning yourself for a leadership role
  • A new chapter on what to do after the first 100 days
  • A new chapter on getting promoted from within and what to do then

Career Renegade


Podcast with writer, small-biz strategist, and lifestyle entrepreneur, Jonathan Fields

Published on March 03 2009
Career Renegade. Jonathan Fields Jonathan Fields

Is it a ladder or a treadmill? We get the inside story from Career Renegade: Jonathan Fields

"But, here's the thing. I've been asked a bunch of times, lately, how smart it is to walk away from the "safe option" of working for someone else to start your own business or even begin to build some kind of independent career or leveragable reputation on the side in this economy." Jonathan Fields

The number of individuals getting nuked out of their cubicles with little more than a cardboard box and Houdini 401k plan (which evaporated right along with their paycheck) is staggering. Every week in February, more than 600,000 people filed new claims for unemployment insurance. After years of toil and abuse many are finding their last official act as an employee is the humiliating escort out the door routine. If this describes your current situation, perhaps it's time for you, my friend, consider becoming a Career Renegade. Joining us today is the man who wrote the book -- Career Renegade How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love -- Jonathan Fields.

Welcome to a Career Transitions Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio. Our interview with Jonathan was conduced by producer/host Peter Clayton.


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