September 20, 2017

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HR Technology Interviews

The Future of Work Series - Jerome Ternynck Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters


Seven Years Ago, Jerome Ternynck Came to the US From France on an L1 Visa, and Set up Shop in San Francisco. Today SmartRecruiters has over 200 employees.

Published on July 06 2017
Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO SmartRecruiters, TotalPicture interviewJerome Ternynck

"Who you hire defines who you are. SmartRecruiters helps successful organizations hire better talent than their competitors."

Welcome to our continuing series of Future of Work Podcasts from HR Tech World in San Francisco. I'm you host, Peter Clayton. This HR Technology Channel Podcast features the CEO of SmartRecruiters, Jerome Ternynck.

SmartRecruiters was Founded in 2010. The company is based in San Francisco and backed by Mayfield, Salesforce and Insight.

"We actually convert 27 percent of candidates who say 'I'm interested,' versus 5 percent on your average ATS." Jerome Ternynck


The Future of Work - Brazen Elevates Chat


Ed Barrientos, CEO Brazen Technologies and Angel Investor, Shares Case Studies and Tactics for Engaging Your Employees, Your Job Candidates, Communities of Interest, and Your Audience Using Chat.

Published on June 27 2017
Ed Barrientos, CEO Brazen Technologies and Angel Investor, TotalPicture interviewEd Barrientos

Welcome to our continuing Future of Work series podcasts from the recent HR Tech World Conference in San Francisco. I'm your host, Peter Clayton. Joining me today for an HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture is Ed Barrientos the CEO of one of the HR Tech World Exhibitors, Brazen Technologies.

Ed is a well-known serial entrepreneur and angel investor in the Washington DC region. He sits on the Board of Advisors of the Penn State World Campus and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. He is a national faculty member of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps and sits on numerous Boards including the Board of Directors of Founder Corps, where he is also a charter member.

Brazen's chat software helps organizations humanize engagement by making personal interaction efficient and scalable. The world's leading organizations use Brazen's software platform to interact and engage with employees, job candidates, customers, students and alumni. The company is venture-backed and headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


How Cognitive Computing is helping Talent Acquisition and HR


Interview with Bob Schultz General Manager, Talent Management Solutions, Kenexa Business at IBM.

Published on June 15 2017
Bob Schultz, General Manager, Talent Management Solutions, Kenexa Business at IBM, TotalPicture interviewBob Schultz

Welcome to the Future of Work Series at HR Tech World in San Francisco. I'm your host Peter Clayton. Joining me is Bob Schultz, General Manager, Talent Management Solutions, Kenexa Business at IBM. Today we're going to focus on How cognitive computing is transforming the talent acquisition and HR functions within organizations, and learn about the latest advancements from Watson Talent.

I've been covering this space for a little over a decade, so I've seen the tremendous amount of consolidation in this space, and Kenexa is no exception. Prior to IBM acquiring the company in 2012, it had grown tremendously though a series of acquisitions, including BrassRing. So first off, we get Bob's perspective on what all of this acquisition in HR technology means.


The Source of Hire. TAtech Thought Leadership Report


Andy Hibel Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer HigherEd Jobs, Joins TotalPicture host Peter Clayton at TAtech Spring Congress

Premiers on May 18 2017
Andy Hible, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, HireEd Jobs, TotalPicture interviewAndy Hibel

Do employers know there's a problem identifying the source of candidates?

Joining Peter Clayton today on Totalpicture's HR and TA Technology Channel is Andy Hibel, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of a company which owns and operates academic career and employment websites, HigherEdJobs.

Andy led a session at the recent #TAtechChicago Congress to discuss the source of hire, an important issue for job board operators and recruiters, and an issue with as many opinions as complexities. 

  • Why is this still and issue? Why is it important?  What should be done about it?

A little background... Last year, HigherEdJobs listed nearly 215,000 jobs at 5,394 colleges and universities, with an average of over 1,400,000 unique visits per month. Virtually all of these jobs come directly from the school to HigherEdJobs. HigherEdJobs' growth over the past 20 years has established it as a trusted resouce and leader in the academic recruitment field.

In 2009, the company started hosting HigherEd Careers, a monthly internet chat with higher education experts, on HigherEd Careers' aim is to meaningfully explore current topics that affect jobs of the higher ed community. Over the years, HigherEd Careers has featured college, university and community college presidents, Google leadership, association experts, Congressional leadership, and an astronaut.

Marc Coleman - The Future of Work


HR Tech World has in 5 years grown exponentially from 400 to 6,000 attendees. For the first time ever, HR Tech World is coming to the United States! San Francisco, June 14-15

Published on May 16 2017
Marc Coleman, Founder & CEO HR Tech World, TotalPicture interviewMarc Coleman

The Founder and CEO of HR Tech World, Marc Coleman, runs the largest global Enterprise Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology. Since 2011, HR Tech World has been the fastest growing international HR show at the cutting edge of the debate on the Future of Work, creating a unique environment where C-suite executives and decision makers can both discuss and explore practical solutions to the challenges posed by technology. Hosting over 400 enterprise leaders in 2011, to as many as 10,000 in 2017 at shows in London, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Welcome to a special HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture. I'm your host, Peter Clayton. I'm proud to report that TotalPicture is a Media Sponsor of HR Tech World in San Francisco. Joining me today is the Founder and CEO of HR Tech World, Marc Coleman.

Marc's career has been truly global. He started out on his journey at Microsoft in Seattle during its fastest growth period, before being headhunted by Optiva/Sonicare, one the fastest growing companies in the United States at the time. Prior to contributing to the Future of Work community, Marc lived in the Asia Pacific region and enjoyed a highly successful career navigating the world of sports and business events for 6 years. During this period Marc managed an event portfolio that included: the America's Cup New Zealand, FIFA Football World Cup in Japan, the Breeders Cup World Championships at Santa Anita, China's first ever Formula One Grand Prix in Shanghai, The World Oil & Gas Summit Dubai, The World Cup Rugby Australia and The Asian CEO Summit in Hong Kong.

Marc has helped build 7 start-ups during the past 10 years and has advised 100s more as they have started out in the fields of technology, future of work, research and events over the last couple of years on both sides of the pond. Marc was educated in Ireland and has a Higher Diploma in Quality Management, Applied Biology & Physics, a BSc in Microbiology and an MSc in Biotechnology.

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