March 18, 2018

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HR Technology Interviews

How Data and Mobile are Changing the Face of Talent Acquisition


Ivan Casanova, SVP Marketing at Jibe, Inc. Details how marketers are becoming data scientists.

Premiers on March 05 2015
SVP Marketing at Jibe, Inc. video produced by Peter Clayton - TotalPicture Media Ivan Casanova

Video from Global #HRU in New York, recorded by TotalPicture February 6, 2015:

Ivan Casanova is the Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Jibe, Inc., which provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions for talent acquisition teams to help them identify, attract, and engage top talent.

In this highly interactive session, Ivan discusses the importance of mobile technologies in the recruiting process, and the convergence of traditional marketers to data scientists. At the session, Ivan announced the creation of the new Data Driven Recruiter educational resource.

Videos recorded at Global #HRU New York are sponsored by RecruitiFi, a unique new category of recruiting that connects top recruiters with companies looking to hire exceptional talent.

Founded in 2009 on the principles of improving both the job seeker and recruitment professional experience, Jibe is on a mission to transform hiring. Jibe empowers companies to optimize recruitment, providing talent acquisition professionals with software for data and analytics, mobile-optimized apply, talent networks, social referrals, and job distribution solutions.

Jibe is headquartered in New York City and is backed by top investors, including Sapphire Ventures, Longworth Venture Partners, Polaris Partners, DFJ and Gotham Ventures. For more information, please visit and follow @Jibe on Twitter.

How Dirty is Your Data?


Big Data equals big opportunities, along with big risks when managing employee, candidate, and customer databases.

Published on February 26 2015
Interim CEO of Ringlead, Donato Diorio interviewed by Peter Clayton - TotalPicture Radio Donato Diorio

"I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something
Something I can use
People love it when you lose
They love dirty laundry"
Dirty Laundry: Written by Don Henley

Welcome to a HR Technology Channel videocast and podcast on TotalPicture. This is Peter Clayton. When it comes to corporate data breaches, there's been a whole lot of Dirty Laundry recently: from Sony to Home Depot, JPMorgan, eBay, Target, and most recently Anthem. According to Bloomberg, "Since 2005, more than 75 data breaches in which 1,000,000 or more records were compromised have been publicly disclosed."

Today, that's one topic will cover with an expert in database marketing, "dirty data" and data security, Donato Diorio. It's been years since Donato has been on TotalPicture. And I'm very happy to have him back!

Recognized as a thought leader and speaker on Data Quality and Recruitment; two diverse areas technology dependent and process-driven, Donato's mantra is "Build technology that is the right balance between automation and human interaction." Executing this vision has delivered consistent innovation for Broadlook and now the RingLead-Broadlook combination.

Oh, and one more thing... This just in... check the side bar for a link to Donato's new blog, SalesFiction "Gaming LinkedIn Data" to learn how recruiting pros use Boolean search strings.


In Your Pocket - Meet Your Potential Manager and Co-Workers


Sparc - Vine for Hiring Managers and Recruiters. An Interview with CEO Maury Hanigan

Published on February 07 2015
Maury Hanigan, Founder and CEO, Match-Click interviewed by Peter Clayton, TotalPicture Radio Maury Hanigan

Yea! I get to interview a woman tech executive! A self-described nerd and tech-head. Welcome to an HR Technology Channel Podcast and Vodcast on TotalPicture Radio with producer/host Peter Clayton.

Yes, we're shooting video (after all, we are talking about a video job app). Joining me is Maury Hanigan, the founder and CEO of Match-Click, Sparc an award-winning recruitment tool that "helps employers engage passive candidates."

PLEASE NOTE: SINCE THIS INTERVIEW WAS RECORDED, THE NAME OF THE COMPANY HAS CHANGED FROM MATCH-CLICK TO SPARC. I met-up with Maury a few weeks ago at her office in New York City, and after seeing a demo of Match-Click, wanted to have her on the show. The concept of Match-Click is really interesting, and believe many corporate recruiters would find this edge solution to be an effective tool for engaging potential passive candidates to - at the very least, open the recruiter's email.

Sparc is very simple to use, lives in the Cloud, and requires no installation or back-end configuration with corporate database systems. Have a listen... or watch the video.

Stay tuned. The video version of our Exclusive interview with Maury Hanigan will air Saturday, January 31st!


Swipe Right - An Interview with the Cofounder and CEO of Jobr, TJ Nahigian


Jobr: Connecting talented people with the job they never knew was waiting.

Published on January 29 2015
TJ Nahigian, Jobr CEO-TotalPicture Radio interviewTJ Nahigian

Welcome to TotalPicture Radio! We produce broadcast quality videos, webinars and podcast interviews with a focus on talent acquisition, recruiting, HR Tech, leadership and innovation. Visit our conference and event page to learn about TotalPicture Media's unique video and podcast marketing opportunities available at many of the most important conferences - and unconferences thought 2015.

Today we're continuing our look at stealth apps for job candidates and frustrated InMail recruiters -- with what I'm calling a "Flipping Coasts" HR Technology Series. We started out on the West Coast with Tom Leung, the CEO of Poachable, in Seattle. Last week we flipped to the East Coast to talk with Yarden Tadmor, the CEO of Switch in New York, and today we're back on the West Coast to learn about jobr - that's based in beautiful San Francisco - joining me is the Cofounder and CEO of Jobr. TJ Nahigian.


Bill Kutik: Oracle Innovates in HR Tech


Yes Bill is Obsessed with the Big Three: Oracle, Workday, and SAP. In this Vodcast, we dig into Oracle's App Development.

Published on January 24 2015
Bill Kutik - HR Executive Online columnist -TotalPicture Radio interviewBill Kutik

Oracle is developing "a new category of apps called Work Life Solutions. Though adoption for these tools has been slow, they represent a rare and important experiment in applications for employees from a big systems HCM vendor." Bill Kutik

Watch Video Now:

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a special Saturday HR Technology edition of TotalPicture Radio. This is Peter Clayton reporting. Today Bill Kutik and I are talking about Super Bowl end caps in supermarkets! No we're not! How boring would that be? Although Bill, with his straight forward analysis of the so-called latest and greatest HR Tech products has, over the years, certainly deflated a number of egos. (Sorry... couldn't resist)


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