August 23, 2017

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HR Technology Interviews

CareerCloud Launches a New Social Resume Service for Recruiters and Job Seekers


CareerCloud New Social Resume Service Connects Your Social Networks on One Page

Published on February 12 2013
Chris RussellChris Russell

Most of us today manage multiple social networking accounts covering LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Foursquare. If you're a regular listener to this show, you know from a career management standpoint, most recruiters will tell you LinkedIn is the most important social network. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, and accurately reflects your background, accomplishments and skills.

If you're active online; contributing on a regular basis to your social networks, your efforts will add up to an impressive professional overview, and potentially, a terrific marketing tool. What if you could easily combine the activities and contributions from all of your social networks on one impressively formatted page? Thanks to the recent launch of CareerCloud, and its Social Resume service, now you can! It's free, and incredibly easy to use. I sent up my Social Resume in about five minutes. (See the sidebar links).

Joining me, producer/host Peter Clayton for a special HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Chris Russell the founder and CEO of CareerCloud. Chris has been creating recruiting technology since 1999. He is considered the 'mad scientist of the online recruiting world'.

"Social media and mobile technologies are changing the way we live...and find work. CareerCloud was founded on this premise. This site is a platform that will tap into that technology by building innovative and unique web services and mobile apps."

Give Your Career Some Weight with Career Gravity


Looking for a better job? More money? A promotion? New challenges?

Published on August 07 2012
Jon DiPietro and Brent SkinnerJon DiPietro and Brent Skinner

Co-Founders of #CareerGravity Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner want to help you take your career to the next level. Are you ready to...

Expand your professional network
Attract new opportunities
Market yourself like the big brands
Adapt to the latest recruiting trends

That's the promise of a new online career and personal marketing resource called #CareerGravity. According to their web site, "#CareerGravity teaches you how to create an engaging, disruptive and effective digital footprint that takes your career to the next level. We show you how to use surprisingly free and low-cost tools at the tactical level to create an explosive online presence, one that generates a gravitational pull with the power to expand your professional network and attract new opportunities."

This week we published an in-depth interview with Debra Feldman talking about the importance of reputation. Everyone is personally impacted by social networking today. The first thing most recruiters will do is Google your name. If the results return little more than an incomplete LinkedIn profile, you're in trouble. Have a listen to this podcast.

Welcome to an HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Joining us are #CareerGravity Co-founders, Jon DiPietro and Brent Skinner.

Jon and Brent "bring to #CareerGravity an extensive mix of complementary skills, expertise and experience in disciplines such as search engine optimization, social media outreach, college-level instruction, business writing for the human capital industry, and more. #CareerGravity is a destination where their guidance and your self-directed study intersect, enabling you to create and take control of a multidimensional online persona designed to transform your career into a gravitational masterpiece."

Social Media Is for Hippies. Social Media Marketing Is for Business.


Ignore the Hype. Believe the Facts. A conversation with Erik Deckers

Published on July 16 2012
Erik DeckersErik Deckers

"By saying you don't trust your employees to communicate with your public, you're essentially saying you hired people who will put out bad or incorrect information, or won't communicate to your customers properly. If, however, if you trust employees to answer customer service calls and give them the ability to accept returns, give credits, and speak on the company's behalf, then you can trust them to talk to customers online. These employees make decisions that can affect the company's bottom line every day. You're trusting them to provide good customer service to create repeat customers."

Erik Deckers is the co-owner and vice president of creative services of Professional Blog Service, a ghost blogging and social media agency. Erik has been blogging since 1997, and speaks widely on social media topics for personal branding, business, crisis communication, and citizen journalism. He is also a newspaper columnist and award-winning playwright.

Peter Clayton, producer/host of TotalPicture Radio, met Erik at BlogWorld New York a few weeks ago - actually at a cocktail reception hosted by his publisher, Pearson. Erik's latest book, authored with Jason Falls has one of those attention grabbing titles: No Bu*lsh*t Social Media The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing. A perfect subject for a Online Strategy Channel podcast.


How Social Media Changes HR


A conversation with Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, CEO Xceptional HR

Published on July 09 2012
Jessica Miller-Merrill Blogging4Jobs Jessica Miller-Merrell

Ignoring social media could be dangerous to your company, your recruiting efforts, and your career.

Peter Clayton got together with Jessica Miller-Merrell at the HRPS Global Conference in New York, where she and William Tincup led a session discussing the big three in social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn - and demonstrated how social media can help, as well as hurt, your organization.

In our podcast, Jessica and Peter cover current social media trends, current and upcoming legislation and what your employment lawyer doesn't know about social media. Do you know how to develop a social media policy to align with your organization's goals, as both your organization and technology evolve?

In our interview, Jessica makes the case for why human resource professionals need to understand and engage in this new online world and how it can help develop their teams, increase employee engagement and position their HR team as a strategic, income generating department and partner within their organization.

Have a listen to our interview with Jessica focused on Twitter, and her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business. With over 100,000 followers on Twitter, this lady knows of what she speaks!

Cultural Fit Counts When Choosing a Job and A Company


Podcast Interview With Art Papas, Founder and CEO of Bullhorn and the new career site theFIT

Published on February 25 2012
Art Papas, Founder and CEO of Bullhorn and  theFITArt Papas

"Because life is short and the workday is long, theFIT is on a mission to make your office a place you want to work."

A favorite Hollywood story line is the "fish out of water." Films like Miss Congeniality, where Sandra Bullock plays an FBI agent who is assigned to infiltrate a beauty pageant make for great entertainment and lots of laughter. However, you do not want to be a "fish out of water" where you work: You won't be laughing.

On the very top of your list when researching companies you would like to work for, and when considering a job offer: Cultural fit. I've heard about the importance of cultural fit from many CEOs whom I've interviewed, including Tony Hsieth, CEO of Zappos, and our guest today, the founder and CEO of theFIT, and Bullhorn, Art Papas. Both shared stories with me of early in their careers, joining large, well-known companies where they were "fish out of water," and miserable.

theFIT is a career site that is trying to address the most important issue in hiring: culture fit. Developed by small team within the recruiting software company, Bullhorn, Inc.,  theFIT helps its members get inside the heads of current or prospective co-workers by asking pointed questions that reveal the real DNA of a workplace.


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