March 18, 2018

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HR Technology Interviews

John Frankfurt Director of Online Development AMC TV


Online Strategies for AMC TV's Emmy Award Winning Mad Men

Published on January 31 2012
John FrankfurtJohn Frankfurt

I met John Frankfurt in 2006, when he was Educational Technologist for Columbia University Center for  New Media Teaching and Learning. He lead the development of an amazing interactive website dedicated to president Vaclav Havel's residency at Columbia in the fall of 2006. (The website is still live and worth exploring - see the link on this page). When president Havel passed away last month, I decided to re-publish the interview I had recorded with John, and we reconnected.

In his current role, John is responsible for managing the development of AMC TV's online publishing platforms and applications. Welcome to an Online Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting.

Dedicated to producing quality programming and movie content for more than 30 years, AMC Networks Inc.  owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable television. AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, WE tv and IFC Films produce and deliver distinctive, compelling and culturally relevant content that engages audiences across multiple platforms. The company also operates a global programming business, AMC/Sundance Channel Global, and AMC Networks Broadcasting & Technology, a full-service network programming origination and distribution company.

John's focus and responsibilities are the shows produced by AMC TV (John talks about developing online strategies for the hit show Mad Men in our interview). We discuss how websites have evolved from online brochures to part of the overall business strategy employed by forward-thinking companies. John's responsibilities include ensuring the fulfillment of specific partner and advertiser commitments, increasing the revenue and sales potential for AMC digital including Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead by developing and managing value-added advertiser features for the web, mobile and Facebook applications. Our podcast provides insights into the skills and responsibilities needed to be successful in this growing and dynamic field.

Kelly Robinson, CEO of Broadbean Technology


What's Behind the Broadbean/Arbita Deal?

Published on January 25 2012
Kelly Robinson, CEO of Broadbean Technology Kelly Robinson

Like most people interested the HR and recruiting industry, I keep a close watch on John Sumser's HRExaminer. Last week, the headline read, White Knight Rescue - Broadbean Arbita Deal.

In a nutshell, Arbita, led by Don Ramer, (who has been a guest on this show), has shuttered, and Broadbean has agreed to honor the contracts of Arbita's clients.

Joining Peter Clayton for a special Online Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Kelly Robinson, Founder and CEO of Broadbean Technology - first a shout-out to Rayanne Thorn, Broadbean's marketing director for setting up this interview with Kelly.

"I think people are completely overloaded with technology, including social media. There will be clients who want real people; I can see a switch back to solid face-to-face recruitment. We know that social networking can build the biggest database in the world; somehow, this is a game changer. I think there will be a shift in the overloaded hiring manager to actually paying for qualified candidates. It will be interesting to watch what happens next." - Kelly Robinson, Founder and Chief Executive, Broadbean Technology

Jessica Miller-Merrell Blogging4Jobs Social Media Maven


Tweet This! Twitter for Business

Premiers on January 04 2012
Jessica Miller-Merrell Blogging4JobsJessica Miller-Merrell

With 88,000 followers, Jessica knows Twitter. In our exclusive podcast interview, she shares real world resources and specific examples for building your brand and your business using Twitter.

Jessica Miller-Merrell is a sought after speaker about human resource and workplace social media topics. She has spoken at SHRM’s Leadership Conference, HR Southwest Conference, SHRM’s Annual Conference. Jessica has been listed as the 2nd most influential recruiter on the Internet and the 11th most powerful woman on Twitter. She writes a column for both SmartBrief, and Fortune Magazine in addition to Blogging4Jobs. Her company, Xceptional HR provides businesses with workplace social media, recruitment strategies, and human resources consulting.

There's more than LinkedIn. There's more than Facebook. There's more thank Google+. If you have a social media strategy (and you should) Twitter should be part of the equasion. In her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business Jessica shows you how.


The Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Is In


10 Earth-Shattering, Mind-blowing Things That Happened in Online Recruiting During 2011

Published on December 31 2011
The Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-ChasinsJeff Dickey-Chasins

Job Boards, LinkedIn, Monster, Matching Sites, Mobile, Money, TheLadders, Indeed, Temps, Perms, and More Money!

Welcome to a special weekend edition, New Years Celebration - Online Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting. 10 Earth-shattering, Mind-blowing Things That Happened in Online Recruiting During 2011- that's the tile of a recent article on that jumped out at me, grabbed me and said, "whoa, I want to hear more." The author, Jeff Dickey-Chasins agreed to come on the show and expand on the "mind-blowing things" he highlights in his article!

Jeff is a veteran of the job board, publishing, and e-learning industries. He was the original marketing director for, growing it from $7 million to $65+ million in three years. He has worked with numerous job boards and HR-related sites over the past 20 years. His site can be found at


Carmine Gallo: 7 Steps to foursquare


The Power of foursquare: One Million New Users Per Month: 30 Check-Ins Per Second

Published on November 11 2011
Carmine Gallo, Gallo CommunicationsCarmine Gallo

Connect with Your Customers. Anytime. Anywhere.

According to Carmine Gallo, "If you’re not taking advantage of the social networking app known as foursquare, you’re missing out on one of the greatest marketing tools of our time." Welcome to a Online Strategies Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting.

I met with Carmine at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York recently. Like most of you, I "get" foursquare when it comes to restaurants and bars, but how can foursquare help build the business and the brand of a consultant? Or a small, B2B service provider? How can it help you?

Foursquare is a social, mobile networking app that empowers customers to check in at businesses and share their locations with friends through smartphones and PDAs. A pioneer in location-based marketing (LBS), foursquare invites your customers to experiment, to compete, to share, and to have deeper, more meaningful interactions with your products and services. Carmine's new book is titled The Power of foursquare. (B&N Affiliate link).

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