August 23, 2017

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HR Technology Interviews

Blekko's Suite


Podcast with Rich Skrenta, technology executive and CEO of Blekko

Published on October 08 2010
Rich Skrenta Rich Skrenta

This is Peter Clayton reporting from SMX East in New York. One of the most interesting start-ups I learned about at SMX East, is blekko. A search engine. I know what you're thinking, "Right another search engine, what are they thinking?" But please hold your skepticism and your judgement. Blekko is on to something. First, the company has raised nearly $20 million. Second, wouldn't it be nice to have more than just two search engines? Especially one that takes a new, fresh approach to search you can't do using Google or Bing?

"I don’t think this is about Google or Bing. This is about providing more choice and it’s also about what’s happening to the web, you remember what happened to e-mail in the 90s where Microsoft was actually putting out reports saying, “Hey 99% of SMTP traffic is all spam now”. That’s what’s happening to the web now. We had a billion URLs in 2000. We have a hundred billion URLs today. There’s going to be a trillion URLs in a couple of years and I tell you what, they are not all good URLs in fact most of them are going to be junk." - Rich Skrenta


Trada's PPC


Podcast with Trada's "Minister of Products and Propaganda," Bill Quinn

Published on October 06 2010
Bill Quinn Bill Quinn

"Campaigns in the Trada Marketplace have an average of 24 PPC Experts working on them... and growing every day."

Welcome to a special Internet Marketing Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, brought to you by Jobs in Pods -- the only podcast where real employers, leading recruiters and savvy staffing agencies tell you about their jobs - and how to get them.

This is Peter Clayton reporting from SMX East in New York. Have you ever tried to set up and run a Google

AdWords campaign? Tried to write the ridiculously short copy -- research and figure out which keywords to buy? How much to spend per day or per week, how much to bid on particular keywords? what markets to advertise in? What hours of the day to run your campaigns? I have, and that's why I wanted to meet, and talk with Trada. If you're not an expert in PPC (pay per click) advertising, good luck trying to fly solo on this one... It's the equivalent of walking onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to buy and sell futures with no training and experience.

According to their web site -- “Trada is revolutionizing the way Agencies, Advertisers and PPC Experts build and manage PPC marketing campaigns.” As a fan of This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis, I was aware of Trada -- since their founder Niel Robertson had been a guest on Jason’s show -- and subsequently became a sponsor of this week in Startups -- so I was happy to learn that Trada would be exhibiting at SMX, and am happy to have Bill Quinn, the Minister of Products and Propaganda with us today!

HR Blogger Insights


Podcast with influential HR bloggers, Laurie Ruettimann and Kris Dunn

Published on October 05 2010
Kris Dunn Laurie Ruettimann Kris Dunn & Laurie Ruettimann

A "next generation" perspective on blogging and social networks - at work.

Welcome to a special Online Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio from the HR Technology Conference and Expo in Chicago, with Peter Clayton reporting. Joining us are two of the most influential bloggers in HR, Laurie Ruettimann, co-founder, New Media Services, (former Punk Rock HR blogger), and now The Cynical Girl Blogger; and Kris Dunn, blogger for The HR Capitalist and Fist Full of Talent. Kris moderated a panel discussion at HR Tech - which included Laurie, Trish McFarlane, Mike Krupa, and Bryon Abramowitz - discussing the role, responsibilities, and benefits of blogging.


Using Social Networks


Podcast with David Meerman Scott, author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR"

Published on July 24 2010
David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott

"Companies That Have a Policy of Blocking Facebook at Work Are Saying "I Don't Trust You"

The New Rules of Marketing and PR shows you how to leverage the potential that Web-based communication offers your career and business. With tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin, you can speak directly to recruiters, customers and comanies, establishing a personal link with the people who can help accelerate your career objectives.

Dear corporate America. Do you have a policy against your employees using the telephone to conduct business transactions? Do You know that the DOD (Yes, the Department of Defense) has a social media policy? Welcome to a Success Strategies Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton reporting. David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, and the author of numerous books on marketing. Based in Boston, he is a speaker at conferences and corporate events and runs seminars about marketing around the world. His latest book is the 2nd edition of the best selling: The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly.

David Meerman Scott and Peter Clayton discuss his completely revised and updated edition of the BusinessWeek bestseller on effective, modern marketing and PR best practices, The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly.


Collaborating with Traackr


Podcast with Traackr Chief Business Developer, Derek Skaletsky

Published on July 19 2010
Derek Skaletsky Derek Skaletsky

When I interviewed David Meerman Scott about his book World Wide Rave, he told me the story of Cindy Gordon vice president of New Media and Marketing Partnerships at Universal Orlando Resort. Cindy was in charge of creating a global marketing campaign to promote the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. She could have spent millions. Instead, she told just seven people. And those seven people told tens of thousands. Gordon estimates that 350 million people around the world heard about the new "Wizarding World" all by telling seven people.

Welcome to a Online Strategy Channel of TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Last week' John Sumser from HRExaminer published his latest Top 25 List of Online Influencers. A key element in HRExaminer's Top 25 Lists is Traackr's Online Authority List -- a list of individuals steering online conversations about a specific market or topic. Traackr scans the social web to identify the most influential and most relevant people online. Joining us today is Derek Skaletsky Chief Business Developer at Traackr.

In a recent post on Traackr's blog' titled "Is marketing entering a Post-Demographic Era?"' Derek poses the following question: "Let's pretend that you are a marketing exec at a packaged goods company which is on the verge of launching a new, unique laundry detergent. Now let's pretend that I have put together two distinct groups of people to which you could market — but you can only choose one. The first group is made up of women' aged 25-45 with an average of 1.7 children and average HH incomes above $75k. The other group is made up of people who are all passionate about laundry and other household chores. Which group would you pick?"


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