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Get Hired CEO, Suki Shah

Job Board ATS Video Audio Social Recruiting.

Get Hired CEO, Suki Shah Suki Shah

Get Hired "uses video to combine the visibility of a job board with the functionality of an applicant tracking system."

In Todd Raphael's article on ERE.Net, Suki Shah, CEO of a new recruiting - job seeker website called describes his concept as "Job board ATS video audio social recruiting."

Welcome to a special Online Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting., the new career website,  launched on January 30th. It aims to be a one-stop shop for hiring managers and job seekers. was co-founded by Shah, 28, who was inspired to create the integrated site after running his own medical diagnostics company and experiencing difficulties with the hiring process.

In the company's press release announcing Get Hired, they state: "New Site Uses Video to Combine the Visibility of a Job Board with the Functionality of an Applicant Tracking System, Reinvents How Employers and Job Seekers Connect Online."


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In Todd Raphael's article on ERE.Net, Suki Shah, CEO of a new recruiting - job seeker website called describes his concept as "Job board ATS video audio social recruiting."

01:14 The new career website which launched on January 30th, aims to be a one-stop shop for hiring managers and job seekers. was founded by Shah, who is 28, who was inspired to create the integrated site after running his own medical diagnostic company and experiencing difficulties with the hiring process.

What a surprise huh, recruiters. In the company's press release announcing GetHired, they state "New site uses video to combine the visibility of a job board with the functionality of an applicant tracking system, reinvents how employers and job seekers connect online."

Suki Shah, welcome to Total Picture Radio.

Suki: Thank you so much for having me Peter.

02:00 Peter: Well, thank you. So, you got to give us a little background here. You were running some sort of medical diagnostics company, you were trying to hire people. You realized it ain't as easy as it sounds, and you were looking for a better way of doing it.

Suki:: Absolutely. We were blessed to be growing very quickly and I was hiring in multiple states. And I found that the hiring process was one of the most difficult parts of my business. And we were hiring for every position all the way from admin, all the way up to C level positions.

And I was getting flooded with hundreds and hundreds of resumes. And so, we said, "Gosh, we're taking weeks and weeks to go through this, it's a stress on out time, it's inefficient, there's got to be a better way and that sort of the genesis of the idea.

Peter: OK. So, were you posting your jobs out on job boards, how were you trying to attract these candidates to your company?

03:02 Suki: every way possible. We're using every major job board from Monster Career Builder, Craigslist, LinkedIn, all of the above. And so we were just basically trying to put our reaches as far as we could.

Peter: Well, Suki, if you were posting on all the major job boards, you must have been getting boat-load of resumes, what happened?

Suki: I was posting jobs on this sites and I was getting four, 500-600, as a matter of fact one of the post that we had, we got a 1,017 applicants back for a call center job -one call center job. And it was just incredible, and I said, "gosh, there's got to be a better way to manage and really ne able to go through these process in details."

And so, what we had people do is when they would apply, let's say for example they applied to one of our patient education position sort of telephone based opportunity career where they would educate patients about the basics of heart disease and things like that.

04:02 What we did was we basically created a 1-800 number that when you go to the site, when you apply to our job, you would basically submit your resume, but then in addition to that, we would give you an 800 number with a unique identifier.

That 800 number with the unique identifier would then coupled with your resume, so now we would still be getting hundreds and hundreds of applicants, but we would basically ask them in this 800 -you know when you dial the 800 number would tell you "please tell us in two minutes or less what you know about heart disease."

And so, we were basically able to go from getting 400-500 applicants to still getting 400-500 applicants, but only about 20 or 30 people actually going through that process.

And so, then what immediately it went from printing out 500 resumes, calling all these people, really going through all of that process, to being able to identify the top few percent, going through in 30 seconds listening to what they had to say, and being able to make an informed decision about whom to really take to the next level.

05:06 And then we said, looked, how do we basically leverage the latest advances in technology to stream one of this process ever farther. So, what are all the different pinpoints that are business owner, HR manager, recruiter would have in this process in order to really make it compelling for them.

And so we said, let's include video, and so we added video and lo and behold people were doing video, it was incredible. And then we added the ability for people to just like Facebook or LinkedIn upload pictures of themselves, and people were doing it. And then, we said, "Gosh, if you can basically now, how do you manage all of these components?"

So, we looked out there, there was no solution for an applicant tracking system, and we said "Gosh, this is an opportunity for us to really take our expertise in IT technology and really be able to leverage it in the space so we build out a full functionality world class applicant tracking system that has the functionality of any major applicant tracking system.

06:08 But even including audio video, then we said, what is the next step? Well, scheduling interviews. Well, if you know that you've got 500 applicants that applied out of which 30 were really good, you want to talk to them.

Well, now it's either you or your assistant or somebody that's out there calling these people, scheduling times, when you call out to the person oftentimes they are not there, it's a voicemail that call you back here at the meeting and you're potentially losing good candidates right there in that process. And so, what we said was, now with our system all you do is you identify the candidates who are able -who you want to interview, you can pick whether you want to interview them virtually over the phone, or in person.

And what our system does is it automatically -it sends out your schedule whatever you've identified as being open in your time, and it sends it out to all the applicants that you would like to interview.

07:04 They can select a time in your schedule that's open, and now all of a sudden you both have auto populated, you know your iCal or your Outlook with the confirmed time, and you've done all of these within a few clicks on our website. And you're ready to interview the person right through our website or over the phone, or in person.

And so really taking every component of the hiring process from posting the job. So, we actually allow you now to also post a job on our site too. That was actually a huge part of the process because small business shouldn't have to spend $300-$400 -$500 to post a job. And so, coming from that site, I said "Look what if you can basically take all of the technology that exist today." The internet is so powerful. And it seems like the HR is base and of itself hasn't experienced true innovation in decades in two decades.

And we said, "You know let's really take our expertise here and create a platform that every recruiter, every small business owner, every HR manager, whether you're from a small company all the way up to Fortune 100 company. You would be able to leverage and find compelling. And that's what we've created with

08:12 Peter: And so, let me see if I understand, so your system is sort of like a best in class applicant tracking system like a connect server Taleo, which has integrated the capabilities of having like a YouTube player inside of the thing. And then you've tapped on a Tungle-like application for scheduling mediums is that right?

Suki: You could look at it that way and also we allow you to do virtual conferencing right through our system tube so, there's no needing to share Skype information with somebody. You just come on to our system and boom your video conferencing. And so, we've got that opportunity too, but yes we really like to think of it at being a total solution particularly for small and medium sized businesses, however large businesses have really been able to find value in it too.

09:07 Peter: In addition to the article about your company which I read on, Mashable also ran an article about, and I'd like to read to you a couple of the comments that were posted on Mashable. And just have you kind of respond to with some of these people said, OK?

Suki: Sure. Absolutely.

Peter: The first one which I really liked is, great option for the non ugly job seeker.

Suki: OK.


Suki: Here's the interesting thing right. When people - I think you and most HR managers, and hiring HR manager, recruiters understand that employers are looking for candidates who can get the job done. The vast majority of employers out there could care less how you look, I mean what your background etcetera.

10:01 They want people who can get the job done. And in a world where you post a job and you get 400-500 people that apply. Applying with a paper based resume is soon going to be extinct. And you're going to have to figure out a method to differentiate yourself an compete with everybody else.

Now, everybody doesn't look like a super model, I know I don't, right? But when you have multimedia and when you can present yourself by using video, and audio just like we're doing now over Skype. You can really connect with people in a whole different way. and when you empower individuals with this type of tools, all of a sudden they're able to have an equal opportunity to apply for a position.

And you know, at the end of the day, Peter what we always says, "Look, you're going to end up interviewing with that person face to face anyways." Right? So, this is not accelerating that process at all. What we're saying is that "Look, we are just empowering people with the tools and technologies that they need to differentiate themselves in today's digital world. And that's just a reality of the business.

11:09 Peter: OK. I have one more for you that's really interesting and really gets at the crux of what I was thinking when I was reading about your start up here. And it's from a guy whose name is Michael Fitzgerald, and he wrote on mashable , "One of our products at is a resume manager for a small to medium size businesses that is integrated with Vimeo and YouTube.

We found there are significant legal issues with accepting video resumes or photographs with resumes. The company is essentially opening themselves up to discrimination lawsuits once they have a video on file. But it would be great if they figured out a way around this. So, Suki, have you guys figured out a way around these whole thing with EEOC and discrimination?

Suki: So, our whole stand on this position, Peter, and you known when you ask attorneys you'll get different answers depending on the states that you're in.

12:06 And we always you know, tell employers to be judicious about this, but you know at the end of the day we're a platform, and we're a solution that allows employers and job seekers to connect and facilitate a call. This is no different than let's say for example I was interviewing for position with you and you were in New York, and I was in Palo Alto and we did the Skype call.

And so, it is at the end of the day, what we know is that of course this issues are serious, but what we do is we provide a platform that allows you to really leverage technology to make the hiring process more efficient, and at the end of the day, what we have seen is that our tool actually fights discrimination.

You know, I'll tell you, one of the things that oftentimes happens is that if you are applying for a position and all an employers asks for is a resume, and you get hundreds and hundreds of resumes, oftentimes employers don't have a lot of time, recruiters don't have a lot of time and they will without candidates based up of where they went to school, or gaps in their employment history or this candidate may have been unemployed for a period of time.

13:13 Well, then they could draw some sort of conclusion from that. And when you empower people with video and audio you can actually let them tell you, hey, you know what this is why I think I'm the best fit for this position. And that's really our stand on the whole issue

Peter: What response have you had from employers when you have presented this platform to them?

Suki: Overwhelmingly positive. I know just about every single recruiter and hiring manager who has utilized our system has tremendous things to say about it, just because it fundamentally shifts the way that they do their job.

When you can help a recruiter identify a person that would otherwise take them four or five weeks to do it, and you can do something in 15 minutes.

14:01 You know I took our hiring time down from our positions here from -I know many of our when we've had several hundred people applied, we've been able to identify people that we really liked in 15 minutes. And we bring them in for an interview, we'll bring one or two people in front of the interview and they get the job.

It's really leveraging technology -search technology, video technology, audio technology to streamline the process and identify good candidates. And when you can bring that type of innovation, you can offer it for free to small businesses, recruiters and the like. We've gotten significantly positive responses from everybody, recruiters, small business owners.

And most importantly job seekers, that's the one thing that I'm personally so proud about. I said, when a job seeker, you know right now with today's technology when you applied to a job, it's like a black hole. You know you resume just get sucked in, you have no idea where your resume goes once you applied for a job.

15:05 That's why the current model in how to apply for a position is so outdated. If you think about, i t hasn't change for decades. wit our system, when you applied to a job, you know exactly where your applications stands the entire process through right? So, as soon you applied to a job, you know 'Hey, does this application been viewed?

If this application has been viewed, have I been rejected, or they deferred me, am I going to be scheduled for an interview? has this physician been filled? And what we find is that hiring managers love this too because of course if they've got several jobs out there, they can't back to all the candidates that they're not going to move forward with.

And with one click of the button they can let all their candidates know, hey, that you so much for applying. This position has been filled, but we have your resume on file. So, again it really allows us to empower the job seekers as well.

16:00 Peter: So, the employers are keeping this updated on your site as far as the hiring process is concern, and where they are in the hiring process?

Suki: Sure yeah. Absolutely. So, what happens is when you utilized your system, when you've gone through -and of course all the control occurs with the employers. So, the employer can choose to let the job seeker know what we're finding is the vast majority of employers do do that. And with our system when you go in there, you can actually let applicants know if they've been rejected with a click of a button. You know, and if that position has been filled, all of the applicants can know about that with a click of a button, that's the really compelling part about it.

Peter: You've mentioned free. We all like free, so how are you making money?

Suki: Oh, that;'s a great question.

Peter: Yeah. Yes.


Peter: That's my favorite one.

Suki: And you know certainly, Peter, our whole idea behind this is that in the digital age you can have a very small team that can put in place the technology and the tools to help tens of millions of people at a relatively low cost.

17:09 And our whole idea behind this is to take the same approach that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn uses which is give the service away for free and generate a lot of traffic on it, and there's many ways with advertising, affiliate opportunities that we can generate substantial value to everybody.

And some point in the future we'll be charging a nominal amount for a job post, but that's it. This whole thing is a personal mission for me because as a small business owner, when I started to scale my business, my first business, I was appalled to see that a job post cost $419.

And it was a personal mission from me to really say, "Gosh, how can we come in and offer service which helps the small business owners out there, the medium size business owners, the economic drivers of this economy.

18:04 How do we help them make that process better. How do we connect job seekers and employers together. It shouldn't cost a lot of money, but when you have a solution that can skill to millions of people across the world, you can have a robust business that helps millions of people and can really at the end of the day, create a lot of value.

Peter: What advice can you give to a job seekers as far as using your system, making the preparation for creating a video for you. I'm assuming that you can go write on to your website and there's a way right there that you can record video and capture video, and upload your resume and do all that kind of stuff right on, is that right?

Suki: Yeah. Yeah exactly. So, you know what we always say is the number one thing used to be authentic, be who you are. Your of course, every position is different, right?

19:03 If you're applying for a technology position in the Valley, you have to dress differently than if you are applying for banking position in New York. But at the end of the day, if you're authentic, and if you utilize multimedia in that way, employers can quickly connect with that, recruiters can quickly connect with that.

That's the real powerful part about our technology is that, you can make connections in a way that an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper just is impossible to do. And so, that's the really exciting part. So, be authentic, be who you are, represent why you rethink you would be the best candidate for that position. And really put your best food forward.

Peter: Just a couple more questions for you. So, it's my understanding that you've raised $1.75 Million in seed money to get hired of the ground here?

Suki: Yeah. So, we've raised $1.75 Million from some of the most successful CEO's, private equity guys that are here in the U.S., and we've got solid support from them.

20:09 So, we've been very blessed in that regard that just about every person that we talked too, recruiters, hiring managers, CEO's, everybody has one thing in common, that at some point in their life they're wither hiring, or they're being hired..

And everybody -just about everybody that we've talked to has found that process to be painful. And no matter which country you've in, no matter what language you speak, that's a universal problem. And so, when we developed our technology and when we brought it to these individuals, they loved it.

And they quickly start adopting it in their own organizations and that's what really helped us. You know, scale, scaling/

Peter: So, Suki you were telling me that you have a special feature that is specifically for veterans, can you explain that to us?

21:03 Yeah, absolutely. So, we actually have a candidate search component on GetHired. So, basically if you come on ours site, you just type in any category of jobs that you're looking for in a specific location. So, and then we would show you a list of applicants who are looking for actively looking for jobs in that area.

So, you know just come in, you hit search for candidates, you can see video resumes of all these candidates for free at no cost. And one of the really exciting things that we're really proud about, Peter, is that when veteran comes to our site, and they register, their profile gets an American flag, and an employer can actually search four veterans specifically and it's great for the veterans so they can get identified quickly.

And also, the employer can get special tax advantages for hiring veterans. And so, it's a great, it's the only one of its kind that's available right now. And you know it's completely free.

22:05 So, it's a great way to help our heroes really find opportunities as they transition from military life to civilian life.

Peter: That's Fantastic. So Suki, what haven't we discussed or what haven't I asked you that you'd like to share with the listeners here.

Suki: Go to and register for free.


Peter: There you go.

Suki: You know I think, Peter, our whole hope with this is that we wanted to help the world and help employers and job seekers connect in a way that has never been done before. And it is a personal mission of every single person in this organization. We've grown our team very quickly and everybody has been hired through GetHired.

And I can just tell you that if you -once you've give it a shot -I think on of our investors says it the best. "It's like the iPhone, once you used it, you can never use anything else."

23:06 You know. And that was pretty cool.

Peter: Yeah, well I can relate to that. So, are you hiring right now? Do you have any open positions?

Suki: We've got -thank you for giving me the opportunity to plug that. Yes we do. We are aggressively hiring PhP Engineers, we're looking for a director of digital marketing, and if anybody's out there listening, please apply, come to our site or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . And we'd love to have you come in for an interview.

Peter: And you're in God's country out there in Palo Alto, right?

Suki: We're right in the thick of it as a matter of fact our offices are -we're in the same office that Into IT started in in downtown Palo Alto, so we kind of have that positive energy going down here.

Peter: Well, Suki thank you so much for taking time to speak with us today here at Total Picture Radio.

Suki: Hey thank you so much Peter, I really appreciated the opportunity.

24:00 Peter: Suki Shah, is the CEO of You'll find this interview in the online strategy channel of Total Picture Radio, that's This is Peter Clayton. Thanks for listening.

Peter Clayton

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