How Social Media Changes HR

A conversation with Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, CEO Xceptional HR

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Ignoring social media could be dangerous to your company, your recruiting efforts, and your career.

Peter Clayton got together with Jessica Miller-Merrell at the HRPS Global Conference in New York, where she and William Tincup led a session discussing the big three in social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn - and demonstrated how social media can help, as well as hurt, your organization.

In our podcast, Jessica and Peter cover current social media trends, current and upcoming legislation and what your employment lawyer doesn't know about social media. Do you know how to develop a social media policy to align with your organization's goals, as both your organization and technology evolve?

In our interview, Jessica makes the case for why human resource professionals need to understand and engage in this new online world and how it can help develop their teams, increase employee engagement and position their HR team as a strategic, income generating department and partner within their organization.

Have a listen to our interview with Jessica focused on Twitter, and her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business. With over 100,000 followers on Twitter, this lady knows of what she speaks!

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