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Recruiting is Marketing

A conversation with the co-founder and CEO Greenhouse, Daniel Chait

Daniel Chait, CEO, Greenhouse, interviewed by Peter Clayton -TotalPicture Radio Daniel Chait

This summer, Peter Clayton, producer/host of TotalPicture Radio, moderated a panel discussion at Quirky in New York City on sourcing strategies.  One of his panelists, Daniel Chait, co-founder and CEO of Greenhouse is our guest today for this HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio.

Started in 2012, Greenhouse, a sophisticated yet simple to use recruiting platform has already attracted an impressive client list including Airbnb, Uber, Pinterest, Quirky, and Vimeo. Prior to starting Greenhouse, Dan was cofounder of Lab49, a strategy, design, and technology consulting firm. He is a member of the New York Angels, and teaches a class called "How to Make Hiring a Strength of your Company."

Questions Peter Clayton asks Daniel Chait in this Podcast:

So first off, tell us what Greenhouse does and what makes it unique?

The first thing you said to me is "recruiting is marketing" - which I think is different from most CEOs definition of recruiting. Can you expand on this idea?

A recent study conduced by Leadership IQ found that 46% of new hires failed within the first 18 months. That's a phenomenal number. What do you attribute this failure to?

One aspect of recruiting you discussed during our panel discussion at Quirky "Interviewing in broken" - why do so many companies struggle with something that seems to be very straightforward and easy to control?

One issue many companies struggle with is diversity. Let's face it hiring managers like to hire people like them - that they're comfortable with and can easily relate to. However, that may not be the best choice for the business. Does Greenhouse address this?

You recently raised a new 7.5m round led by Social+Capital Partnership. What are your plans moving forward?

Can Greenhouse scale to support recruiting for a Fortune 500 company?

Obviously, Dan there are a lot of players in the HCM software space and there's been lots of consolidation over the past several years with big companies - Oracle, SAP, IBM - however one thing I've consistently heard from corporate recruiters - they hate their ATSs - (especially since post-merger) that said companies have spent millions of dollars to implement these programs and continue to spend millions of dollars on training, upgrades and maintenance releases so how do you get some of this business?

Do you think the C suite is starting to pay more attention to the issues we've been discussing today? Are CEOs becoming more interested and involved in talent acquisition?

Stay tuned... a complete transcript of our interview with Daniel Chait will be available soon.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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