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The Big HCM Race to the Cloud

Bill Kutik provides expert analysis on the hyper-competitive enterprise HR systems battleground

Bill Kutik - HR Executive Online columnist -TotalPicture Radio interviewBill Kutik

"The draft of the 17th-annual Sierra-Cedar (formerly CedarCrestone) definitive HR Systems Survey projects that, by next year, the number of organizations running cloud Core HR systems will overtake those running licensed, on-premise or hosted systems. The managers of the survey quickly concede it may take longer as organizations rarely change as rapidly as they plan." Bill Kutik

Bill is Back! Bill Kutik returns to TotalPicture Radio to discuss his Tech Trends feature article in the October issue of Human Resource Executive Magazine, and HRE Online titled Second Turn of the HCM Horse Race, (see sidebar for link) - an in-depth article that zeros in on the big three in enterprise HCM systems - Oracle, SAP/Success Factors and Workday. Welcome to a HR Technology Channel video and podcast on TotalPicture Radio. Joining Peter Clayton, of course is Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist and leading independent industry analyst - Bill is co-chair emeritus of the 17th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Expo, and a frequent contributor to TotalPicture Radio.

Watch the Video Now:


Questions Peter Clayton asks Bill in this video interview:

First although your article specifically delves into the big three in HCM systems - I would guess the trends and issues you're discussing are industry wide - and these issues are the same whether you have 500 employees or 100,000 employees. Would that be an accurate assessment?

The biggest trend, obviously is the transition from on-premise HCM systems to the Cloud. Can you give us an idea of whats involved for a Fortune 500 company to make this transition and how long it typically takes?

As you mention in your article there are 100s of engineers at each of these companies working on this.

Quoting from your article "more than 25,000 large organizations worldwide currently run on-premise HCM Systems. Are they all beating the path to the cloud? What's the incentive?

Once in the cloud won't it become much easier to change vendors?

For Oracle and SAP specifically, doesn't this mean a culture shift and having to retrain your salesforce? That must be a challenge in itself?

Several weeks ago we discussed HCM maintenance fees which factors into the equation here. (You can find a link to that interview in the sidebar). Bill Could you briefly expand on this element?

Are these large enterprises trying to implement these new systems on a global basis - or are the taking it country by country?

I want you to talk about product integration - as we all know there's been a tremendous amount of consolidation through acquisition in this space - where are we at with usability?

One area that seems to be expanding is learning - what products and services are being integrated into these enterprise packages?

So whose winning the horse race? Is there a clear leader coming out of the second turn on the track?

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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