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The Future of Work - Brazen Elevates Chat

Ed Barrientos, CEO Brazen Technologies and Angel Investor, Shares Case Studies and Tactics for Engaging Your Employees, Your Job Candidates, Communities of Interest, and Your Audience Using Chat.

Ed Barrientos, CEO Brazen Technologies and Angel Investor, TotalPicture interviewEd Barrientos

Welcome to our continuing Future of Work series podcasts from the recent HR Tech World Conference in San Francisco. I'm your host, Peter Clayton. Joining me today for an HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture is Ed Barrientos the CEO of one of the HR Tech World Exhibitors, Brazen Technologies.

Ed is a well-known serial entrepreneur and angel investor in the Washington DC region. He sits on the Board of Advisors of the Penn State World Campus and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. He is a national faculty member of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps and sits on numerous Boards including the Board of Directors of Founder Corps, where he is also a charter member.

Brazen's chat software helps organizations humanize engagement by making personal interaction efficient and scalable. The world's leading organizations use Brazen's software platform to interact and engage with employees, job candidates, customers, students and alumni. The company is venture-backed and headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


Ed welcome to TotalPicture - Brazen Technologies is, a high-growth tech company in the cloud-based, HR software space, that has be around for quite a while, and has evolved to provide chat based solutions to a broad range of companies in different verticals. So can you start by giving us a brief history of Brazen.

As I mentioned in my open you're a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. What attracted you to Brazen?

As you know Ed, you can't go to a HR or recruiting conference in 2017 without chat, and specifically chat bots being discussed. I think it would be helpful if you explain what it is and how it actually works.

There are three distinct markets Brazen is serving: Recruiting & HR, Universities, and Event Marketing. How did you arrive at this?

So let's unpack this a little more... beginning with Recruiting & HR.

Can you give us an example, perhaps share a case study with one of your clients?

Moving on to Universities. How is Brazen being used on college campuses?

Again, can you share an example?

Finally, Event Marketing. I'm assuming Brazen helps build awareness and attendance. Correct?

Well, speaking about events, a reoccurring theme at HR Tech World was, what Vivek Wadhwa called exponential disruption. I'd like you assessment of how technology is changing everything, and what it means.

I watched a YouTube video recorded 3 years ago in Tysons Corner, VA where you participated in a CONNECTpreneur Investor Panel (and listeners you'll find a link to the video on Ed's show page). You've been an angel investor for a long time. One of your comments stuck with me. Back in the 1990's start-ups would need a million dollars just for software development. "What's changed dramatically is the cost of developing product." Can you expand on this, and specifically how this has impacted the VC market and early stage investments?

A large part of my audience is in the HR, recruiting, staffing, TA world. What do we need to do to stay relevant? What skills do we need to pay attention to and develop?

Is there anything you would like to share that we haven't discussed?

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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