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97 Job Search Tips

Podcast with "new media" executive recruiter, Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner, ecommerce recruiter Harry Joiner

"Typically, the job search process is a six month-long, broken, politically-biased, ill-conceived, and poorly-executed racket. For most companies, the candidate's dignity is an afterthought. Some of what will happen to you will not be fair. It will be expensive and frustrating. The injustice of it all will sting, and raging against the machine won't help. You will need to forgive your transgressors just to maintain your sanity." Harry Joiner

Welcome to a Success Strategies Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Harry Joiner is an Atlanta based executive recruiter and the author of the the Web site "I need a new job. Now what? 97 Job Search Tips: Career Advice for Desperate Job Seekers" - Harry's web site is Ecommerce Recruiter, and he specializes in contingency-based Manager, Director, and VP-level executive searches for online marketing and ecommerce.

Talking Points

  • Before we get started, are you inundated with a truckload of new resumes? Please explain to our audience exactly how a recruiter such as yourself operates.
  • What is the difference between a contingency based recruiter and a retained recruiter?
  • In this economy, with so many highly qualified people out of work, why would a company hire a recruiter?
  • Quoting from 97, "Last year I closed 17 searches. It was a banner year. Some of those searches were for VPs and Presidents, but most were for Managers and Directors. Yet of the 17 executives I placed, more than 3500 very fine candidates reached out to me. Think about that. I placed less than half of one percent of the people with whom I communicated." So Harry, there's the math. -- And there's the reason why all of those hot-shot executives out there need to think again if they feel they can just call their favorite headhunter and get placed.
  • Let's discuss the meat of your "I need a new job. Now what?" 97 Job Search Tips - which is a work in progress, correct?
  • Leave on your own terms - (guys like you don't troll the internet for out of work executives) BUT -- what if it's too late? what if you've been laid off?
  • Sharply define the value that you create -- emphasis on "Sharply" Looking for a new job? Start here.A technology writer for CNET wrote this headline for an article listing Indeed, JobSerf, Linkup, and realmatch as "some services that do a much better job of scouring the Web to help you find the perfect job." Really?
  • Have a "keyword – rich" and "metrics – rich" resume. - I think one of the best investments an executive can make is hiring a professional resume writer - would you agree?
  • Be easy to inhale into the recruiter's database. What do you mean by this and is it worth my time?
  • How to be FOUND by a recruiter – or anyone, for that matter. Really? I thought having your resume on the internet was the kiss of death for guys like you, Harry. --- Tell us about your Facebook experience. - Let's talk about Linkedin, zoominfo and jigsaw
  • How to find the right recruiter. I'm all ears.
  • You're final bit of advice?

About Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner is an executive recruiter specializing in integrated marketing and "new media." His clients and candidates appear frequently in magazines like Fast Company, Internet Retailer, Advertising Age, and Multichannel Merchant.

In addition to being a regular contributor to MarketingProfs' Daily Fix, Harry has been featured in MarketingSherpa's Great Minds in Marketing series and received coverage in, AdWeek and the Wall Street Journal's Career Journal Online.

Harry is well-known for his ability to source and screen candidates who know how to grow profitable customer relationships across multiple marketing channels, including:

  • The Internet and electronic mail
  • Print catalogs and direct mail
  • Emerging Media (blogs, RSS, podcasts, etc.)
  • Brick & mortar retail
  • Home shopping television
  • Call centers (inbound and outbound)
  • Affiliate, OEM, and corporate B2B sales
  • International and domestic
Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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