May 27, 2017

Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries


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Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries

Reality Check - AI and Machine Learning Technologies in Talent Acquisition


Brian Delle Donne, President of Talent Tech Labs, Pulls Back The Curtain, and Cuts Through the AI Noise

Published on March 04 2017
Brian Delle Donne, President, Talent Tech Labs- TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonBrian Delle Donne

"The truth is AI is as "fully automated" as the Great and Powerful Oz was in that famous scene from the classic film, where Dorothy and friends realize that the great wizard is simply a man manically pulling levers from behind a curtain. This blend of AI and humans, who follow through when the AI falls short, isn't going away anytime soon. Indeed, the creation of human tasks in the wake of technological advancement has been a part of automation's history since the invention of the machine lathe. "The Humans Working Behind the Curtain" - Harvard Business Review.

A short time ago, I came across a Talent Tech Labs Trends Report that clearly spells out the common misconceptions and hype associated with how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is about to disrupt everything - including talent acquisition. I reached out to Jonathan Kestenbaum, the Executive Director of Talent Tech Labs, who introduced me the the author of the report and President of Talent Tech Labs, Brian Delle Donne.

A little history: Talent Tech Labs was originally founded by the New York City based staffing firm, Mitchell Martin Inc. to foster the growth and development of emerging ideas and companies in the talent acquisition technology space. The company is an incubator and accelerator that mentors startups - on-site at 307 West 38th Street in New York, and through their Virtual Incubation Program.

Welcome to a Innovation Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. with your host, Peter Clayton

In our interview you'll hear an educated and researched perspective on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks. Specifically, as these technologies relate to, and support talent acquisition. Now here's my interview with the President of Talent Tech Labs, Brian Delle Donne.


Marketing: When You're in a Dogfight Become a Cat


Len Sherman's New Book is a Graduate-Level Marketing Course That Will Provide TA Leaders with Many Tools and strategies

Published on March 02 2017
Len Sherman is a adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonLeonard Sherman

Leonard Sherman is an executive in residence and adjunct professor of marketing and management at the Columbia Business School. He has worked as a senior partner at Accenture, as a managing partner of J.D. Power and Associates, and as a partner at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He hold a BS in aeronautical engineering, an MS in transportation systems and a PhD in transportation economics, all from MIT.

He is the author of a fascinating new book titled If You're in a Dogfight Become a Cat - Strategies for Long Term Growth published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Welcome to an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, I'm your host, Peter Clayton. Len welcome.

Stay tuned... Peter Clayton's exclusive interview with Len will air Thursday, March 2nd.


Smashfly: Recruitment Marketing Scorecard for the Fortune 500


Chris Brablc, Director of Product Marketing Smashfly Technologies Discusses Their Deep Dive into How the Fortune 500 Attract Talent

Published on February 23 2017
Chris Brablc Director of Product Marketing Smashfly - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonChris Brablc

Here's some marketing copy from Smashfly's home page...

"SmashFly's Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services empower businesses to hire with purpose by mastering the art and science of attracting the right people through an authentic, employer brand-led strategy."

"Candidates have choices. We help candidates choose you instead of your competition by marketing your employer brand across every touchpoint - career site, social media, mobile, referrals, recruiting events, recruiting initiatives, email nurture, job marketing and more. We provide the only omni-channel recruitment marketing platform that converts interested people into leads and warm leads into the right applicants, so you can make right-fit hires at the right time."

Well, I would like to know more, wouldn't you? Companies focused on finding, engaging, and recruiting top tier talent realize it takes more than 'post and pray' to attract the candidates they want. Much more in today's job market.

Hi this is Peter Clayton. Joining me today for an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Chris Brablc Director of Product Marketing at SmashFly Technologies.

Stay tuned... A complete transcript of Chris Brablc's interview with Peter Clayton will be available soon!


Executive Profile: Phill Nosworthy, Founder of Switch, Inc.


Creating immersive development and branding initiatives for the world's leading organisations.

Published on January 26 2017
Phill Nosworthy founder of Switch Inc - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonPhill Nosworthy

A short time ago I had a chance encounter with Phill Nosworthy from Australia and agreed that he would be a great fit for TotalPicture Radio. According to his bio, Phill is a keynote speaker, thought leader, consultant, social impact advisor, educator, community creator, and traveller. He is the founder of Switch Inc. a training and development company.

Prior to establishing the Switch, Phill served as the Global Head of Partnerships and Business Development for renowned behaviour change firm ChangeLabs (now Karrikins Group). This work encompassed best practice deployment of large scale philanthropic and marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies. He has worked with leading brands in over 30 cities across the world.

In partnership with ChangeLabs, Switch has designed and now delivers MACH Increase Impact and MACH Manager programs for Microsoft.

Beyond speaking, Phill's professional experience has encompassed sales consulting for Giorgio Armani, representing Apple as a technology in education spokesperson through the Beyond Chalk initiative, and leading new business acquisitions as Head of Global Partnerships and Business Development for ChangeLabs.

In 2014, Phill founded Switch Inc. to pursue the goal of creating deeply immersive and meaningful development and branding initiatives for the world's leading organisations.

Welcome to a Leadership Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, I'm your host Peter Clayton. Joining me from Sydney, where it's summer and already Friday is Phill Nosworthy.


Reid Hoffman - From the TotalPicture Radio Vault


In 2005 Peter Clayton interviewed Reid Hoffman at the MIT Enterprise Forum

Published on January 03 2017
Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonReid Hoffman

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017, and to a special, and historical Innovation Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. I'm your host, Peter Clayton.

In 2005, I traveled to an MIT conference held in Boston, Mass., to interview the visionary co-founder, then-CEO, and Chairman of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.

Reid graduated with distinction from Stamford University with a BS in cognitive science, and Masters Degree in Philosophy from Oxford University. Among Reid's many awards and honors, President Barack Obama named Hoffman as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship "to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs." in April, 2014.

2005 is also the year this podcast started, (called at the time), thanks to our founding sponsor, Deloitte. I was reminded about my interview with Reid last week while recording a new podcast with another West Coast visionary, Jason Nazar, the co-founder and CEO of Comparably. (That interview will air this Thursday, January 5th).

LinkedIn came up in our conversation, and I told Jason the story of attending the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, where Reid was the closing keynote speaker. (We were scheduled to get together to record this podcast at the close of the conference.

As every conference attendee knows, when the last presentation ends, a long queue of people gather next to the stage, in hopes of having a personal word or two with the speaker. I've covered hundreds of events like this. Usually, after about four or five minutes, someone hurries on stage to whisk the speaker away. (They're very busy, you know.)

Not Reid. He came down from the stage and spoke to everyone in the queue, taking almost two hours. I've never seen anything like it before, or since. To my mind, that amazing display of curiosity and interest in other people makes Hoffman the perfect person to have started an online professional network called LinkedIn.

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