March 20, 2018

Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries


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Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries

Book Yourself Solid - With the Right Clients


The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling

Published on October 28 2011
Michael Port, Lizabeth Phelps

How much time have you wasted working for companies or clients that suck?

Michael Port's "Red Velvet Rope Policy" allows in "only the most ideal clients, the ones who energize and inspire you."

Michael Port is the author of four bestselling books including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Contrarian Effect, and The Think Big Manifesto.

Michael blogs for the Huffington Post and has written monthly columns on sales and marketing for Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express Open Forum. Currently he is developing marketing and productivity software programs based on the ideas and strategies in his books.


Chris Grams, Gary Hamel’s M-Prize 2011


HCI Has Partnered with Dr. Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) to Produce the first annual Human Capital M-Prize.

Published on June 23 2011
Chris Grams, President, New KindChris Grams

Welcome to a special Innovation Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting. At the HCI Engagement and Retention Conference in Chicago next month, Chris Grams, the Management Innovation Exchange Community Guide, will lead Gary Hamel’s M-Prize 2011 winners in a panel discussion showcasing their award-winning creative ideas:

This year’s award is focused on enabling communities of passion in our organizations.

Joining me today to discuss the the conference and the award is Chris Grams, president an Kind.


Erik Vonk: How To Become a "Company of One"


How Workers Can Transform Themselves Into A Powerful “Company Of One”

Published on May 03 2011
Erik VonkErik Vonk

 "The number of independent contractors, freelancers and solopreneurs has more than tripled since 1980, creating a new workforce reality." Erik Vonk

Welcome to a Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. This is Peter Clayton reporting. According to their Web site,  Back Of The House, (which uses acronym BOTH), the company transforms self-employment into a "professionally configured and completely supported company of one, providing a resource that fully integrates the key components of running your own business simply and cost-effectively."

Joining me today to tell us about BOTH is the company's founder and CEO Erik Vonk.

"Our model is based on the fusion of the employer and employee roles and has been designed for anyone who works independently as a freelancer, independent contractor, solopreneur, or as an independent, in some way or fashion, to contract for work as a professionally established business, but without any of the burdens of business ownership."


Lizabeth Phelps: Are You Brain Sticky?


Becoming a Visionary Entrepreneur

Published on April 22 2011
Lizabeth Phelps, The Brain-Sticky Communications ExpertLizabeth Phelps

"I believe inspiration is going to be the wave of the future. Inspiring your clients and prospects to higher ground. It is the ticket to not just building trust, but creating that tribe, people who love you because you have a message that inspires hope, and empowers them " Lizabeth Phelps.

Lizabeth Phelps, The "Brain-Sticky" Communications Expert and CEO of Inspired Leaders' Academy, has achieved national attention for her unique system of getting powerful and revolutionary results from the platform. Secrets of Impact & Influence teaches a results-driven "New Paradigm" of speaking and presentation techniques based on the latest brain research. Years of expertise in marketing, executive coaching, speaking, training, adult learning and brain-based communication strategies and instructional design has afforded her comprehensive understanding of communication that works.

Welcome to an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting.

It is Lizabeth's mission that "Inspired Leaders' Academy be the home-base of a powerful, international movement of bold, original entrepreneurs revolutionizing the world." According to her blog, Escaping the Wannabees, her part in your success will be to "inspire, empower and encourage you to fulfill, without reservation, the calling you have-and then succeed at it, with powerful communication that makes you wealthy and indeed evolves the human condition."


Storyboarded Business Book


Podcast with Corey Michael Blake, founder of Round Table Companies

Published on April 12 2011
Corey Michael Blake, The Long Tail Comic BookCorey Michael Blake

What would happen if you storyboarded a business book?

Round Table Companies brings the world’s best-selling business books and non-fiction titles to life in an exciting graphic novel format. Marrying thought leaders and artistic talent, Round Table Companies is creating a more powerful and memorable experience for a new generation of non-fiction readers, reimagining what a comic book can be.

Welcome to a Innovation Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton reporting. Corey Michael Blake founded Round Table Companies in 2007 to bring his passion for telling impactful stories to life in a brand new way. He believes that combining business and life principles with artistic delivery leads people on a journey that is different from what they experience with traditional information. The artistic medium of a graphic novel, for example, engages readers on a deeper emotional level while enhancing the impact of its author’s life changing messages.


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