December 20, 2014

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Podcasts In Cue

Insights From a Savvy HR Tech Investor

Taras Polischuk, Talent Equity Ventures (TEqV) Shares His Strategies for Investing in HR Tech Start-Ups

Premiers on December 22 2014
Taras Polischuk, HR Tech Investor, interviewed by Peter Clayton -TotalPicture Radio Taras Polischuk

"It all comes down to the areas in the industry where HR Tech can actually add value. There are around 500 investment opportunities that I have evaluated in the last two years. However, most of these products' main problem is that they are a point solution; and are solving a very small part of the bigger problem that customers experience. What clients want is to buy a solution, not a product. They want a platform, and they are ready to pay premium for having it, for getting rid of their pain." Taras Polischuk

Happy Holidays! It's that time of year folks... everyone in our space is making predictions for HR Tech in 2015. Our special guest today is Taras Polischuk an investment professional in HR Tech, uniquely qualified to weigh-in on this topic. Taras wrote an excellent article on the SmartRecruiters Blog titled 4 Pillars to the Future of HR Technology -- (see the sidebar for the link to this, and other articles relating to our conversation today). This is great advice for those working in HR Tech, and those evaluating HR Tech products for their organizations.

Welcome to a special HR Technology podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton, in New York City to speak with Taras Polischuk. He works at Talent Equity Ventures, an HR tech-focused Venture Capital firm. He is a strategic advisor at TalentTechLabs, (where we recorded this interview), a New York-based incubator for Talent Acquisition Technology companies. Taras is co-owner of Global #HRU, the co-organizer of HRTechTank, and a contributor to the SmartRecruiters Blog.

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Taras will air Monday December 22nd!

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