March 24, 2017

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Podcasts In Cue

Everyone is Talking About Machine Learning. Summer Husband Explains Why.

Inside SourceCon - An Interview with Opening Keynote Speaker, Summer Husband, Senior Director, Data Science at Randstad Sourceright

Premiers on March 28 2017
Summer Husband, Senior Director, Data Science for Randstad Sourceright,TotalPicture interviewSummer Husband

Several days ago I posted a number of pictures on Facebook of many of the amazing women who took the stage at SourceCon in Anaheim, California. One of those amazing women, who delivered the opening keynote, joins me for a special Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio.

In her role as Senior Director, Data Science for Randstad Sourceright, Summer Husband is responsible for helping to bring recruiting data to life. Through deep analysis and visualization, applying predictive analytics and machine learning, Summer is able to support clients' preemptive decision making and deliver continuous and measurable improvement across all aspects of talent acquisition. This ability places her organization at a clear competitive advantage.

Machine learning, predictive analytics, AI, Big Data is on every conference agenda this year.

Here's a real world example of why. A recent article in Business Insider showcases Amazon's new brick-and-mortar bookstore in Chicago, with the headline Inside Amazon's new Chicago store, where the books for sale have an average rating of 4.5 stars online. That's right, all of the books on display have at least a 4.5 customer rating. But it goes much, much deeper. Amazon knows what Chicagoan's like. Think about how Amazon is able to use its massive amount of data to make this one bookstore a reflection of the tastes, interests, and aspirations of the community it serves.

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Summer Husband will air Tuesday, March 28th!

Ranking the Top Applicant Tracking Systems

Rob Kelly, CEO of Ongig, Shares the Methodology His Company Used to Rank the Top 70 ATS's

Premiers on March 25 2017
Rob Kelly, CEO Ongig,TotalPicture interviewRob Kelly


I met Rob Kelly, CEO of Ongig through Jonathan Duarte. In speaking with Rob, I quickly realized I had used his company's ATS Survey in an interview with Bill Kutik, discussing two of the better-known Applicant Tracking Systems, Taleo and iCIMS.

Ongig first began reporting on top applicant tracking systems in September 2014 and after 30,000 people read one post on it, they decided they had found pretty good Internet flypaper, and updated it for 2016.

Part of my conversation with Bill (and you'll find a link to that podcast in the sidebar), had to do with the fact that there are numerous surveys out there ranking ATS market share - and they are remarkably different in their results.

So I asked Rob to join us for an HR Technology Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio to discuss Ongig's methodology in creating their list of the Top 70 Applicant Tracking Systems used by Companies.

Stay Tuned... Our interview with Rob Kelly will air Saturday March 25th.

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