January 25, 2015

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Podcasts In Cue

Swipe Right - An Interview with the Cofounder and CEO of Jobr, TJ Nahigian

Jobr: Connecting talented people with the job they never knew was waiting.

Premiers on January 29 2015
TJ Nahigian, Jobr CEO-TotalPicture Radio interviewTJ Nahigian

Welcome to TotalPicture Radio! We produce cutting-edge videos, webinars and podcast interviews with a focus on talent acquisition, recruiting, HR Tech, leadership and innovation. Visit our conference and event page on totalpicture.com to learn about TotalPicture Media's unique video and podcast marketing opportunities available at many of the most important conferences - and unconferences thought 2015.

Today we're continuing our look at stealth apps for job candidates and frustrated InMail recruiters -- with what I'm calling a "Flipping Coasts" HR Technology Series. We started out on the West Coast with Tom Leung, the CEO of Poachable, in Seattle. Last week we flipped to the East Coast to talk with Yarden Tadmor, the CEO of Switch in New York, and today we're back on the West Coast to learn about jobr - that's jobrapp.com based in beautiful San Francisco - joining me is the Cofounder and CEO of Jobr. TJ Nahigian.

Stay tuned... Our exclusive Vodcast with TJ Nahigian will air Thursday, January 29th!


RecruitiFi Shortens Time-to-Fill with Crowdsourcing Model

Success Story: Brin McCagg, CoFounder and CEO of RecruitiFi Returns to TotalPicture Radio

Premiers on January 27 2015
Brin McCagg CoFounder and CEO RecruitiFi-TotalPicture Radio interviewBrin McCagg

The other day I met-up with Brin McCagg, the Cofounder and CEO of RecruitiFi, at Café Centro near Grand Central. He was scrolling through his smartphone showing me a constant stream of LinkedIn connection requests from VP's of talent acquisition, CHRO's, HR Managers, Directors, and recruiters. Seriously. He was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I decided there and then it was time for Brin to return to the podwaves of TotalPicture Radio.

I've been having fun using Skype Video to record some of my interviews, and Brin was receptive to the idea of recording the interview in video. This is Peter Clayton with a HR Technology Channel Podcast AND vodcast on TotalPicture Radio.

The last time Brin was on the show, he was trying to find a decent wifi connection at a motel near the Grand Canyon. Much has changed with the startup, including new office space on 46th Street, and about tripling the RecruitiFi staff over the last seven months, to keep up with the demand for matching vetted, qualified passive candidates with great job opportunities... Real jobs, real companies, hiring now. What a concept!

The unique RecruitiFi model of crowd-sourcing top recruiters and passive candidates has definitely caught on. Speaking about LinkedIn, Brin told me, "I really think we could be the next LinkedIn."

In a recent article in Newsweek, Kevin Maney writes; "A startup called RecruitiFi helps illustrate how technology is facilitating horizontal professionals. The core purpose of RecruitiFi is to create an Uber-ish platform for the recruiting universe... But there is an intriguing by-product to Recruitifi: Anyone can become a recruiter, much as Uber lets anyone become a taxi driver or Airbnb lets anyone become a hotelier."

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Brin McCagg will air Tuesday, January 27th.

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