March 06, 2015

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Hashtags on Steroids - the New HRmarketer

Mark Willaman Demos the latest jaw-dropping features in HRmarketer Insights. Seriously.

Premiers on March 12 2015
Mark Willaman, Founder and CEO of HRmarketer Softward -TotalPicture interview with Peter ClaytonMark Willaman

HRmarketer provides a unique and valuable resource for HR brands, talent acquisition leaders, industry influencers and key analysts wanting to enhance their visibility and improve their knowledge of the HR marketplace.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel videocast and podcast. I'm Peter Clayton, producer/host of TotalPicture. Today, my guest is the Founder and CEO of HRmarketer Software, Mark Willaman.

If you work in the HR and/or talent acquisition space, especially in a marketing, sales, or advertising role, I'm sure you are familiar with HRmarketer, and probably use the software. For the ten years I've covered this industry, HRmarketer has been THE place to keep track of conferences, events, speaking opportunities, research, and used for news distribution.

Over the past several years, Mark, along with his team of developers, have continuously improved the product: especially as a discovery tool across social media platforms, called HRmarketer Insights. And this is where we will spend most of our time with Mark.

Want to know the 5 top articles this week for a specific topic? You can customize the Insights dashboard to tell you just that, along with popular HR topics, what to blog about, what's trending on social networks, and who's engaging with you. Much of the dashboard can be customized, including an area called Brand Comparison Relationships.

Although our interview is available as both a videocast and podcast, I encourage you to watch this interview: Mark is going to demo some of the brand-new features and capabilities available in HRmarketer Insights that will definitely get your attention!

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Mark will air Thursday, March 5th!

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