July 26, 2014

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Karan Girotra: The Risk Driven Business Model

Four Questions That Will Define Your Company. An Interview with INSEAD Professor Karan Girotra

Premiers on July 29 2014
Karan Girotra, Professor of Technology and Operations Management INSEADKaran Girotra

At a time when business model innovation is flourishing as never before, The Risk-Driven Business Model (Harvard Business Review Press) by INSEAD professors Karan Girotra and Serguei Netessine reveals how new startups and large established companies alike are designing or redesigning their business models to better tolerate risk and outpace competitors.

According to the authors, the key to creating an innovative business model is to ask these four essential questions:

WHAT key decisions get made in a business;
WHEN these decisions are made;
WHO is empowered to make decisions, and
WHY those individuals make the decisions they do.
By changing a company's approach to these choices, we can fundamentally alter the risks involved and invent new, superior business models.

Welcome to a Leadership Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with guest host David Dalka reporting. While most companies focus their innovation efforts on new products, companies like Amazon and Netflix are disrupting industries with business model innovation - a different kind of innovation that is cheaper, easier, and more powerful.

Stay tuned... Our exclusive interview with Karan Girotra will air Tuesday, July 29th!

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