March 24, 2018

Talent Acquisition Interviews


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Talent Acquisition Interviews

Recruiting Trends and the Candidate Experience


Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board VP, Shares Insights From the Recruiting Trends Conference

Published on November 20 2016
Kevin W. Grossman, VP Talent Board -TotalPicture interviewKevin W. Grossman

For the very first time, Talent Board, (a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and data benchmark research of a quality candidate experience), played a significant role in this year's Recruiting Trends Conference. Talent Board's leadership team helped develop the conference's Candidate Experience track. The event was recently held in Austin, Texas

This is Peter Clayton with a special Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. Joining me today to share highlights and insights from the Recruiting Trends conference is Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board vice-president. Kevin is responsible for all aspects of the CandE Award program and other Talent Board activities for North America.

Kevin, welcome back to TPR.


2015 Candidate Experience Research Report - A Deep Dive with Kevin W. Grossman


Attract - Recruit - Hire. What CandE Awards Winners Do Better

Published on February 16 2016
Kevin W. Grossman, VP Talent Board -TotalPicture interviewKevin W. Grossman

"The Talent Board CandE award process is the first systematic and disciplined approach to comparing the differences between employer practices and its impact on candidate attitude and behavior."

Welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture. This is Peter Clayton reporting. For the past three years I've been proud to be part of the CandE Council, the group advocating for a better Candidate Experience,  promoting the Candidate Experience Awards, (CandEs), and research.

Joining me today to discuss Talent Board's 2015 North American CandE Research Report is Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board vice-president, responsible for all aspects of the Candidate Experience Awards program and other Talent Board activities for North America. Kevin is also co-founder of the TalentCulture "world of work"​ community and co-host, with Megan M. Biro, of the popular weekly TalentCulture #TChat Show

Talent Board's 2015 North American CandE Research Report is now available! This rigorous, scientifically-supported data capture provides companies with valuable insights regarding their recruiting efforts.


A Perfect Fit


The Candidate Experience at the Executive Level

Published on September 01 2015
vice president customer care at AECOM, Luke Williams, interviewed by Peter Clayton - TotalPicture Radio Luke Williams

Today I want to share with you what I consider a perfect fit A perfect hire... A hire that almost didn't happen.

This is Peter Clayton, welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture. Joining me today is a real Purple Squirrel, a perfect fit. And the perfect hire: Luke Williams, who recently joined AECOM as vice president of the client care program. What Luke has to say regarding the hiring process, executive search practices, recruiters, and the Candidate Experience at the executive level will be of great interest to HR leaders, recruiters, hiring managers, senior executives, and candidates.

Luke is is a co-author of a New York Times bestselling book titled The Wallet Allocation Rule, published by Wiley. Luke was recently recruited by David Perry managing partner at Perry Martel International to join AECOM.

And theres more to this story. Youll find an interview with Jordan Sweeny Head of Industrial Accounts and Strategic Sales at AECOM, who was an active member of the leadership team at the company, responsible for this search in the Leadership Channel of TotalPicture. Appropriately titled In Search of a Purple Squirrel. AECOM is a Fortune 500 global professional and technical services firm.

Over 5000k downloads!


RecruitiFi Shortens Time-to-Fill with Crowdsourcing Model


Uber for Jobs:: Brin McCagg, CoFounder and CEO of RecruitiFi Returns to TotalPicture Radio

Published on January 27 2015
Brin McCagg CoFounder and CEO RecruitiFi-TotalPicture Radio interviewBrin McCagg

The other day I met-up with Brin McCagg, the Cofounder and CEO of RecruitiFi, at Café Centro. He was scrolling through his smartphone showing me a constant stream of LinkedIn connection requests from VP's of talent acquisition, CHRO's, HR Managers, Directors, and recruiters. I decided there and then it was time for Brin to return to the podwaves of TotalPicture Radio.

I've been having fun using Skype Video to record some of my interviews, and Brin was receptive to the idea of recording the interview in video. This is Peter Clayton with a HR Technology Channel Podcast AND vodcast on TotalPicture Radio.

The last time Brin was on the show, he was trying to find a decent wifi connection at a motel near the Grand Canyon. Much has changed with the startup, including new office space on 46th Street, and about tripling the RecruitiFi staff over the last seven months, to keep up with the demand for matching vetted, qualified passive candidates with great job opportunities... Real jobs, real companies, hiring now. What a concept!

The unique RecruitiFi model of crowd-sourcing top recruiters and passive candidates has definitely caught on. Speaking about LinkedIn, Brin told me, "I really think we could be the next LinkedIn."

In a recent article in Newsweek, Kevin Maney writes; "A startup called RecruitiFi helps illustrate how technology is facilitating horizontal professionals. The core purpose of RecruitiFi is to create an Uber-ish platform for the recruiting universe... But there is an intriguing by-product to Recruitifi: Anyone can become a recruiter, much as Uber lets anyone become a taxi driver or Airbnb lets anyone become a hotelier."


Best Recruiter Program


In 2008, CleardJobs.Net launched the "Best Recruiter Program" providing the spark for the Candidate Experience Awards

Published on November 24 2014
Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of, interviewed by Peter Clayton -TotalPicture Radio Kathleen Smith

When a CFO asks you, "what is the ROI?" what to you tell her?

Over the past few years, The Candidate Experience has been recognized as an integral part of a talent acquisition strategy - and as the economy improves and the demand for talent intensifies, more companies are realizing there's a real cost to the lack of communication with candidates as well as the proverbial black hole created by many corporate ATSs.

More than six years ago, ClearedJobs.Net launched the Best Recruiter program to inspire recruiters to bring their "A" game to Cleared Job Fairs.

This is Peter Clayton, welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio. As many of you know who regularly listen to this podcast, I'm proud to be a member of the Candidate Experience Awards - CandE Council. Now in its fourth year, 150 companies participated in the 2014 award competition, 95,400 candidates responded to the detailed candidate experience survey, and 62 companies became 2014 CandE winners.

Joining me today to discuss the candidate experience and the recruiter's role in elevating what for many job applicants is a nerve-racking and depressing ordeal is Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of ClearedJobs.Net, a veteran owned company headquartered in the heart of the defense and intelligence community, Washington, DC. As its name implies, CleardJobs.Net is focused on providing support to cleared facilities employers and security cleared professionals.


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