February 24, 2017

Talent Acquisition Interviews


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Talent Acquisition Interviews

How to Develop, Champion, and Manage Social Media Recruiting Strategies that Work


All Talent Considered: From the Recruiting Trends Conference, Peter Clayton interviews Keynote Speaker Lars Schmidt, NPR.

Premiers on November 14 2013
Lars Schmidt, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Innovation at NPR-TotalPicture Radio Interview sponsored by Work4Lars Schmidt

"I come from a school of HR that's probably a bit more progressive.  I start at a foundation of trust.  I start assuming people are going to make good decisions.  I start from that assumption.  If we're proven to be wrong and somebody makes a misstep you address that situation but you don't build a policy around that worst-case scenario that one person might do because then that really restricts you." Lars Schmidt

You would think a popular and beloved organization such as NPR: a media brand with a huge audience, would be in the easy seat when it comes to recruiting top talent. Think again.

Lars Schmidt, the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Innovation at NPR made it clear during his keynote at the Recruiting Trends Conference in Las Vegas... he's competing against other top media properties, as well as tech companies and start-ups to attract the talent NPR needs to stay competitive.

In his keynote, Lars provided the audience with a detailed account of his efforts to engage potential candidates through the use of social media. In our exclusive Talent Acquisition Channel interview, we discuss, in detail, the challenges Lars faced when he joined NPR getting management to embrace social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Here's the video...

Lars is responsible for providing leadership and advocacy for talent acquisition strategies that align with NPR's strategic mission and core values. Prior to NPR, Lars was the VP, Human Resources with Ticketmaster where he spent over seven years leading global talent initiatives. He previously held recruiting roles with a technical recruiting firm and several technology startups in Los Angeles.

Lars has over 14 years of recruiting and human resources experience across a broad range of industries including technology, web, media, non-profit, eCommerce and consulting. He's a fierce HR advocate with a strong track record in leveraging innovative talent strategies to fuel proactive recruiting efforts and building, developing, and leading progressive teams across a variety of HR disciplines. He's also a blogger and speaker on AmplifyTalent.com where he writes about talent and recruiting trends, social media, leadership, recruiting tools and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @ThisIsLars.

Our podcast and video sponsored by Work4.


Solving the Mobile Apply Problem - Pablo Fuentes, CEO - Proven


Proven makes it easy to apply for jobs over Craigslist, SimplyHired and Beyond - That's a Whole Lotta Jobs!

Published on October 04 2013
Pablo Fuentes Founder and CEO of Proven interviewed by Peter Clayton -TotalPicture Radio at MREC13Pablo Fuentes

Using the Proven iOS and Android App makes it a snap to apply for jobs! If you want to apply for a job on Craigslist, through SimplyHired, or Beyond using your smartphone or tablet - download the free Proven App.

Pablo Fuentes and his team at Proven have solved the Craigslist Jobs problem. And the SimplyHired jobs submission problem. And the Beyond.com problem. That problem: Mobile Apply. More and more, job seekers are using their smartphones and tables to access job listings and career sites. If you were at the Mobile Recruiting Conference (#MREC13) last week in Atlanta, you heard the stats.

The is Peter Clayton with a Talent Acquisition podcast and vodcast on TotalPicture Radio. So take your pick: You can watch -- or listen to my interview with Pablo Fuentes, founder and CEO of Proven, recorded at MREC13 last week.

Mobile is the preferred device for job search AND job apply for a growing population of workers. Opportunities abound for companies that embrace mobile, and make it easy for job seekers and candidates to interact with them. Companies not paying attention to mobile, and NOT optimizing their career sites for mobile devices, will find themselves with a big problem, much sooner than you might think.... Like next year. This includes apply. Don't think by serving up a link to a website you're solving the problem. You're not!

If you're recruiting for healthcare, transportation, hourly, hospitality, and retail -- the only connection many of these workers have is their smartphone.

Here's the video of our interview:


The State of Mobile Recruiting


Presentation by Ed Newman, iMomentous, at the Mobile Recruiting Conference 2013

Published on October 03 2013
Ed Newman, VP Strategy, iMomentous-TotalPicture RadioEd Newman

"Mobile Friendly Apply? How about just Friendly Apply?"

"Optimizing your career site for mobile is a lot more than just screen size... Mobile Apply is table stakes, you've got to have that... Only 5% of the Fortune 500 have mobile apply capability" Ed Newman

Welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton with another recorded presentation from The Mobile Recruiting Conference - The State of Mobile Recruiting, featuring Ed Newman, vice president of strategy and iMomentous. In this presentation, you'll hear the evolution of the solutions market highlighting key trends, and best practices. Ed also shares insights into recent data from his research, The Corporate Mobile Readiness Report, 3rd Edition, an analysis of the mobile recruiting practices of the Fortune 500. Be sure to check out Ed's SlideShare (link in the sidebar).

Ed Newman is an entrepreneur with a deep background in Human Resources and Talent Management. Prior to joining iMomentous he was the founder of InsideTMT.com, a community web site designed for people with interests in Talent Management Technology.

Prior to this Ed was the founder of The Newman Group and served as its President from 1999 through 2010. In 2007 The Newman Group was acquired by Korn/Ferry International.

Over the past 20 years he has led the development and implementation of numerous recruiting and HR technology deployments and strategic talent management initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Newman has written extensively about talent strategy and tactics; he is often quoted and interviewed in leading trade publications such as HR Magazine, HR Executive and Workforce Management.


Tales From the Field: The Mobile Applicant


From the Mobile Recruiting Conference, Joe Essenfeld, CEO of Jibe

Published on October 03 2013
Joe Essenfeld, CEO of Jibe -TotalPicture RadioJoe Essenfeld

Next year, it's expected that 50% of the visits to career sites will be over a mobile device.

Welcome to a special Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton -- with a somewhat unique podcast -- in that what you are about to hear is an excerpt from the presentation made by Joe Essenfeld, the founder and CEO at Jibe, Recorded at the Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta, GA, titled Tales From the Field: The Mobile Applicant.

Joe shares research from a group of job seekers contacted through Craig's list as well as the difficulties many company face with mobile apply. Quoting Joe, "The expectations of job seekers is that career sites and job applications on mobile devices just work. Phones have delivered so much for them already, and they're such a powerful tool, that for jobs not to work for them is a surprise."

Joe Essenfeld is a start-up executive with operational and recruiting expertise for both corporate and early stage organizations. Prior to starting JIBE, Joe was the COO of Insomnia Cookies, a successful late-night cookie delivery company in college towns across the country. Joe also spent several years in the restaurant management industry. It was his experiences in hiring hundreds of employees during that time that led him to start Jibe.

We would like to thank Joe and Michael Marlatt, founder of mRecruitingCamp for allowing us to podcast this presentation. To learn more about The Mobile Recruiting Conference visit www.mrec.net.


Sourcing Candidates Using Facebook's New Graph Search


A Conversation with Stéphane Le Viet, Founder and CEO of Work4 at the Mobile Recruiting Conference

Published on October 02 2013
Stéphane Le Viet, Founder and CEO of Work4, interviewed by Peter Clayton on TotalPicture RadioStéphane Le Viet

"One in every seven minutes spent online is spent on Facebook." Stéphane Le Viet

Think about that: 1 in every 7 minutes. From the Mobile recruiting Conference in Atlanta, Georgia welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast -- this is Peter Clayton reporting.

Joining me is Stéphane Le Viet the CEO and co-founder of Work4 which helps thousands of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, find, engage, and hire top talent with their all-in-one recruiting solution for Facebook. Stéphanie participated in a panel at the MREC conference, moderated by our friend Master Burnett with BraveNew Talent, titled Building employer brand through social integration and Mobile. (Watch for the video version of this interview, coming soon to the video channel.

Covered in this podcast:

  • Facebook is going hyper-local
  • Isn't Facebook for friends and family, and LinkedIn for business?
  • Expert advice on Facebook company pages
  • Tips for individual Facebook accounts
  • Natural and organic Search
  • Hashtags are not just for Twitter

Watch for video segments from this interview, coming soon to the Video Channel!


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