How to Hire a VP of Sales

David Perry, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel Intl

“Today’s business environment is unforgiving for organizations trying to merely stay the course. New technologies are disrupting every industry across the globe. Companies that react quickly will thrive, while those that resist or react slowly to change will find it difficult (if not impossible) to compete.”

That’s the opening of the Position paper Perry-Martel International, an Ottawa, Ontario based executive search firm used in its assignment to find a VP of sales for a company called Lemonade, the SaaS learning experience platform. This is the story of that search featuring John Findlay, the CEO of Lemonade, and a company called Launchfire.

Back in 2005, Launchfire developed one of the world’s first game-based eLearning programs for the Tylenol brand. The program, which integrated game mechanics into Tylenol’s training, was so successful that it led to requests for game-based training for other organizations. Read more