A Deep Dive into Virtual Events with Ward Christman, HR Tech Alliances

Inside View of the HR Tech Alliances Virtual Collaboration Zone Events with Ward Christman

Welcome to the podcast version of TotalPicture Media. I’m your host, Peter Clayton. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into virtual events. How to host them. How to participate successfully in them. After all, if you’re interested in hosting an event or attending one these days, the only way to do that is virtually (unless you’re the Florida chapter of SHRM, who recently hosted a live in-person event where many of the speakers appeared via Zoom, apparently, which qualified them for a Darwin Award from our friends Chad and Cheese).

Ward Christman, HR Tech Alliances

I’m joined today through the magic of Zoom (no surprise), by my good friend and fellow LRP exile — Ward Christman. Ward is the evangelist for all things related to HR Tech Alliances. Not only has he turned his signature Collaboration Zone Events virtual, but he’s also greatly expanded their frequency – hosting a new virtual Collaboration event every month! Yeah, full-day multi track virtual events once a month! So, we’re going to pick Ward’s brain on how the hell he pulls this off. Because I can tell you as someone who’s entire video production has shifted to Zoom for the past eight months, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this all of this online technology work. One heads-up, this was originally recorded in video and around 13 minutes in Ward does a live demo of his database system – it’s pretty easy to follow along but you may want to check out the YouTube version of the conversation. You can find the link in the video section on TotalPicture.com. Now here’s my conversation with Ward Christman with HR Tech Alliances. Enjoy.

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