A Deep Dive into Virtual Events with Ward Christman, HR Tech Alliances

Inside View of the HR Tech Alliances Virtual Collaboration Zone Events with Ward Christman

Welcome to the podcast version of TotalPicture Media. I’m your host, Peter Clayton. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into virtual events. How to host them. How to participate successfully in them. After all, if you’re interested in hosting an event or attending one these days, the only way to do that is virtually (unless you’re the Florida chapter of SHRM, who recently hosted a live in-person event where many of the speakers appeared via Zoom, apparently, which qualified them for a Darwin Award from our friends Chad and Cheese).

Ward Christman, HR Tech Alliances

I’m joined today through the magic of Zoom (no surprise), by my good friend and fellow LRP exile — Ward Christman. Ward is the evangelist for all things related to HR Tech Alliances. Not only has he turned his signature Collaboration Zone Events virtual, but he’s also greatly expanded their frequency – hosting a new virtual Collaboration event every month! Yeah, full-day multi track virtual events once a month! So, we’re going to pick Ward’s brain on how the hell he pulls this off. Because I can tell you as someone who’s entire video production has shifted to Zoom for the past eight months, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this all of this online technology work. One heads-up, this was originally recorded in video and around 13 minutes in Ward does a live demo of his database system – it’s pretty easy to follow along but you may want to check out the YouTube version of the conversation. You can find the link in the video section on TotalPicture.com. Now here’s my conversation with Ward Christman with HR Tech Alliances. Enjoy.

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How to Work With HR Tech Influencers Part 2

How to Work With HR Tech Influencers Part 2 Featuring Sarah Brennan and William Tincup  (Encore Podcast)

“One of the things that you can do and I think is highly underutilized is that you can’t be at every show. There are Bloggers, writers, practitioners, influencers, that are at a lot of these shows. And it’s not unusual to reach out to some of these people that are at them. A lot of the shows publish their blogs squad or whatever that is for the particular show ahead of time, to reach out and say hey you know we know you’re going to be there we’ll cover your flight down or you know the equivalent amount of money or hotel room — whatever that is if you’d be willing to write a wrap-up post. What did you learn? Tell us about the event that we could share out. Maybe send a few tweets out, or have your team retweet the content that’s going on at some of these shows using the hashtag. So that hashtag and your brand are still affiliated even if you’re not there. You go to a show like SHRM you would never see every single vendor in that expo hall. Even at some of the larger tech conferences, you don’t have time to see every single vendor. And so as people are looking through those feeds, they don’t even know you’re not there. Because you’re still sharing and you’re participating in a conversation. You don’t have to ignore it just because you’re not there.” Sarah Brennan Read more

How to Work With Influencers – Brad Sutton

How to Work With Influencers – A 3 Part Series (Encore Podcast)

Brad Sutton

Welcome to a Leadership Channel Podcast on TotalPicture. I’m your host, Peter Clayton. The three main players in this podcast series are Brad Sutton, Sarah Brennan, and William Tincup. Today Brad Sutton from GSV AcceleraTE joins me. [Update – Brad Joined Eightfold.ai in February 2020.]

Have you ever been in a situation where you say to yourself, “wow, why didn’t I think of that?” I have. Many times.

I’ll give you two examples: About 10 years ago Chris Russell called me and with a great idea called JobsinPods, “the only podcast where real employers talk about their jobs and how to get them.” Several years ago I bought JobsinPods from Chris, a serial entrepreneur with a new idea every day. Currently, the ‘Mad Scientist of Online Recruiting’ is Managing Director of RecTech Media, and a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Consultant. Read more

Peter Hinssen – The Day After Tomorrow

Peter Hinssen – The Day After Tomorrow “Gravity is a Bitch.” The Future of Work Series Continues (Encore Podcast)

Peter Hinssen

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He has given numerous keynote speeches around the world, among which those for Google Think Performance, Nimbus Ninety, Gartner, NEXT Berlin, Tedx, Apple, and  HR Tech World (now UNLEASH) in San Francisco. Peter is one of the founders of nexxworks and a bestselling author.

Nexxworks was founded in 2014 by Hinssen. Peter and the Nexxworks team believe that many companies are not armed and ready for the disruption this will entail. That is why they are passionate about infusing radical innovation in incumbents to help them thrive in this age of networks.

His latest book is titled The Day After Tomorrow 

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How to Hire a VP of Sales

David Perry, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel Intl

“Today’s business environment is unforgiving for organizations trying to merely stay the course. New technologies are disrupting every industry across the globe. Companies that react quickly will thrive, while those that resist or react slowly to change will find it difficult (if not impossible) to compete.”

That’s the opening of the Position paper Perry-Martel International, an Ottawa, Ontario based executive search firm used in its assignment to find a VP of sales for a company called Lemonade, the SaaS learning experience platform. This is the story of that search featuring John Findlay, the CEO of Lemonade, and a company called Launchfire.

Back in 2005, Launchfire developed one of the world’s first game-based eLearning programs for the Tylenol brand. The program, which integrated game mechanics into Tylenol’s training, was so successful that it led to requests for game-based training for other organizations. Read more