October 25, 2014

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Video and Podcast Production Services Recruiting Trends Las Vegas

TotalPicture Media will be on-site in Las Vegas - Video and Podcast production capabilities available for sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers

mirage 206x366Just Announced: Exclusive TotalPicture Media Video + Podcast Interviews and Client Testimonials

Recruiting Trends 2014 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TotalPicture Media has a high-visibility marketing opportunities available to a LIMITED number (truly!) of vendors, exhibitors, speakers, and consultants for VIDEO + PODCAST PRODUCTION at the Recruiting Trends Conference 2014, October 28-30, 2014 in Las Vegas!

TotalPicture Media Podcast and video productions are flexible in design and execution, and can include featuring a member of your organization (marketing, sales, executive team) clients, prospects, partners, or conference speakers.

High-Visability Video and Podcast Production: This is a one-time investment that will yield multiple uses and lasting results. Video accounts for 53 percent of all Internet traffic!

According to a recent Aberdeen Group Research Report, titled Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing, "Perhaps more than any other media in the modern content marketer's arsenal, video is inherently a story-telling medium... video helps both marketing and sales cut through the clutter with a differentiated voice, thereby increasing both information retention and the perception of the quality of the message it delivers."


Michele Neiman - Recruiting Trends Conference from Peter Clayton on Vimeo.

On-Camera testimonials featuring your clients!

Peter Clayton, Host of TotalPicture Radio, will conduct on-camera video interviews with speakers, clients, and prospects of your choice.


We will deliver an edited, professional HD video, including graphics, titles, lower-thirds, and company logo, and professionally edited audio podcasts. Finished production will be optimized for YouTube, iTunes, and other popular distribution platforms. All interviews will be Produced and Directed by Peter Clayton, award winning producer/host of TotalPicture Radio

Advantages: High-visibility videos and podcasts to promote your organization through multiple distribution networks. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube).

>>>>> Get above the NOISE: and create valuable content for your website, blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook, LinkedIn Company Page

Extend your show participation and build your page rankings through long-tail video content (YouTube, Vimeo, TotalPicture Radio, Facebook, your website/blog and electronic newsletters)

In-depth interviews (or testimonials), with targeted clients, prospects, executives, partners, or featured Recruiting Trends Speakers.

Low Cost - Leverage your investment at Recruiting Trends with high-value VIDEO + PODCAST content you can promote well beyond April!

Please email or call 203.203-7003 for more information and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at Recruiting Trends in Las Vegas!

About the Recruiting Trends Conference 2014

The Recruiting Trends Conference is a must-attend event that brings together recruiters, sourcers, talent acquisition managers, and other HR and recruitment professionals to share best practices and strategies for the hiring process. Featuring industry leaders and practitioners in an engaging format, the conference has been designed to give attendees a big picture overview of the latest recruiting issues and their impact, as well as focusing in on more specific issues.

RD Whitney, Executive Director, Recruiting Trends Conference from Peter Clayton on Vimeo.

Attendees will hear from dynamic speakers, have the opportunity to participate in workshops, and develop a deeper knowledge of the latest tools and techniques.

If you're ready to better understand your candidates' needs and for new and creative solutions to the today's biggest sourcing, screening, recruiting, and hiring challenges, the Recruiting Trends Conference is for you!The top recruiters. The most innovative strategies. The event that will re-energize your recruiting.

The Recruiting Trends Conference gathers leaders in recruiting, sourcing, talent acquisition and human resources to network, exchange ideas and share best practices and bold strategies for the hiring process.

With a fast-paced mix of engaging presentations, focused workshops, peer-to-peer discussion, and great networking events, the Recruiting Trends Conference is high-energy and high-value. This three-day event will leave you with strong new connections, inspiring ideas and practical, ready-to-implement strategies for success.

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