September 20, 2017

Conferences and Events


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Conferences & Events

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SourceCon Fall, Austin Texas

Real People. Real Sourcing. Back to Reality. September 25-27, 2017

For its 10th Year Anniversary, SourceCon will be calling Austin, Texas as its host city. Known as "Silicon Hills", Austin welcomes powerhouses such as Apple, Dell, IBM, and Whole Foods Market into its city. A tech bed and home to SXSW, Austin is one of the most forefront cities in the U.S. With its motto of "Keep Austin Weird", the city serves as a great backdrop to SourceCon!

HACKATHON Diddle for fun or seriously crunch some code in the mad science sourcing lab. Then unleash your bit and binary skillz at the after-hours competition. Laptops are required; superhero costumes, optional. CRAZY-FUN Meet like-minded and passionate sourcing professionals at SourceCon Happy Hour.

NO CLIQUES There are no "cool" kids at SourceCon; everyone wants to drop knowledge, whether it is in a session or just chatting with a Grandmaster champ.

INNOVATION LABS Geek out and demo the hottest sourcing technology in our Innovation Labs.

VISIBILITY Jump aboard the Welcome Wagon and meet THE most talented sourcers in our industry.

POWER After attending SourceCon, you'll be so powerful that when you simply think the word "Boolean," your competitors will quiver in fear.

REGISTER by July 7th to lock-in the best Early Bird Rate!


ERE Fall Conference

Minneapolis, MN October 16-18

Trusted by the Recruiting Industry

ERE has been working hard to bring together the talent acquisition community for over 19 years. We're a trusted source for daily industry news and information. We love what we do and look forward to having you join us for an informative and energizing conference. Here are some reasons why we we'd love to see you at this fall's conference:

Speakers are TA Leaders and Experienced Recruiters

This conference is not a user group event. That means we do not have an goal or strategy to sell anything. ERE's agenda is built specifically for TA and recruiters of all levels like you.

You'll attend sessions led by experts on topics that matter most to you:

• Leadership and successful roadmaps
• Future trends, emerging technologies, and how to leverage them
• Hands-on workshops / training sessions
• Data, predictive analytics, and metrics that are actually relevant to your work

You'll meet and learn from peers who will help you make the most of your road ahead. Most importantly, you'll come away with a solid understanding not just of current changes that are shaping the future of talent acquisition-but what those changes mean to you.


TAtech Fall Congress

TAtech events are the only talent acquisition conferences conducted by, for and about talent acquisition technology companies

This 3-day conference brings together the worldwide community of business leaders, technology experts, content developers, sales and marketing professionals, analysts and investors in the talent acquisition solutions industry for two exclusive events:

VENUE: Hyatt Regency Convention Center, Denver, CO. Sept 27-29

The World Job Board Forum covering high impact trends, cutting edge technology developments, the latest research findings, potential disruptors, innovative business practices and more as well as one-of-a-kind opportunities for networking and dialogue on collaboration and partnerships for job boards of every size and in every location around the world.

The Fall Congress - offering discussions and debates among peers and thought leaders on trending issues critical to effective organizational performance and sustained growth - including interoperability, business metrics and standards, the impact of new technologies and changing customer expectations - as well as the opportunity to explore potential partnerships and business transactions in the TAtech Deal Center.

  • Register Prior to August 1st to receive the best discount rates.
  • HRExaminer | Top 25 HR Digital Influencer