December 19, 2014

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Conferences & Events

Sponsorship opportunities for upcoming scheduled Conferences & Events.

Global #HRU New York City

Sponsor Global#HRU Conference Live Video Stream and Video Highlights Reel in New York!


Sponsor Global#HRU Unconference Live Video Stream and Video Highlights Reel in New York!



HR Unconferences are a series of events organized worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and free exchange of ideas and experiences, aimed at HR enthusiasts, recruiters and techies about the latest innovations and technologies used in making HR easier.

#HRU provides an opportunity for progressive HR professionals and recruiters interested in the latest developments in HR and recruitment around the world to meet, discuss and connect with like-minded bright minds. #HRU's vision is to be the biggest HR and recruitment community (online and offline) in the world. #hru aims to organize an event in every 500 000+ habitant city in the world by 2020.

WHAT IS DISCUSSED AT #HRU EVENTS? Topics revolve around whatever is hot in that region in HR & Recruiting industry: - Trending new HR tech and sourcing tools - Employer branding and building talent pipelines - Mobile and social recruiting - HR best practices and interesting HR cases - Local HR practices and insights

While maintaining strong presence in Europe and North America, our key focus is on emerging markets. We help companies from established markets get exposure and access to local communities in emerging markets and rapidly growing economies

VALUE PROPOSITION FOR MEMBERS AND SPONSORS - Access to director-level early adopters and forward thinking HR practitioners from local communities - Networking with industry thought leaders, corporate buyers, bloggers, analysts and investors - Access to new cutting edge ideas and technologies - Global visibility and professional association with the #HRU brand - Access to global/local best practices and knowledge exchange

#HRTechTank New York

Sponsor the Live Stream and Video Highlights at HRTechTank New York!


Sponsor the Live Stream Video and Video Highlights Reel at #HRTechTank New York, Produced by TotalPicture Media!

February 5, 2015 eight of the most promising HR Tech companies in the NYC area will present and discuss their products with investors and industry thought leaders.

The purpose of #HRTechTank is to connect, educate and promote innovators in the Human Resource Management & Recruitment software space. We invite:

  • Investors that have experience investing in the space;
  • Early adopters, interested in exploring new technologies; and
  • Thought leaders who are willing to support and endorse emerging products
  • And facilitate intros between those groups of people and startups.

In addition to meeting your future investors and clients, on February 5th you will join practical discussions about expectations that buyers have towards HR tech products, best sales channels and growth tactics, customer success and sales excellence. You will as well learn how to scale a great sales team, get access to HR data, boost a B2B company and hear investors talk about their perspective on HR technology.

In line with the unconference theme #HRTechTank is not a typical bootcamp or pitching event and certainly not a competition but a real opportunity to discuss and share ideas with the brightest minds in our industry. See what we discussed in Helsinki, New York, London & Toronto, then join us to drive innovation and experience growth through networking and sharing with peers, thought leaders and investors.

#HRTechTank is the HR Tech Industry Think Tank.

  • The purpose of #HRTechTank is to connect, educate and promote innovators in the Human Resource Management & Recruitment software space.
  • We bring top tier HR thought leaders and investors together to take a look at what is happening in the HR Tech space and to share their expertise with the most promising HR Tech companies.
  • It is not a pitching event and certainly not a competition but a real opportunity to discuss and share ideas with the brightest minds in our industry.

2015 SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition

Video and Podcast Production Services available at SHRM Talent Management April 27-29, 2015

Exclusive TotalPicture Media Video Production: Client Testimonial - Newsmaker Interviews

SD-Grand-Hyatt-206x366TotalPicture Media has a high-visibility marketing opportunities available to a LIMITED number (truly!) of vendors, exhibitors, and consultants for VIDEO + PODCAST PRODUCTION at the 2015 SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition April 27-29th in beautiful San Diego, CA!

Designed specifically for recruiters and talent management professionals, the 2015 SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition gives you the tools, resources, innovations and solutions you need to move your human capital strategies to the next level. This fast-paced, energetic conference provides ideas that will help you grow your personal and professional success, while evolving your talent management strategies.

TotalPicture Media video and podcast productions are flexible in content, design and execution, and can include featuring, on-camera, a leader from your organization (marketing, sales, executive team), interviewing your clients, prospects, partners, or conference speakers 1+1.

High-Visability Video and Podcast Production:

On-Camera 1+1: Featuring an executive or representative of your company interviewing clients, partners, or speakers during the Recruiting Trends Conference 2014!

On-Camera testimonials featuring your clients!

Peter Clayton, Host of TotalPicture Radio, will conduct podcast and/or video interviews with speakers, clients, and prospects of your choice.


TotalPicture Media will deliver an edited, professional HD video, including graphics, titles, lower-thirds, and company logo, and professionally edited audio podcasts. Finished production will be optimized for YouTube & iTunes All interviews will be Produced and Directed by Peter Clayton, award winning producer/host of TotalPicture Radio


Advantages: High-visibility videos and podcasts to promote your organization through multiple distribution networks. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Get above the NOISE: and create valuable content for your website, blog, and social networks

Extend your show participation and build your page rankings through long-tail video content (YouTube, Vimeo, TotalPicture Radio, Facebook, your website/blog and electronic newsletters)

In-depth interviews (or testimonials), with targeted clients, prospects, executives, partners, or featured Recruiting Trends Speakers.

Low Cost - Leverage your investment at Recruiting Trends with high-value VIDEO + PODCAST content you can promote well beyond April!

Please email or call 203.203-7003 for more information and pricing. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at Recruiting Trends in Alexandria!

Held in beautiful - and happening - Nashville, Tennessee, this event will give you the knowledge you need to expand and maximize your candidate pool, implement successful recruiting strategies, and optimize your social recruiting plans. You'll learn how to gain buy-in and measure success, and provides a rocking place to network with other recruitment professionals and industry leaders!

Who Should Attend:

Recruiting specialists who want to increase their knowledge in employment compliance, social media and technology, interviewing techniques, and engagement strategies. Talent management professionals who need to develop or sustain comprehensive human capital strategies. Managers and generalists tasked with recruiting, retaining, training and engaging employees. Recruiters seeking to grow their networks and influence in the talent management and HR industry.

SHRM's Talent Management Conference attracts a wide variety of attendees. Exhibit at the conference and you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the following types of HR practitioners. Additional demographic information is also provided in the Attendee Demographics (PDF).

Job Functions:

HR Generalist
Organizational Development
Employee Relations
International Human Resource Management

  • Member of the International Association of Employment Web Sites
  • HRExaminer | Top 25 HR Digital Influencer