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ERE Spring Conference - San Diego




April 18-20, San Diego Marriott

Attend the 17th Annual ERE Recruiting Conference in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California!

The ERE Recruiting Conference is for TA leaders who lead their company's recruiting function, manage a team or control the budget.

For two days, you'll share with, and learn from your peers - other TA leaders who face the same challenges that you do. You'll return to your office with new ideas and a new list of personal connections to call on.

Why ERE?
As a TA leader, I know you'll only attend one or two or conferences this year, and choosing where to invest your conference dollars is not always easy.

To help your decision making, here are a few good reasons why we think ERE is the best conference for you this spring.

We know TA leaders
ERE's agenda is built specifically for experienced TA and recruiting leaders like YOU. This is not a "how-to" or "Recruiting 101" conference.

You'll attend sessions led by experts in the field on topics that matter:

Leadership & successful roadmaps
  • Future trends, emerging technologies and how to utilize them
  • Data, predictive analytics, and metrics that matter
  • The focus this spring is about current changes in the industry that are shaping the future role of talent acquisition. We are bringing together the people and companies that can help you the most in the road ahead.

Your Success is Our Success
Sometimes you have to look deeper to find out the underlying motivation of a conference.

With the ERE Recruiting Conference, you can look as deep as you want, and you'll find our only desire is to help TA professionals like you better align your team with your organization's business goals.

We are not tied to any product or service provider. Yes, we have sponsors and we have the utmost respect for the many worthwhile products and services on the market today.

However, when you are in a session, you'll learn how to do your job better, not how to use a certain product better.

The ERE community is a unique group of people who genuinely care about the greater good of their team, their company, and the connections or relationships who have helped them along the way. This is not a community where people grow networks simply trading business cards and connecting on LinkedIn. They form a bond and develop a mutually beneficial relationship to help each other in the long run.

Technology choices change rapidly. Stay ahead of competition by learning what changes have taken place and what new technologies are available. But don't stop there, at ERE you can find out from industry peers which ones may work best in your environment or situation.

ERE has been working hard to bring together the talent acquisition community for over 19 years. Regardless of the technologies that come and go, educating the people and the teams who trust us for news and information every day is what we love to do.

The conference will be at the San Diego Marriott Hotel, which usually sells out, so book now.
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