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UNLEASH Comes to The Aria Las Vegas in 2018!

Unparalleled Opportunities Under One Roof!

Save the Dates: May 15 -16 2018

...if you've not experienced a (HR Tech World) UNLEASH Event, welcome aboard. You're about to fly First Class.


UNLEASH (formerly HR Tech World), attracts the largest buyers and sellers of HR technology and services from around the world. More than 55% of our attendees are CHRO's, EVP's, and SVP's of the leading brands and forward-thinking organizations in the world.

On the buyer's side, UNLEASH is the world's largest international enterprise HR show with decision makers from over 120 countries represented in 2016. We are the undisputed #1 market leader on HR Technology both in content and deals from across the world! No other community is having such a powerful impact on shaping the Future of Work!


So... Why Are You Here?

If you're a sponsor/exhibitor at UNLEASH in Las Vegas looking for video production - a knowledgeable, savvy professional to produce high-end videos featuring...
  • client testimonials, (amazing people show up at this event)
  • marketing and sales videos, (feature your sales & marketing team)
  • sizzle reels (this IS Las Vegas!)
  • Subject Matter Expert interviews (more amazing people)
  • Senior Executives (make your CEO star of the show)

... you've found the right resource! Leverage your investment by leaving Las Vegas with much more than a fishbowl full of business cards.

Videos featuring your customers, executives, board members, advisors, influencers, and more.

Marc Coleman and the UNLEASH team spare no expense to ensure the stages, exhibitor areas, and breakout areas are visually stunning. Believe me, if you've not experienced a (HR Tech World) UNLEASH Event, welcome aboard. You're about to fly First Class.
I've covered the HR, TA, Recruiting, L&D, Leadership, and tech space for over a decade. No one puts on an event like these folks do.

Take advantage of world-class attendees and speakers, andthe beautiful venue, by capturing the unique excitement of UNLEASH on video!

Let's talk. peter at totalpicture dot com 917.225.1234.

Have a Look: Now Playing!
 WHY UNLEASH? (okay, here are some details I scrapped off the Unleash Website:

It's time for leaders to decide where they're taking their workforce this year. Will you lead with the same mediocre 10-year-old management plan, or are you ready to UNLEASH? At UNLEASH we bring you the visionaries, the movers and shakers, the hard-edged thinkers shaping tomorrow's world of work. Our full access pass doesn't sell you short. What will you experience with full access to transformative leadership?

• +100 industry leading vendors
• +50 of the hottest HR startups
• Product demos
• Targeted breakout sessions
• Access to all stages
• Morning coffee and snacks
• Full course lunch
• Cocktail party
• Late afternoon refreshments
• Award-winning mobile app
• Only $125 per night for hotel room
• Networking with industry thought leaders

Get your early bird pricing while it's still available now until March 21st, 2018 at

Keep up with all the hype on social!

• Twitter (@UNLEASHgroup)
• LinkedIn
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