September 03, 2015



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Video Resource

Video: Emerging Trends and Opportunities in HR technology

The growth and sophistication of Video interviewing and mobile recruiting technologies lead talent acquisition trends

May 08 2013

Video: The Global Shift in HR and Talent Acquisition

Mark Finn, CEO, TalentBox interviews Michael Beygelman, RPO President of Pontoon, at the HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia

May 06 2013

Meet ERE Media

Shot on-location in San Diego, here are a few of the great folks who work at ERE Media

April 29 2013

Meet ERE Media from Peter Clayton on Vimeo.

I recently shot a new marketing video for ERE Media at the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo 2013 Spring in San Diego. (The video is in post-production and will be released soon).

One of the (many) things I've always admired about ERE Media is the cohesion, longevity and professionalism of the ERE team. Here are a few of the ERE Media team members. Unfortunately the schedule was very tight in San Diego and there are a number of great people missing, including: David Manaster (the founder of ERE), Amy Suits, John Zappe, and John Hollon.

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