March 24, 2018



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The Candidate Experience Award at Capital One

How Capital One uses the CandE metrics to help improve recruiting

September 06 2015
Christina McClung, Senior Director, US and International Card Recruiting at Capital One, discusses the advantages of participating in the Candidate Experience Awards with Joe Murphy, VP, SHAKER, a CandE Council Member.

The video was recorded at a CandE Wine Tasting Event in San Diego. Although the CandE Awards is a competition, it exists to enable any company to benchmark and improve their candidate experience. Any corporation that is interested in enhancing the candidate experience they provide, regardless of sophistication, will benefit from participating in the benchmark process. Companies that participate can receive access to data that benchmarks their candidate experience against the aggregate of all winners.

Building a Talent Community for Military Veterans at Lockheed Martin

HR Technology Conference & Expo Interview

January 24 2015

Marvin Smith, Strategic Talent Sourcing Consultant at Lockheed Martin, discusses the development of a new talent community specifically tailored to the needs of military veterans at Lockheed Martin with Master Burnett, director of strategy at BraveNew Talent.

The Candidate Experience Awards - By the Numbers

Gerry Cripin details the 2014 CandE Awards - The Winners and the Results

December 25 2014

In 2014, The Talent Board, a non-profit organization, conducted the 4th annual North American Candidate Experience Awards (CandE Awards) to recognize companies for setting a high standard for how they engage and treat employment candidates. 2014 surpassed the previous years' programs with an unbelievable response from more than 170 companies registering and more than 95,000 candidates responding to our survey.

In this video, Gerry Crispin, (co-founder of the CandEs with Elaine Orler), details the findings from the 2014 Candidate Experience Awards, with specific examples of what CandE winners are doing to attract and engage job candidates. The Producer/Host of TotalPicture Radio, Peter Clayton, (a member of the CandE Council), shot and produced the video at a regional recruiting conference held in Stamford, CT at the University of Connecticut Stamford campus.

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