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Information on becoming a Sponsor for TotalPicture Radio podcasts is available on our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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"Clayton gets it. He knows the questions to ask, and gives his interview guests enough time to communicate valuable information to his listeners."

George Bradt, bestselling author, Forbes contributor, Managing Director, PrimeGenesis

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Why Sponsor TotalPicture Radio?

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A TotalPicture Radio sponsorship gives your organization an innovative platform to amplify your brand, your company, your latest product roll-out, white paper, or sales message - to the very audience you're trying to reach!

And you can accomplish all of this through TotalPicture Radio's broadcast quality sponsored interviews featuring:

Your Executives
Industry Leaders
Key Clients
Hot Prospects
Keynote Speakers

The very clients and prospects you want to impress!

Working with press credentials, TotalPicture Radio covers many leadership, human resources, recruiting, innovation, and technology conferences and events throughout the year.

SourceCon, ERE Media events, TAtech Congress, Human Capital Institute (HCI) events, WOBI (World of Business Innovation), and The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) conferences are good examples.

We know your investment in the conferences and trade shows you attend is substantial. But listen - TotalPicture Radio can extend the conference, continue the conversation, provide valuable content and information conference attendees want to hear.

We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available for many of the "must attend" conferences and events this year.

Change This, Connect this

Okay, you're an exhibitor. We get that. When was the last time a prime prospect or valued customer called you up to thank you for the cheap plastic pen they picked-up at your booth?

You know what? Everyone has pens, hats, tee-shirts, post-it pads, squishing and furry things. TotalPicture Radio shares actionable information, ideas, and inspiration -- from the very people you're talking to.

For a continous list of conferences and events we plan on attending in 2017, please visit the Events page.

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