Meet the Lead Protagonist, Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton
TotalPicture Media

I’m Peter Clayton, producer, director, and host of TotalPicture Media. I’ve always had the ‘curious’ bug. I enjoy learning about many things. However, I’m passionate about talent acquisition, recruiting technology, innovation — the Future of Work. Marketers love to use the term ‘disruptive’ for just about everything. We can all agree that 2020 is the most disruptive year in most of our lifetimes.

This year, TotalPicture media has reinvented ourselves once again. For the past 15 years, we’ve participated in hundreds of conferences and events: UNLEASH, ERE, SourceCon, TAtech, HRTech, The CandE Awards, WOBI World of Business Ideas, The NeuroLeadership Summit, and many others. Operating with a press pass provided unique access for recording interviews with keynote speakers, marketing videos, and client testimonials for sponsors and exhibitors. No one knows when ‘in person’ will be a thing again.

Most of our business has shifted to Zoom. As people have become more comfortable being on-camera and upgrading their technology, we are now able to create high quality, entertaining and informative videos using the Zoom platform.

Though TotalPicture Media we produce videos, we record interviews with leading voices, big brains, disruptors, innovators, influencers, best-selling authors, geeks, and visionaries in our space. This is a crucial time, and the best time to be immersed in this industry. To borrow the old expression, “facts tell, but stories sell.”

Podcasting remains an important part of our business. I help produce and edit shows for clients like Workology.

I’m a storyteller and love to share my stories with you.

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