Inteview Guest FAQ

FAQs for Guest Interviewees of TotalPicture Radio

TotalPicture Podcast was founded by Peter Clayton in 2005 to help professionals navigate and accelerate their careers. We produce podcasts that are distributed through iTunes, Zune Marketplace, and podcast distribution sites like SpokenWord, and on our web site, These are in-depth, well-researched interviews that generally run 15 to 30 minutes. Most of our listeners subscribe to our iTunes channel or RSS feed. We have about 15,000 downloads a week of our shows, and have produced over 1,000 interviews since starting the podcast.
We record audio (podcast) interviews with keynote speakers, bestselling nonfiction authors, business leaders and innovators willing share their knowledge and advice with our audience. Working with press credentials, TotalPicture Radio covers many conferences and events throughout the year. Additionally, we are engaged to cover client/user conferences, (like the SelectMinds Client Conference), and special events.
When interviewing corporate executives we often work with their public relations team. We will be happy to submit a list of questions for review by you and your corporate communications department before the interview is recorded. Interviews are often conducted in person (at conferences, in the NYC metro area), or by land line telephone or Skype. Generally, we need about 20 minutes of the interviewees' time for recording
Yes. All of our interviews are professionally edited and converted to mp3 format for publication on the web and through iTunes.
Yes. If requested, we will send you a blind link to audition the podcast before it is published.
We need a fairly high-resolution headshot and biography to use on the "feature page" of the guest we're interviewing. Contact phone numbers and email.
Yes. You are welcome (and encouraged) to repurpose the interview through your company and professional websites, newsletters, blogs, your orginazation's career portal, and other online mediums. You can link directly to the mp3 file on our servers, or we will send you the mp3 file to be hosted on your servers. Our podcasts are hosed on Libsyn (Liberated Syndication).
We have sponsors for many of the events we cover. Sponsorships include a voice-over NPR style "sponsored by" intro and outro message in the interviews, and sponsor logos on which link to our sponsor's web sites. We produce custom branded and white label podcasts for many clients. Our founding sponsor is Deloitte, LLP.
Peter Clayton: Producer/Host: v: 203.292.0012 c: 917.225.1234 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it