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Information on becoming a Sponsor for TotalPicture Radio podcasts is available on our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Podcast Interview Channels

  • Podcasts In Cue

    Podcasts In Cue offers listeners previews of Big Picture, Career Strategy, Innovation, Insights: Amplified, Leadership, Online Strategy, and Talent Acquisition podcast interviews currently scheduled and "in cue".

  • Big Picture Interviews

    Big trends, big opportunities. Big Picture podcast interviews help you to navigate your career choices by knowing what are the hot industries, what skills to develop, and which technologies will help you stay relevant. Today's hyper-competitive job market requires you to rethink your career goals as well as reposition yourself to target companies in fields you wish to compete in. It's no longer who you know, is who knows you.

  • Career Strategy Interviews

    Career transition, career development, interview strategies, networking, resume writing, making the most of social networks, and how to prepare for a phone screen or video job interview. You'll hear actionable advice from experts in our Career Strategy podcast interviews!

  • Innovation: Interviews with Visionaries

    Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Visionaries. Podcast interviews with high-performance careerists containing actionable information and advice on innovations which will help accelerate your career advancement.

  • Leadership Interviews

    Thought leaders, leadership coaching, leader challenges, bestselling authors. Stay informed and knowledgeable and improve your management skills here. These are not soundbites... We produce in-depth interviews with the best minds and leadership experts.

  • HR Technology Interviews

    Being "off line" today means being irrelevant. How do you manage your career and your personal brand online? What are the best strategies for LinkedIn? What new technologies are being deployed. What you need to know about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS). How can you get on the radar of hiring managers and recruiters? Here's where you'll find the answers.

    Our goal is to help you focus your time and energy to better mine the riches the Internet has to offer. An important part of the TotalPicture for career advancement.

  • Talent Acquisition Interviews

    HR, recruiting, staffing, talent acquisition. Experts weigh in on current industry trends and opportunities. We interview executive recruiters, corporate recruiters, experts in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), leaders in retained and contingency search. Here's the recruiting industry, real world, with the leading practitioners.