June 18, 2019

Big Picture Interviews


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Big Picture Interviews

The Art and Discipline of Subtraction


An interview with Matthew E. May, founder of Edit Innovation and Author

Published on November 16 2012
Matthew E. MayMattthew E. May

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old"  Peter F. Drucker

According Matthew E. May, our guest on this Big Picture Channel podcast, "We live and work in an age of excess everything. Our businesses are more complicated and difficult to manage than ever. There is endless choice and feature overkill in all but the best experiences. Everybody knows everything about us. Everywhere, there's too much of the wrong stuff, and not enough of the right. Everything is too complicated and time-sucking. The noise is deafening, the signal weak."

"Savvy innovators have picked up on the desire for people to tune out the noise, and a key strategy is offering less, not more. They know that delivering a memorable and meaningful experience hinges on user engagement, best achieved through a subtractive, "less is best" approach in which anything excessive, confusing, wasteful, unnatural, hazardous, hard to use, or ugly is intelligently and cleverly removed...or refrained from adding in the first place."

Interviewed by producer/host of TotalPicture Radio, Peter Clayton, Matthew is the author of The Laws of Subtraction, 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything.


How to Develop an Authentic Employment Brand


A conversation with TalentNet's Craig Fisher at The Recruiting Conference in Las Vegas

Published on October 21 2012
Craig FisherCraig Fisher

The number one search term most job seekers use is 'jobs.' The number one word most talent professionals don't have in their LinkedIn profile is 'jobs'  - they use 'careers' because it sounds better.

In an age of constant connectivity and transparency, your culture is already part of the social media conversation - whether or not you're driving it. That's why it's up to companies to create an employer brand from the inside out, transforming company culture into a competitive advantage for attracting top talent.

In this Big Picture Channel Podcast on Totalpicture Radio, Craig Fisher (@fishdogs) is interviewed by Peter Clayton at The Recruiting Trends Conference. They discuss some of the best tools, tips and platforms for harnessing company culture as part of an authentic, transparent employment brand.

Our podcast reveals high-level strategy and operational tactics designed to Immediately help you and your company:
Understand emerging employer branding best practices
Capture your culture instead of selling it
Know the tools, tips and strategies for engaging internal and external candidates
Leverage Employer Brand and Culture to Improve Candidate Experience


Winning the Story Wars


Why Those Who Tell - and Live - the Best Stories will Rule the Future

Published on September 06 2012
Jonah Sachs, Winning the Story WarsJonah Sachs

... "we must begin each effort starring into a deep chasm. On one side is the reality that audiences are more skeptical and resistant than in any time in history. On the other is the fact that these same audiences, when inspired, are willing and able to spread their favorite messages, creating a massive viral effect for those who win their love... The nature of audience-powered success is that it can't be simply imitated and it can't be bought." Jonah Sachs

The Story Wars are all around us - they are the battle to be heard in a world of noise and clamor. In our post-broadcast world, most brand and cause messages are swallowed up and forgotten before they reach the light of day. Just a few have been able to breakthrough this clutter by using the only tool that has ever moved minds and changed behaviors - great stories.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Joining us is first-time author Jonah Sachs, the co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios. His work on legendary viral videos like The Meatrix and The Story of Stuff series have brought key social issues to the attention of more than 65 million people online. A constant innovator, his studio's websites and stories have taken top honors three times at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Winning the Story Wars (published by Harvard Business Review Press), is a call to arms to build iconic brands and causes in service of a better future. And it's an invitation to see today's marketing challenges as an adventure through a world of wonder, danger and limitless opportunity.


Conference Overview - HR Technology 15th Annual Conference & Expo


A Conversation with the Co-Chairman, HR Technology Conference and Expo Bill Kutik

Published on July 27 2012
Bill Kutik
Bill Kutik

"This year marks an inflection point in HR technology, the end of one era and the beginning of another." Bill Kutik

Joining Producer/Host Peter Clayton for a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Bill Kutik, Technology Columnist, Human Resource Executive and HREonline.com, Co-Chairman, HR Technology Conference and Expo, Host of the Bill Kutik Radio Show, and fellow Compo Beachcomber!

Recorded in Bill's kitchen, Kutik serves up some of the hot trends in HR technology, and gives our listeners a pre-conference glimpse into Human Resource Executive's 15th Annual Technology Conference & Exposition -- to be held October 8th through the 10th at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Bonus: if you listen to the end of the interview, you will receive a very generous discount code to use when you register to attend HR Tech!


Waving Goodbye to Parkinsons Disease: A Journey of Hope


Stan and Roz Smith share their remarkable story

Published on July 06 2012
Waving Goodbye to Parkinsons DiseaseStan & Roz Smith

"It was like being trapped in a 3 year old's body with a 55 year old's brain."

W. Stanton (Stan) Smith, a successful principal at Deloitte LLP, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease around his 51st birthday. In a high pressure business atmosphere, he struggled with Parkinson's (PD) for six years. Despite accommodation from his firm; he was in a losing battle with PD.

When TotalPicture Radio producer/host Peter Clayton first met Stan in 2005, he walked with a cane, and had tremors typical with PD. He was unable to do simple tasks, like button his shirt or load a dishwasher.

Peter got together with Stan and his wife, Roz in Westport, Connecticut, recently, to record our interview. Today, Stan walks without a cane, has no noticeable tremor, and has returned to activities he loves, like singing in his church choir.

This is a remarkable story about commitment and perseverance. Several years ago, Stan and Roz moved to the Greenville, SC area with the expectation of going on disability. However he began a special exercise program in its experimental stage and improved enough that he now has a much reduced tremor, much more mobility and a stronger voice. (As an added bonus, he was able to work for another four years before retiring in 2009).


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