June 26, 2019

Big Picture Interviews


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Big Picture Interviews

JIBE: A Triple Play of Recruiting Tools Built for the Enterprise


"Almost Overnight, Every Single Economically Viable Human Being On The Planet Has Acquired A Cell Phone." Joe Essenfeld

Published on April 21 2012
Joe Essenfeld, CEO JIBEJoe Essenfeld

In a white paper written by our guest, Joe Essenfeld, the CEO of JIBE, he states, "A recent Cisco study projected that the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the earth's population by the end of this year." Another stat: "By the end of 2014, nearly every employee of every American and European company will be using a smartphone." Nice. But... how many people want to use their smartphone to apply for a job?

First, let's back up a minute...

JIBE is a referral-based hiring platform that enables jobseekers to tap into their existing social networks to gain access to the jobs they want through the people they already know. JIBE provides jobseekers with a wide range of career opportunities, insight into how many connections they have at a given company and the ability to contact their connections, ask for referrals, and then attach those referrals to their job application. JIBE works directly with enterprises, many of which are Fortune 1,000 companies. Founded in 2008 by Joe Essenfeld, JIBE is based in New York City and backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Lerer Ventures, Zelkova Ventures and Thrive Capital.

In the last six months JIBE's user base has grown more than 130 percent.

Welcome to a Big Picture channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting from New York City. My guest today is Joe Essenfeld the Founder and CEO of JIBE. Prior to starting JIBE, Joe was the COO of Insomnia Cookies, a successful late-night cookie delivery company in college towns across the country. Joe also spent several years in the restaurant management industry. It was his experiences in hiring hundreds of employees during that time that led him to start JIBE -- a software company that provides enterprises with consumer-facing recruiting solutions focused on mobile, referrals and cross-platform job board postings.

I was fortunate to re-connect with Joe at ERE Expo Spring a few weeks ago - which led to our meeting today.


Effective Employer Branding Strategies for Engaging Top Candidates


Peter Clayton interviews Yazad Dalal, Regional Vice President at TMP Worldwide

Published on April 05 2012
Yazad Dalal, vice president TMP WorldwideYazad Dalal

If your company is building a new career portal, you should build the mobile version first, then adopt that to a full web browser.

There's a lot more to promoting your Employer Brand and career opportunities through social media and advertising than simply starting a Twitter account, or launching a Facebook fan page. What are your objectives? What are your goals? Have you developed a strategy for using social media with measurable goals?

Yazad Dalal, our guest today in this Big Picture Channel podcast, is Regional Vice President at TMP Worldwide, based in New York City. I met with Yaz to discuss the changes in recruiting - the use of social media and ways for engaging visitors to career sites and the importance of mobile to candidate engagement.

TMP is hiring - and we discuss what Yaz looks for in a job interview and a resume.


The New Consumer of Work


A Conversation with Libby Sartain, recorded at TLNT Transform

Published on March 07 2012
Kurt Ballard, ACT BridgeLibby Sartain

Dear CHRO. Are you still treating your employees like... employees?

After listening to this interview with Libby Sartain (former CHRO at Southwest Airlines and Yahoo!), recorded at TLNT Transform, you might want to reconsider.

According to Sartain, "business competes for talent today in a free global marketplace in which traditional definitions of job and employee are increasingly outmoded. As a direct result, HR leaders must also change traditional ways of working in order to maintain their central role in the organization of the future."

While many influences are bringing about this change, perhaps the most important is the way in which the worker now approaches and engages with work. Workers today use the sensibilities of consumers to search for overall work experiences that not only provide a sense of connection and fulfillment, but also a part of their personal brands.

Libby's presentation at TLNT Transform had an essential message for all HR leaders: You can guide your organization through this competitive marketplace by treating your worker pool more like consumers and less like employees. "Think of each phase in the worker life cycle as a branded experience and design your HR programming to deliver this experience. Workers will become more engaged and your organization will be prepared for the impending brain drain likely to occur when the economy turns around and disengaged workers head for more meaningful work."


John Hollon, VP Editorial TLNT


TLNT Transforms News, Analysis and Insight for HR & Talent Management Leaders.

Premiers on December 21 2011
 John Hollon, Vice President for Editorial TLNT.com John Hollon

What differentiates TLNT from ERE.net? What are the trends in HR and talent management TLNT is reporting on? What's "in the news" is industry consolidation!

John Hollon is Vice President for Editorial of TLNT.com, and the former Editor of Workforce Management. He has written extensively about human resources and talent management, and joins us here for a Big Picture Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio.

TLNT "is an HR blog about the business of HR, with news, insight, and topical information from experts and thought leaders in HR, talent management, and all areas related to HR and managing a workforce. This includes legal topics and issues, compensation and benefits (health, financial/retirement, and voluntary), HR technology and software, training and development, HR management, and other related areas."

This year, TLNT presents its first TLNT Transform Conference in Austin, Texas February 27-28 at the Palmer Event Center.


Patrick Riley Modern Survey CEO and Co-founder


As Employee Engagement Hits New Lows, Where is HR Going?

Published on November 22 2011
 Patrick Riley Modern Survey CEO and Co-founder Patrick Riley

Conducted in September 2011, the most recent iteration of Modern Survey's bi-annual study of employee engagement levels in the U.S. workforce found that 70% of employees are now either disengaged or under engaged at their job - a record high number since Modern Survey began tracking these numbers in 2007 before the recession started.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. Today, Peter Clayton interviews Patrick Riley, CEO and Co-founder of Modern Survey, "a human capital measurement company. From licensed technologies to full-service enterprise solutions, Modern Survey helps organizations gather employee and customer feedback to create positive change and sound business decisions."


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