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Bill Kutik Reflects on the Greatest HR Technology Show on Earth for the Past 16 years

What's Bill Kutik's most memorable HR Tech experience? NEW - Watch the video Now!

Bill KutikBill Kutik

It's a podcast. It's a vodcast. It's a curtain call for the the leading independent analyst of the HR technology marketplace with specialties in HCM, Recruiting, Talent Management, Social Networking, and debunking the latest shiny thing. Good luck doing a demo tap-dance for this guy.

Bill Kutik has been technology columnist for Human Resource Executive magazine for 24 years (seven years for HREOnline dot com. He is also the host of the independent bi-weekly Bill Kutik Radio Show, where he interviews industry luminaries. Bill is perhaps best known as the founding co-chair of the magazine's famous HR Technology Conference & Expo, where he is stepping down after October's event after 16 years, but continuing his other industry activities. Which is a polite way of saying that he's looking for new and exciting ways to stir up some trouble.


Every year, Bill invents new ways to engage the audience at the HR Technology Conference. According to Kutik, "Why have a panel with a bunch of people who agree with one another?
That's no fun!" This year, Bill will be hosting a Tonight Show format (including a live band), organizing a new HR Tech Talks segment (vaguely resembling TED Talks), and moderating a Next Gen Influencers Panel: "Getting Out from Behind the Baby Boomers." Which is exactly what Kutik is trying to do by turning his co-chair responsibilities over to Steve Boese.

I am pleased to offer TotalPicture Radio readers, listeners and viewers a $500 discount off the onsite rate for the HR Technology Conference. When you register at http://bit.ly/HRTech13 , just use Promo Code CLAYTON13 (all caps) to pay $1,395 instead of $1,895.


HR World named Bill Kutik one of "The Top 25 HR Influencers of 2007." He was named a "Top 25 HR Digital Influencer 2009" and a "Top 100 Influencer." In 2012, Human Resource Executive® named him one of the 10 "Most Powerful HR Technology Experts."

For 20 years, Kutik was consulting editor for Esther Dyson's leading computer industry newsletter, Release 1.0. Previously he was the founding editor of the monthly magazine, Computers in HR Management; managing editor of Ziff-Davis' Computer Industry Daily; and a reporter for The New York Times and The New York Daily News. He has also published articles in Newsweek, Washington Post, Institutional Investor, New York Magazine, Business Month, IHRIM Journal, Cruising World and Backpacker (where he was the founding editor).

Bill has a BA degree from Harvard University and is president of Kutik Communications, a strategy, marketing and editorial consulting firm in Westport, CT.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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