The Big Data-Driven Business. An Interview with Russell Glass

Talking Big Data and Big Results with the Head of B2B Marketing Products for LinkedIn

Head of B2B Marketing Products at LinkedIn, Russell Glass, interviewed by Peter Clayton -TotalPicture Radio Russell Glass

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Vodcast and Podcast on TotalPicture Radio. This is Peter Clayton and joining me today through the magic of Skype Video is Russell Glass Head of B2B Marketing Products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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I first met Russ when he was the founder, president and CEO of Bizo, a little B2B audience marketing and data platform that was acquired by LinkedIn for $175mm in 2014. Russ is Co-author of a new book titled The Big Data-Driven Business, published by Wiley.

By the way, Russ's co-author, Sean Callahan, was the marketing director at Bizo and is now the senior manager of content management at LinkedIn) What I like about this book is Russ and Sean are not talking theory, they're not blowing smoke - they've accomplished and practiced much of what they're writing about - namely How to Use Big Data to win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profits. Russ and Sean can check-off all those boxes.

Questions Peter Clayton asks Russell Glass in this Vodcast

Before we dive into your book, Russ, give us your backstory.

How was the transition from running your own show to joining a large company?

We recorded this interview on Friday, January 30th, and in The Wall Street Journal there's a front page story titled "Metadata Can Expose Person's Identity Even Without Name" - See the link in the sidebar - Quoting from the article "Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writing Thursday in the journal Science, analyzed anonymous credit-card transactions by 1.1 million people. Using a new analytic formula, they needed only four bits of secondary information-metadata such as location or timing-to identify the unique individual purchasing patterns of 90% of the people involved, even when the data were scrubbed of any names, account numbers or other obvious identifiers." So core to this whole discussion of Big Data and the amazing insights it can provide marketers and recruiters - is the whole discussion about privacy. So how can companies like LinkedIn use Big Data responsibly and respect the privacy of your members?

You have an entire chapter in your book titled "Using Data Responsibly" Last month I recorded a podcast with my good friend Gerry Cripin titled Sony is a likely bellwether for 2015 discussing the ramifications in every C-Suite regarding the Sony Hack - we were not talking about movies - we were talking about former employee lawsuits. Your thoughts?

Speaking with HR leaders, I've often said, "LinkedIn knows more about your employees than you do." Agree?

How did you and Sean conduct the research for your book and which section was the most difficult to write? -

How Do B2B companies leverage Big Data differently from B2C companies?

I think a common misconception is that Big Data is used most effectively by Big Companies - you site numerous examples in your book where small companies have made extensive and very profitable use of big data - can you give us a couple of examples?

You write convincingly in your book - about the importance of CMOs working closely with and perhaps leading their IT departments. I think it is equally important for CHROs to work closely with CMOs and CIOs.

Is there a Moore's law type of growth happening in data mining software and the ability to`accurately project future trends? Every 18 months or so doubling the speed and accuracy?

Predictive analytics is something most HR and recruiting leaders think of as both an opportunity and a threat. There are a number of companies like Joberate who are able to mine your organizations data and tell you for instance, who are the top performers in your company by geography or job title - who is likely to leave your company within the next 6 months. Have we reached a stage where a machine can tell us what we're planning to do before we even know ourselves?

How are you applying the advice in your book to your work at LinkedIn? -

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