Data Rules: Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology at ADP

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Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology ADP- TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonChris Havrilla

"Data is driving our businesses to differentiate from competitors where margin and cost pressures are forcing innovation from every conceivable direction."

Chris Havrilla has a unique combination of experience in the Recruiting, HR, Information Technology, and Professional Services fields that she has leveraged to do projects related to Talent Acquisition, Strategy Development/Implementation; Full Life Cycle Recruiting; Sourcing; Technology, Tools, Systems; Social Recruiting / Social Media Strategy and Implementation; Candidate Assessments; Interviewing; Executive Search; Staffing Business Models, Processes; Training; Consulting; and Human Capital. Yes. All of that.

Welcome to a Big Picture Channel Podcast on TotalPicture Radio with your host Peter Clayton. In this podcast episode, we're going to be talking about Big Data (a buzz term du jour for sure), with Chris Havrilla, VP Global HR Technology at ADP, that little company that happens to be the biggest HCM vendor out there, with 620,000 clients. Another 'Gee Whiz' statistic: one in every six paychecks is processed by ADP.

I had the good fortune to show up at a SMA NJ meeting last month, where Chris was the featured speaker.  I've been dying to get her on the show so I can share with you her knowledge and insights.


First I'd like you to spend a few minutes sharing your backstory with.

Quoting from your presentation "Data is driving our businesses to differentiate from competitors where margin and cost pressures are forcing innovation from every conceivable direction. Can you unpack that for us?

A personal observation, Chris. I think a lot of people are scared of data. They don't understand it. Like me, they suck at math. They think in HR and recruiting emotional intelligence is where its at. Whatever. Quoting from your deck. Data is My Secret Sauce. Why is data so important in HR and recruiting?

And important distinction you make. And this is true of everyone that's been on the exhibit floor of HRtech or SHRM or ERE - Technology in not a solution -- it is just a tool, it will work only if, and well as, you wield it. Please expand on that thought.

And an excellent example is a technology you're an expert in - Applicant Tracking Systems. Recruiters hate most of them (especially the legacy systems), candidates hate them. The abandon rate of those trying to apply for an open position through an ATS is appalling. Something like 74% according to SmashFly. So what you're getting through the ATS are those that are truly desperate and probably not qualified. What's going on here?

Talk about how Data can help build Strategic business partnerships

Build better business cases

Give us some real world examples.

"Without data, you can't have success."

There are insights in almost any data source you have

Let's get to some of your questions:

  • Do you know the corporate objectives and how you align?
  • Do you know the team/organization's objectives and how you align?
  • What are your leaders and clients asking you? In general?
  • Are they asking the right things?
  • What should they be asking you?

What are some of the new tech resources you're excited about?

I encourage all of you to visit ADP research website at - a current article How Do You Define Strategic Workforce Planning? Fits well with what we've been discussing today.

How can folks connect with you?

Listen and download this podcast at:

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