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LifeWaves Cycles Pt. I

Making Waves with Chief Visionary Officer and LifeWaves Co-Founder, Dr. Irving Dardik

Irving Dardik, M.D.Dr. Irving Dardik

"Here I present the elegant reality that is the natural universe. All existence is waves - only waves. This entirely new understanding of waves - what I call SuperWaves - is the single universality that generates the entire natural universe of motion, of order and of matter, space, and time. SuperWaves is not a theoretical model or mathematical law about nature; nor is it a hidden reality within nature; it is the simple reality that is nature." - Dr. Irving Dardik

This podcast first aired the beginning of October. Bringing it back to the front page this weekend in recognition of the New York City Marathon. Check out the short clip regarding the first Marathon runner.

In Making Waves: Irving Dardik and his SuperWave Principal, author Roger Lewin writes; "Dardik's Big Idea has many dimensions. The health dimension is the one that's easiest to experience; it just seems right, intuitively... the health crisis that looms over Western civilization, in the surge of lifestyle diseases and modern medicine's sclerotic approach to them, requires a revolutionary new approach, and the SuperWave Principle may just be what is required..Our bodies, it seems, are suffused with an innate rhythm, pulsating unendingly in every cell. Rhythms, or waves, are what make nature alive. Rhythms are the nature of nature."

Welcome to Part One of a special two part Big Picture Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio. This is Peter Clayton reporting. Dr. Irving Dardik's radical notions about how all matter moves in interconnected waves has drawn deep skepticism from physicists, and his early attempts to put his theory into practice in the field of health care got him banned from practicing medicine in the 1990s. But now, after a decade's worth of rigorous research that seems to support Dardik's SuperWave theory, scientists at such esteemed institutions as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Research International are signing on with Dardik's team to probe the possibilities.

Irving Dardik is Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of LifeWaves International, and Energetics Technologies. He is joined in our podcast by the firm's CEO and Co-Founder, Alison Godfrey.

Alison GodfreyAlison Godfrey

Dardik's unique approach to physical exercise, based on his LifeWaves Principle, has achieved some remarkable successes in reversing symptoms of chronic disease. This interview was initiated by one such success. I encourage you to have a listen to our podcast with Stan Smith, titled "Stan, Walking," who has, in my opinion, achieved remarkable results in reversing the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease after four years on the LifeWaves Cycles Exercise Program.

The LiveWaves Cycles Exercise program is a radically natural approach to health. By shaping your health with the rhythms of nature, Lifewaves empowers you to re-pattern your HeartWave with the goal of variability and vitality.

The timing of the Cycles Exercise is carefully designed in accordance with the rhythms of nature. Participants perform Cycles Exercise sessions three to four times a week for three weeks out of the month with one week of recovery. Each session consists of four to seven pairings of a short burst of exercise followed by an immediate and full recovery.You will exercise for approximately one minute or less, and then sit until you are completely recovered. You can use any form of exercise that's right for you. The program is simple and can be tailored to anyone at any age or physical ability.

Podcast Transcript

Welcome to Total Picture Radio, the voice of career and leadership development. Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are now available on Total Picture Radio for high profile trade shows, conferences and events we cover throughout the year. Take center stage and join forward-thinking companies such as Deloitte, Taleo and HRmarketer sponsoring our award-winning podcast. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 203-292-0012.

Welcome to a special two part Big Picture Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio. This is Peter Clayton reporting.

Dr. Irving Dardik's radical notions about how all matter moves in interconnected waves has drawn deep skepticism from the medical community in his early attempts to put his theory into practice in the field of healthcare got him banned from practicing medicine in the 1990's. But now, after a decade's worth of rigorous research that seemed to support Dardik's SuperWave theory, scientist at such esteemed institutions as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Research International, are signing on with Dardik's team to probe the possibilities.

Dardik's unique approach to physical exercise based on his LifeWaves Principle has achieved some remarkable successes in reversing symptoms of chronic disease. This interview was initiated by one such success. I encourage you to have a listen to our podcast with Stan Smith, titled "Stan Walking," who has, in my opinion, achieved remarkable results in reversing the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease after four years on the LifeWaves Cycles Exercise Program.

Irving Dardik is Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of LifeWaves International and Energetics Technologies. He is joined in our interview by Chief Executive Office, Alison Godfrey.

I want to start by having you, Dr. Dardik, discuss your role in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles at the time you were chairman of the US Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council and this background, I think, is helpful in understanding why you became interested in developing the LifeWaves Cycles Exercise Program.

Can you retrace those steps for us a little bit because I think that will help bring this into what's going on today?

Dr. Dardik: Well in the 1980's - actually in late 1970's - I was appointed chairman of the US Olympics Sports Medicine Council and I was a founding chairman actually of that whole program. The games turned out to be a huge success, except that there was one problem that evolved right after the Olympic Games; it turned out that the US cycling team had been doing blood doping. At that time, the then President of the Olympic Committee, Bill Simon, asked me as chairman to set up an analysis, a team of our scientists and physicians to investigate what was going on, which we did for an entire year.

Now, a year later Jack Kelly who was Grace Kelly's brother, a former Olympian himself, had been elected President of the United States Olympic Committee in 1985. Three weeks after his election, he died suddenly after a long run. Of course, now there was a new president of the Olympic Committee, I had made him aware of this. I gave him this report and suggesting and saying that we need to expose this, we need to get this out there, we need to face it directly and not hide it.

Bob Helmick took over as President of the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), I called him and said "well, now that you have the report, what's the next step?" and his response was - I remember this exactly, "What report?" I'd like to meet with you," which I did shortly thereafter and he said "I'm the new president. I'd like a new chairman of the Olympic Sports Medicine Council..." and I saw right away this was a cover up and I immediately resigned. I was given a beautiful plaque for all my wonderful work that I had done and as it turned out, 25 years later nothing had happened, things had gotten much, much worse in all the sports.

A gentleman by the name of Scott Reid from Orange County Register out in California, became aware and discovered all the major problems that had gone on and, as a 25th anniversary, decided to expose what had actually happened back then and interviewed me and others. "Early effort to drug test Olympic athletes was kept secret" was the title of the article. The whole problem of drugs in sports, what happened to Jack Kelly, exercising and dying after exercise... here was an Olympic athlete... these ideas of how can we optimize health, how can we optimize human performance, is there some way that I can create health myself, what is it that is responsible for health? Because in the world of medicine today, basically health is nothing more than the absence of the disease; that's kind of the definition. And if you want to create health, how are you going to do that? You have to kill the disease. So we have today, war on cancer, war on Parkinson's disease, everybody has a war, trying to figure out how to kill the disorder.

I began to think about why Jack Kelly died. Here is an Olympic athlete who died during recovery. As it turns out, so many of the athletes who do die, don't die during the exercise; they die during the recovery period. And I began to think of what is recovery, what is it that... because we go out and exercise. Nobody thinks of training recovery. What is it in recovery that is involved with a person suddenly dying? And I realized that recovery is identical to meditation. It's identical to the relaxation response of meditation - the heart rate slows down, the blood pressure drops, stress hormones come down during recovery, the muscles relax, you breathe more slowly. The same thing with meditation; if you're anxious or you're exercising, then you can relax and recover. It's the same physiological recovery relaxation response, and I realize that here we are running distances and doing exercise, not even thinking about recovery. If the more I can run the better... 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles, then I can become a marathoner and a super marathoner and run hundreds of miles and take pride in that, so you're training to stress response.

If your training exercise continuously for an hour, it's like having a chronic panic attack. I thought about this back then, and I says would I want to be panicked for two hours worth of have an attack? No.

What about recovery? We need sleep. Imagine only sleeping an hour or two a day, but here we are running for hours and not training the recovery response which is the physiology of anti-stress, the physiology of anti-oxidation. Exercise is oxidation, pro-inflammatory, stress.

Recovery is anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress. Why not train the recovery physiology, which we ignore. This is huge.

The whole concept of aerobics, distance running, marathoning; and think about who was the first marathoner, a gentleman named Phidippides 2500+ years ago, running from Persia, Marathon - the city of Marathon - to announced the victory of the Greeks. He ran to Athens to announce the victory over the Persians, and it was some 26+ miles between those two cities, from Marathon to Athens. When he came to the town of Athens and announced that "Victory is ours! Victory is ours!" promptly dropped dead. I said to myself "and here, we're celebrating the marathon, naming in a marathon on somebody who ran from Marathon but dropped dead in Athens." I said "hey, there may be a problem here!"

And there was Jack Kelly very close to me, we went to same university to Pennsylvania together; I ended up thinking,s okay we've left out half of the game of health fitness training and began the process of thinking how to train interval training. I had actually been doing something called rhythmic interval training because I, myself, was a sprinter so I always did some recovery. I didn't like the distance runs, even if I tried to do a distance run, I'd stop and walk and just take a breather. So I began that whole process of thinking about how to train the recovery physiology and then began to look at all our behaviors.

If you look at all our behaviors - exercise and recovery, anxiety and relaxation, awake and asleep, don't eat, burn calories, recover calories, eat - all our behaviors are rhythmic and everything all motion in the body from the heart to the lungs, to the blood vessels, going right down to every molecule, every hormone is secreted in a pulsatile way, everything is rhythmic. The whole body is rhythmic. I saw that as a commonality of something that we have to look and understand how to train the rhythms, not just through one side exercise anxiety but train recovery - relaxation, sleep, how do you eat, how do you this all together - and came up with the understanding of using this as a training program, recognizing that if you don't train the recovery from exercise, what happens is a person brings their heart rate up to a high level, let's say 160, and they take pride in a very rapid recovery... the heartbeat, they say "oh my heartbeat recovers very quickly." Yeah, it's a wave; the heartbeat goes up to a peak and then recovers quickly in these athletes who don't train the recovery physiology. It's like use it or lose it.

So if you run a long distance, you have a very rapid recovery your heart rate... and Jack Kelly's heart rate was around 40 resting heart rate, that was his average. And I realized that if he stopped suddenly, tying his shoe, as did Jim Fixx, the fellow who wrote the book, Complete Book of Running and back then he was a hero in terms of distance running and writing all about it, was found tying his shoe under a tree when he dropped dead after exercise.

And so I realized that the heart rate could actually drop below 40, 30, 20, like it couldn't pull out of the dive and suddenly, you get an arrhythmia and the heartbeats stops.

And so from that point on, I realized that the training of the human body, the physiology, the chemistry isn't just a matter of exercise, it's a matter of learning of how to shape waves, shape my cycles, so my rhythmic patterns of my physiology collectively can be synchronized and organized and not just taking one chemical drug at a time and piece by piece, but the synchrony and harmony. It's like I'm conducting my own orchestra. This was the beginning of understanding LifeWaves as a cyclic program to create health where I can resynchronize, repattern, reshape my rhythmic chemistry so that everything was doing the right thing at the right time in the right place collectively and therefore, create health and that is the opposite of disease which is isolation as you lose all synchrony and harmony and things do their own independent things without connecting in the body.

Peter: Alison, you met Irv during this period in the 80s when he was involved with the Olympic Committee. Tell us your perspective and what you learned during this period?

Alison: What happened for me is that I was managing a product for Medtronic that electronically controlled pains so you didn't have to take drugs. We didn't really know why it worked or what was going on. We made up stories about Melzack and Wall gate control of pain in human physiology. In meeting Irv and through the years of learning about the cycles and the waves physiology and how that works, it completely changed my life and it completely changed how I looked at the equipment, I looked at what we were doing in medicine and really redirected everything that I was thinking.

Peter: Irv, you got a nice plaque from the Olympic Committee and you went off and dedicated your life to learning about this. What happened after that period?

Dr. Dardik: The ideas began to grow. I saw the extent to which the importance of this in human life, in health, in not just performance, not just athletic performance but health, even longevity - I began to look at this but more and more from the perspective of creating and causing health not worrying about so much what causes the disease, but if I know how the cause of health, what can we do and how can this whole thing evolve?

I began working with younger kids with from anorexia to other behavioral disorders, bipolar disorders and began to see how these rhythms work in the body and realized that these wave patterns that we have, these cycles are not random, they're not arbitrary. The patterns of the rhythms in the body have an order to them collectively across scales, from the whole organisms, circadian day-night cycle, to the women's menstrual monthly cycles, to men's testosterone monthly cycles, all the way down to the heartbeat, the breathing, the organ systems synchronized in the body that again, it's not random, that there are patterns of order, especially for a human species could be different than an elephant, than a giraffe, than a monkey. They all have rhythms but different patterns, but still very closely connected to the rhythms of nature itself.

So I began to try to understand how they all were connected and began applying them to people to create and approach where I can through me, my capacity to be self empowered to conduct my orchestra and my physiological rhythms so that they're doing the right things collectively in a harmonious way and thereby, create health. This, to me, was a radical difference from my experience as a physician. There was something very extraordinary in terms of health and disease is that I recognize there's never been a single cause, absolute cause, or cure for any chronic disease. All the treatments are trying to handle the effects of the disease piece by piece but there is no absolute "here take this pill and the cancer is cured. Take this pill and Parkinson's disease is cured." Done! That's it, I'll see you next year... or behavioral disorders or autoimmune disorders. And I saw that with these various rhythmic approaches, we can actually repattern the disease as I did it on myself as well, because I had something called ankylosing spondylitis, Marie-Strümpell disease, it's rheumatoid arthritis of the spine. It's the worst kind of rheumatoid arthritis pretty much you can get, and my spine was becoming fused and over the 20-30 years that I was doing surgery, it was a very difficult time but I had to go through it. I had been taking steroids. I had been taking various drugs for control of pain but as I did these cycles within two years, all the pain disappeared, my mobility came back, it was absolutely incredible. And I saw the same thing happening with other people on the program.

And so by the time 1991 came about, this is 5-6 years after I left the Olympics and was focusing completely on this and it was quite a unique situation, also very different from even alternative medicine because at the Olympics, I was very much involve with bringing in acupuncture and various homeopathic and we had to see and work with the athletes and see what was good and we did various research protocols. And so here I was seeing a different thing than just one piece at a time, like even alternative medicine or general medicine. How can I collectively help my entire physiology back to health so I can increase my own performance and live in a way that I can function... it could be dramatic, and I was seeing this happening in these younger people, starting with behavioral disorders, myself with an autoimmune disorder and then worked with other people with various disorders from AIDS to Parkinson's disease to multiple sclerosis and others. This was written up in 1991 as a cover story for New York Magazine.

Peter: Alison, the medical community did not seem to share Irv's enthusiasm for the research he was doing and the findings from doing this lifecycles program.

Alison: No question. The medical community back in 1995 was up in arms and he was a heretic. There is no question. And the medical community sees disease as a responsibility of the physician to cure and help the victim, the patient. Irv was saying actually what you have is given a label by the medical community but what's really wrong is that you have a wave disorder and we need to reshape your waves, and that is your responsibility as an individual and all hell broke loose.

This concludes Part One of our exclusive interview with Dr. Irving Dardik, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of LifeWaves International and Energetics Technologies and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Alison Godfrey.

Be sure to visit the Big Picture channel of Total Picture Radio for a complete transcript of today's program along with resource links and more information.

This is Peter Clayton reporting. Thank you for tuning in to Total Picture Radio the voice of career...

About Irving Dardik, M.D. and Alison Godfrey

Irving Dardik, MD, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder (LifeWaves International, Inc. and Energetics Technologies, LLC) Dr. Dardik, with a career of over 40 years investigating the wave nature of living systems and energy, is the inventor of the critical and proprietary SuperWave excitation technology that is central to the achievements of both Energetics Technologies and LifeWaves International. As Chief Visionary Officer Dr. Dardik guided the development of the SuperWaves™ patterns and their applications to the Energetsic Technologies experiments and to program development at LifeWaves International. He is the lead-author of all the Energetics Technologies SuperWave™ Fusion related papers and holds numerous patents related to the applications of SuperWaves™ in various and diverse fields.

Alison Godfrey, CEO and Co-Founder (LifeWaves International, Inc. and Energetics Technologies, LLC) Ms. Godfrey has over 30 years experience in a variety of positions in marketing and business development at Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and MESCO, launching several successful startup companies, including Quantum Life Systems, Inc. (a heart rate monitor distribution business), LifeWaves International, Inc. (a proprietary health and prevention program company), and Energetics Technologies, LLC, (an alternative energy development company). She currently serves as the CEO of both LifeWaves and Energetics Technologies. Ms. Godfrey has held the position of CEO of Energetics Technologies, Inc., since the company's inception in 2001. From the beginning, she has been a critical resource for the company, guiding overall top-level direction for research and strategic partnership development for Energetics Technologies and the SuperWave™ Fusion technology areas.

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