December 13, 2018

Leadership Interviews


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Leadership Interviews

Dan Schawbel - Back to Human


A Conversation with the Best Selling Author of the Millennial Generation, Dan Schawbel. His New Book: Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

Published on November 13 2018
Dan Schawbel, Partner, Future Workplace, TotalPicture interviewDan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel's mission in life "is to support my generation from student to CEO."

Even though Dan is a millennial, I've known him for a long time. I interviewed him almost a decade ago when his first book, Me 2.0 was published. I've been working extensively with his company, Future Workplace, over the past year, producing conference videos, and videos for a online course powered by NovoEd titled Using AI4HR.

Over the past decade, Dan has written three career books that have helped professionals around the world stand out and advance in their career. What I find so impressive about Dan is focus, determination, tenacity, drive, and sense of purpose.

Welcome to a Leadership Channel Podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your host, Peter Clayton. One of the things that differentiates Dan's books from many in the self-help genre is the extensive research that goes into all of his projects. (More on this later.)

Stay Tuned... A Complete transcript of Dan's podcast will be available soon.


Veteran's Day Special Leadership Podcast Honoring Dr. Richard Pimentel


"You don't need to change people's minds about disability. You need to change people's minds about themselves."  Dr. Richard Pimentel

Published on November 12 2018
Richard Pimentel, Vietnam Vet, hero, TotalPicture interviewRichard Pimentel

Welcome to a special Veteran's Day Leadership Podcast on TotalPicture. What you are about to hear is a keynote presentation made by Dr. Richard Pimentel, a Vietnam veteran, at the Candidate Experience Awards and Symposium in Orlando last month. Richard is a nationally renowned expert on Disability Management, Job Recruitment, Job Retention, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Attitude Change. He is not only technically proficient, as you will hear in this podcast, he is also an exceptional communicator whose audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, metaphor, analogy and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion. 

His keynote is titled "Finding The Music Within- Recognizing, Recruiting And Developing Employee Talents In Your Organization"

Dr. Pimentel was a strong advocate for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. After losing his hearing in Vietnam, he overcame his handicap and used his considerable public speaking skills to inspire injured war veterans.He developed training materials aimed to help employers integrate persons with disabilities into the workplace. A feature film about Richard's remarkable life and servicecalled Music Within can be rented on Amazon. To quote Dr. Pimentel - "You don't need to change people's minds about disability. You need to change people's minds about themselves." 

This podcast will inspire you.

Stay tuned... A complete transcript will be available soon.

Behind the Scenes - UNLEASH World Conference and Expo With CEO Marc Coleman


The best-produced and classiest HR tech show on the planet UNLEASH returns to Amsterdam October 23-24

Premiers on October 04 2018
Marc Coleman, Founder & CEO HR Tech World, TotalPicture interviewMarc Coleman

It's October - that means Marc Coleman must be back on TotalPicture! Marc is The Founder and CEO of UNLEASH, (formerly HR Tech World).

UNLEASH is the largest global Enterprise Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology, and for my money, the best-produced and classiest HR tech show on the planet. Since 2011, UNLEASH has been the fastest growing international HR show at the cutting edge of the debate on the Future of Work, creating a unique environment where C-suite executives and decision makers can both discuss and explore practical solutions to the challenges posed by technology. Unleash Amsterdam will be held at the RAI October 23-24.

Welcome to a special Leadership Channel Podcast on TotalPicture. I'm your host, Peter Clayton. Joining me today is UNLEASH CEO Marc Coleman.


Jason Averbook The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience


A Compelling Guide to What's Required for the Future of HR and How Leaders Can Shape the Future of Work

Premiers on September 06 2018
Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,of Leapgen, TotalPicture interviewJason Averbook

Welcome to a Leadership Channel podcast on TotalPicture I'm your host Peter Clayton. I'm excited to welcome back to to the show Jason Averbook.

Jason is recognized as a top thought leader in HR, workforce and enterprise technology. (Just ask Bill Kutik). He is an author with a broad understanding of how technology can be applied to common business problems, helping organizations realize the benefits of such solutions. He is a leading analyst, thought leader and consultant in the area of human resources, the future of work, and the impact of technology on that future.

Jason is the cofounder and CEO of Leapgen a global consultancy helping organizations shape their future workplace by adopting forward-looking workforce practices and fast-innovating technologies personalized for their business. He helps organizations shape their future workplace by broadening executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that meet the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business. Jason has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and technology industries and has collaborated with industry leading companies in transforming their HR organizations into strategic partners.


How to Work With HR Tech Influencers, Analysts and Advisors Part 3


A Master Class from Sarah Brennan and William Tincup on Strategies, Selection, and working with PR and Advertising Agencies who specialize in HR and TA Tech.

Published on August 08 2018
sarah williamSarah Brennan | William Tincup

William: "We're trying to solve this. This is our biggest pain. 2018 Q3 Q4 Q1 to Q2 of 19. Here's what we're trying to solve for. We need to pass over to sales 10,000 MQL's a month. That's all we need to do. Now then, putting that in front of five different agencies and say, 'listen this is what we have to do. We've already signed onto this with the sales team. So our backs are against the wall we're already lit to the number.' Now what are the different ways that we can do that? And, what budget would you need in order to get us the MQL's?"

Welcome to this special Leadership Channel of TotalPicture -- the final episode of our three part series on How to Work With HR Tech Influencers, Analysts and Advisors. I'm your host Peter Clayton.

Joining me is Sarah Brennan and William Tincup with a Master Class on Strategies, Selection, and approach to working with PR and Advertising Agencies specializing in HR and TA Tech. If you've paid attention and listened to the entire series, congratulations, you've just received a $3,000 workshop for free!


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