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Retellable. Interview with Jay Golden

How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose

Jay Golden, founder Retellable - TotalPicture Radio interview with Peter ClaytonJay Golden

"The ability to find, shape, and share your own most essential stories -- told one-to-one or one to many -- is one of your greatest assets as a leader." Jay Golden

"As a recruiter you are more than just a 'closer.' You have to create connection, deeply understand your candidates, and draw them along on an inspiring journey. And you represent the core culture of your company in a way that no one else quite can. As such, a well-honed collection of stories will be a critical resource for your success."

Jay Golden is an author, entrepreneur, and storytelling coach. Since founding Wakingstar (now Retellable) in 2009, Jay has crafted stories, led trainings, and coached leaders for clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, the Rainforest Action Network, and Esalen Institute.

Not only is his company called Retellable he has written a book called Retellable, How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose.

I met Jay through Jonathan Duarte the founder of GO Jobs and the GoBe bot, and Rob Kelly, CEO of Ongig. And of course, you'll find links to their stories on the sidebar.

According to Jay, "If you are shifting a paradigm, innovating as an entrepreneur, or guiding a team, you can benefit from a treasury of essential stories that you love to tell-and can adapt for different audiences and for different purposes. The key is to have a stash of core, Retellable stories."

Welcome to a Leadership Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, I'm your host, Peter Clayton, and joining me today is Jay Golden. In retrospect, I'm not sure if this was an interview or a therapy session. You decide.

Talking Points:

Jay welcome to TotalPicture Radio.

So Jay, tell us a story. Your Story.

As you write in your introduction, the word "story" has become very diluted in this world of social media and instant gratification. How do you define "story?"

And how do you get to a Retellable story?

Let's get into your Story Spine -
Once upon a time,
every day,
one day,
because of that,
and because of that,
until finally...

And the Journey Curve where Change is an essential element.

Talk about pivots - and how they work.

I want to shift gears for a minute and talk about the blended learning for recruiters program you offer.

I'm going to tell you a personal story, Jay, with a life-changing pivot that has never worked for me. It's a story many people in New York City share. That story is 9/11. It completely changed my life, my career. One event. One day. Last week I was back at Ground Zero for the first time in years. It still haunts me. It's a story that has never worked for me because compared to so many other people's stories, what I experienced on that day, and since, really can't be measured by the tragedy of so many others. I didn't lose a loved one. I wasn't even down there. I was stuck on a train between Stamford, CT and Grand Central. And yet, this story completely changed my life. So I can't seem to get to "because of that" because my "that" feels like an empty suit. Any suggestions?

Back to your book - the three types of stories - Origin Stories, Impact Stories. Vision Stories. Unpack these for us.

Over 10k downloads!

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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