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How to Work With HR Tech Influencers, Analysts and Advisors Part 3

A Master Class from Sarah Brennan and William Tincup on Strategies, Selection, and working with PR and Advertising Agencies who specialize in HR and TA Tech.

sarah williamSarah Brennan | William Tincup

William: "We're trying to solve this. This is our biggest pain. 2018 Q3 Q4 Q1 to Q2 of 19. Here's what we're trying to solve for. We need to pass over to sales 10,000 MQL's a month. That's all we need to do. Now then, putting that in front of five different agencies and say, 'listen this is what we have to do. We've already signed onto this with the sales team. So our backs are against the wall we're already lit to the number.' Now what are the different ways that we can do that? And, what budget would you need in order to get us the MQL's?"

Welcome to this special Leadership Channel of TotalPicture -- the final episode of our three part series on How to Work With HR Tech Influencers, Analysts and Advisors. I'm your host Peter Clayton.

Joining me is Sarah Brennan and William Tincup with a Master Class on Strategies, Selection, and approach to working with PR and Advertising Agencies specializing in HR and TA Tech. If you've paid attention and listened to the entire series, congratulations, you've just received a $3,000 workshop for free!

In Part One of this series, Brad Sutton who organized a Collaboration Zone roundtable in Toronto at the HR Tech Summit had this to say:

"Working with entrepreneurs and CEOs and heads of marketing. I realize that not everybody really understands how to create awareness in the in the space and having sold to the HR buyer before in the past, I knew there was a certain amount of credibility you need to have coming in the door of course and that's obviously who you work with and what have you done for them? But then also there is that element of having a name that's recognizable right? I think the worst thing that can happen if you're sitting in front of a buyer and you're amongst a pool of competitors -- and no one's heard of you before. "

"Right or wrong, that has, I think, a lot of weight when it comes to to HR and HR buyers because you know this is -- I shouldn't say community of totally risk adverse, there are people who are challenging the norm out there -- but they know this is a risk averse community and making the wrong choice can can really damage your career." Brad Sutton

Brad Sutton is Global Alliances Leader GSV AcceleraTE. A hat-tip and shout-out to my amigos on the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast, Ward Christman and Larry Cummings, for organizing the Collaboration Zone at the HR Tech Summit.

Sarah Brennan, Founder, Accelir | People, Technology & Future of Work | Researcher | Speaker | Consultant | #HRTech Startup Advisor

Improving the impact of technology on people, business and the future of work by partnering with the companies that build it, advising investors that support it and educating companies wanting to develop innovative talent attraction and retention strategies.

My research, strategies and industry insights as an advisor, writer and professional speaker have been used globally with Corporate Executive, HR & Recruiting Teams; Associations/NonProfits helping educate members on Talent; and HR Technology Vendors and Investors.

Lets talk about how we can work together This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

William Tincup President at

I am the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, I'm a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher. I've written over 200 HR articles, spoken at over 150 HR & recruiting conferences and I've conducted over 1000 HR podcasts.

I get asked this question fairly often so thought it best to add it to my LinkedIn summary. As an HR Tech advisor, I support startups within the following 15 topical areas of business:

  • Sales (ex. introductions)
  • Product (ex. audit and roadmap)
  • Partners (ex. introductions)
  • Go-to-Market (ex. strategy & tactics)
  • Capital (ex. introductions, industry SME, use of funds)
  • User Adoption (ex. strategy & tactics)
  • M&A (ex. introductions & industry SME)
  • Marketing (ex. strategy & tactics)
  • Market (ex. history, trending today, future trends)
  • Business Model (ex. pricing, CAC, & LTV)
  • Management Team (ex. candid advice for the founders/executives)
  • Brand (ex. awareness & advocacy)
  • Competition (ex. review & overview)
  • Customer Support (ex. strategy & tactics)
  • Pivots (ex. strategy & timing)

Obviously, each startup needs something different from their advisors. Mostly they need someone that is extremely adaptable and exceedingly competent, adaptable in the sense of being able to move around these 15 topical areas of business quickly and easily as well as competent in the sense of being able to give good advice at the very point in which founders/executives need it most. I'm surely not everyone's cup of tea because I think fast, I talk fast, I curse way more than I should but I'll walk through walls for the firms & entrepreneurs I advise. I'm loyal like that.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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