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Integrated Coaching, part one

Podcast with David Rock, founder of the brain-based approach to coaching

David Rock, Results Based Coaching Systems David Rock

"Recall the many times you have been jazzed up after hearing a motivational speaker. You vow to return home and put those dynamic insights into practice immediately. But somewhere between the presentation and the next day's business, that resolution disappears more quickly than doughnuts at a Monday morning meeting. Don't despair: It's not you; it's your brain. And you will find solace in learning that there are scientific explanations for why you didn't act on the speaker's advice, as well as for many other perplexing human behaviors. Why do people only retain a fraction of what they learn? Why do they get a boost of energy when their bosses meaningfully praise their work? Why do they tire when focusing on one activity?" - David Rock (Excerpt from HR Magazine Cover Story)

Welcome to a special, two-part Leadership Channel podcast on Total Picture Radio recorded at the SHRM 2009 Conference in New Orleans. I'm delighted to have back with us today David Rock, founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems, which has operations in 14 countries across the globe. In his capacity as CEO, David works with Fortune 500 clients specializing in embedding internal coaching capacity within organizations to develop leaders, retain talent, improve performance, and change culture.

David is one of the thought leaders in the global coaching profession. The integrated coaching system he developed in the mid-90's has been taught to over 6,000 professionals in more than fifteen countries. He is the author of 'Personal Best', , 'Quiet Leadership' and 'Coaching with the Brain in Mind', and currently completing his latest book titled 'Your Brain at Work',which is due for release in October 2009.

David Rock's podcast from SHRM is sponsored by Careers at Deloitte. Who's behind some of the world's biggest companies? Maybe you.

In 2004, David founded the brain-based approach to coaching, which has gathered momentum as a theory base for coaching ever since. In collaboration with several leading neuroscientists, David is working to explain the neural basis of issues like self-awareness, reflection, insight and accountability.

In 2006 he co-authored a feature article in strategy+business magazine with neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, called 'The Neuroscience of Leadership', the most downloaded article of the year at the magazine. In September 2006 CIO magazine ran a cover story featuring David and Jeff's work called 'The new science of change'.

In late 2006, David founded the NeuroLeadership Institute and Summit, a global initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts together to build a new science of leadership development.

David also co-created a complete coaching curriculum at New York University (SCPS) and is a guest lecturer at universities in 5 countries.

Description of David Rock's presentiation from the SHRM brochure:

Neuroleadership: The New Science of Change Workplace Application: This session shares six insights about the brain that can be directly applied to enhance workplace learning and performance effectiveness. The latest research from neuroscience provides insight into some of today's biggest workplace performance challenges. This highly entertaining and practical session lays out the framework for a new way of thinking about training and development, leadership and change. You will learn new coaching approaches to improve both employee engagement and development, and your own effectiveness. Presenter: David Rock, CEO, Results Coaching Systems, Tamarama, Australia

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Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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