July 15, 2019

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Career Strategy Interviews

10 Talents That Define Entrepreneurs


Through Gallup's World-Class Research, They Have Identified The 10 Talents Of Successful Entrepreneurs, Or To Use Their Term, "Builders." Here's Why

Published on June 16 2018
Sangeeta Badal, Principal Scientist for Gallup's Builder Initiative TotalPicture interviewSangeeta Badal, Ph.D.

If there is one word that could redefine work to better express the purpose we want from it and the contribution we want to make, it's "build"

Sangeeta Badal is the Principal Scientist for Gallup's Builder initiative. She is the co-author of the new book, Born to Build, which debuted on the Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller list. Dr. Badal is responsible for designing and implementing entrepreneurship programs that enable startup and small business growth. Her research has appeared in the Gallup Business Journal, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post.

Sangeeta has worked with many public and private organizations, educational institutions, and economic development agencies on issues related to job creation, small business performance management, entrepreneurship training and development, and designing strategic evaluation systems to measure program impact.

She earned her doctorate in anthropology and geography from the University of Nebraska (UNL). Before joining Gallup in 1999, she was a faculty member at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Sangeeta is the Inventor of a unique psychometric assessment- Builder Profie10 (BP10) to assess the entrepreneurial potential in an individual. Which is available when you buy the book written by Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup.

I'm your host, Peter Clayton. Our guest today in this Career Strategy Channel Podcast on TotalPicture, Sangeeta Badal.


Powered by Storytelling, A Career Strategy Podcast


Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication with Murray Nossel, Cofounder and Director of Narativ

Published on May 26 2018
Murray Nossel, cofounder and director of Narativ, TotalPicture interviewMurray Nossel, PhD

Most B2B marketing sucks. Especially in the HR technology space. Here's Why.

I've read many books on the craft of storytelling, and have interviewed a number of authors on TotalPicture - you can check out some of these podcasts in the sidebar.

Business communication is supposed to connect people in meaningful exchanges so ideas and productive relationships can flourish. But instead we're trained at work to talk at people instead of with them in a one-way style that's usually devoid of empathy, emotion or understanding. What I find especially valuable about Powered by Storytelling is that it focuses specifically on storytelling for business communication.

Let's face it, most B2B marketing sucks. Especially in the HR technology space. I had a recent experience where a sales director was supposed to pitch her product on-camera with a script written by a product engineer. She had no idea what she was saying! (This is not unusual, friends). In fact, it's very common. Engineers spend all day coding: thinking about their product's benefits, UX, and features - the latest 'cool' enhancement. So here's the disconnect: most of the people buying (and selling) HR tech products are not engineers. Sure, CTO's get the jargon. However, it's the CHRO's who evaluate and recommend the HR and TA technology products before the CTO is brought into the buying process. If they don't get it. You won't sell it. It's that simple.

In his new book, Psychologist Murray Nossel, PhD, reveals how anyone can break down barriers and spark a culture of connection and collaboration with a communication method rarely seen in the office: storytelling. In a language everyone can understand, and will remember. Murray created his listening and storytelling method during the AIDS crisis in the 1990s in New York City. For 25 years he has been experimenting with and refining this method through teaching thousands of individuals and leading trainings at Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. He understands that we all have a personal story to tell. Even when we're marketing our service or products. We simply need a method to excavate, craft, and present that story.

What Are The Strategies For Defining What You Want To Do In Your Career?


Scott Sonenshein is the Author of Stretch Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

Premiers on July 08 2017
Scott Sonenshein the Author of Stretch, TotalPicture interviewScott Sonenshein

A Groundbreaking Approach to Succeeding in Business and Life, Using the Science of Resourcefulness

We often think the key to success and satisfaction is to get more: more money, time, and possessions; bigger budgets, job titles, and teams; and additional resources for our professional and personal goals. It turns out we're wrong. Welcome to a Career Strategy Channel Podcast on TotalPicture I'm your host Peter Clayton.

Joining me today is Scott Sonenshein, the Henry Gardiner Symonds Professor of Management at Rice University. His award winning research, teaching, and consulting has helped Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in industries such as technology, energy, healthcare, retail, education, banking, manufacturing, and non-profits. He holds a PhD in management and organizations from the University of Michigan, an Masters of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, and a BA from the University of Virginia.

Scott is the Author of Stretch Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

He has worked as a strategy consultant for companies such as AT&T and Microsoft and lived through the rise and fall of the dotcom boom while working at a Silicon Valley startup. A topic we will get into in this podcast.


Jon Silber, CEO Purple Squirrel


No More 'Black Holes' Purple Squirrel is a Platform for Connecting With Employees Who Can Refer Job Candidates Into Their Company Directly.

Published on June 10 2017
Jon Silber, Co-founder and CEO, Purple Squirrel TotalPicture interviewJon Silber

"Job boards are made for companies. Purple Squirrel is made for people." Jon Silber, CEO of Purple Squirrel, ex Googler.

Here's Jon Silber's LinkedIn introduction:

The job search is broken. So we fixed it.

If you're currently looking for a job, or if you want to help your company recruit great people, join our growing platform

Also, if you have ideas for improving the overall efficiency of the hiring process, I would love to hear your thoughts. No idea is too small. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On Jon's LinkedIn profile, you'll also find a link to an article he wrote titled Why I Left Google to Help People Land their Dream Job. Here's the opening paragraph:

"If you've ever tried to get a job at Google, then you know that it's tough. It's no surprise since around 3 million people apply to join the company each year, and I found it out firsthand when I tried to get a job there. Initially, I tried applying on a job board but was met with only automated emails. I felt I was qualified for the job, so I wised up, reached out to everyone I knew, and finally found a friend of a friend to provide an employee referral. I had a job three weeks later. The fundamental lesson wasn't lost on me: it's all about who you know, so if you don't have a great network, you'll miss out on many potential opportunities."

Joining me today for a Career Strategy podcast on TotalPicture is the CEO of Purple Squirrel, Jon Silber.


Life Is Not In The Lines But In The Dots


Our Non-Linear, Messy Lives. A Conversation with Gregg Robins

Published on June 03 2017
GreggGregg Robins
Gregg Robins and I met in the late 1990's when I was directing a series of videos for Citibank on Y2K and the Euro. At the time, Gregg was an executive with The Private Banking Group at Citibank, based in Geneva, Switzerland, (where he currently lives), and in addition to being incredibly smart, Gregg is terrific on-camera and was Citi's go-to talking head for interviews on CNN, the BBC, and all the European TV networks. So Citi made sure we connected, and Gregg and I worked together on a series of documentary style videos for both internal use, and Citibank's wealthiest clients.

Welcome to a Career Strategy Channel Podcast on TotalPicture. I'm your host, Peter Clayton. My guest today is my good friend: Gregg Robins. Gregg is a senior wealth advisor based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gregg is also a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and has been a guest previously on Totalpicture to talk about his music. You'll find links to those interviews in the sidebar .

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