June 18, 2019

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Career Strategy Interviews

David Rose Making Money and Having Fun Through Angel Investing


Why Everyone with Six Figures to Invest Should Consider Angel Investing

Premiers on June 19 2014
Angel Investor and founder of Gust, David S. Rose, TotalPicture Radio interviewDavid S. Rose

"Any company designed for success in the twentieth century is doomed to failure in the twenty-first."

Did you know that every year in America, over 600,000 new businesses start up and hire their first employees? Many will fail, but some of them will become the legendary businesses of the future, transforming industries and making millions for the angel investors who helped fund them in their early days.

Welcome to a Career Strategy Podcast on TotalPicture Radio with Peter Clayton Reporting. Angel Investing is the topic of our conversation today with David S. Rose, a serial entrepreneur, Inc 500 CEO and one of the world's most active angel investors. I met (and interviewed) David several years ago in New York City, and am happy to have him back on TotalPicture Radio.

Angel investing, once the exclusive province of multi-millionaire high-rollers, has now entered the mainstream, with more than $20 billion being invested annually by individual investors in the US alone. Contrary to popular belief, access to these high risk/high return investments-and success in startup investing-doesn't have to be a matter of luck or connections. David's new book, Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money & Having Fun Investing in Startups shows how smart investors with the right strategy and a long-term perspective can achieve annual returns of 25 percent or more from a well-designed angel portfolio.

Making money is no longer about sitting back and reading stock listings, David says. It is now about being part owner of an exciting startup that can be fun and financially rewarding. Angel Investing teaches investors how to carefully select and manage investments, establish a long term view, and approach angel investing as a serious part of an alternative asset portfolio while also enjoying being an integral part of an exciting new venture.

Questions Peter Clayton Asks David Rose in this podcast:

When I interviewed you in 2008 -- six years ago -- you said "the word is changing so fast nobody knows where its going." Is that true today? It seems to me the pace of change has even eccelerated from 2008.

Recently, you participated in the Expoential Finance Conference, presented by Singularity University, in New York City. What were your take-aways? What did you learn?

On your show page on TotalPicture Radio I grabbed a quote from your book " Any company designed for success in the twenty century is doomed to failure in the 21st." Can you give some context to that statement?

Before we dive in to your book, I want to get your take on the surge of interest and money in crowdfunding -- such as Kickstarter and Indegogo.

So would you consider crowdfunding to be a good option for those who don't have six figures available to get involved in Angel Investing?

Alright define for us what you mean by Angel investing.

Chapter 1 Headline of Angel Investing The 25 percent annual return. Really?

What percent of your portfolio should the average person allocate to angel investing?

How do you get started?

How many companies do you need to be invested in for the 25% return to actually work?

Chapter 2 is all about the non financial rewards of being an angel - can you share some of your personal experiences with us?

How do you go about sourcing and identifying high-potential opportunities

If you have a normal, stressful, demanding, management job how can you carve out enough time to do this - or can you? Is being an Angel a full time job in itself.?

Our interview 6 years ago was about how to create great pitch for investors - If I'm on the other side of the table what do I need to watch for? Can you explain to us all of the different investment rounds and their forms?

Lets talk about terms sheets and closing. Obviously, you need a lawyer to review all of this.

Tell us about the growth of Impact investing.

What is the one take-away from this conversation you hope our audience of potential angels adheres to?

About the Author
DAVID S. ROSE is a serial entrepreneur, Inc 500 CEO and one of the world's most active angel investors. Described by Forbes as "New York's Archangel," by BusinessWeek as a "world conquering entrepreneur," and by Red Herring as "patriarch of Silicon Alley", David has founded or funded over 90 high tech companies. He is the founder and CEO of Gust, the international collaboration platform for startup financing used by over 50,000 accredited angel investors, 1000 angel groups and venture capital funds, and 250,000 entrepreneurs. Gust received the SIIA CODiE Award for Best Collaboration Solution in both 2012 and 2013, as well as the 2012 SWIFT/Innotribe Award as the world's most innovative financial technology company.

David is also Managing Partner of Rose Tech Ventures, an early stage angel fund; Founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels, the most active angel group in America; and Associate Founder and Founding Track Chair for Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics at Singularity University, the Google/NASA-sponsored post-graduate program in exponential technologies. A native New Yorker, David has a BA from Yale University, an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, and a D. Eng. h.c. from Stevens Institute of Technology.

About Gust:
Gust is a global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit. The platform is endorsed by the world's leading business angel and venture capital associations, and powers over 1,000 investment organizations in 80+ countries. More than 200,000 startups have already used the platform to connect and collaborate with over 45,000 investors. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Angelsoft and is privately held. Gust is based in New York, New York, with a European office in Paris, France.

How to Become a Facebook Power User - Cindy Ratzlaff


Take Your Facebook Marketing Efforts to the Next Level and Beyond!

Published on June 17 2014
Cindty Ratzlaff Facebook expert-TotalPicture Radio interviewCindy Ratzlaff

It's not very often I attend a conference presentation and am blown away by the amount of actionable information I can personally benefit from, and use immediately. That happened at the recent BEA (BookExpo America Conference) in New York. Titled Advance Facebook Marketing for Authors and Publishing Professionals, the presenter, Cindy Ratzlaff shared the exact tools, tactics and strategies she's used to grow Facebook communities of 100,000, 200,000 and more.

Although her presentation was geared toward published authors, most of what Cindy presented is directly applicable to serious bloggers, recruiters -- anyone trying to increase their influence, reach, connections, and professional profile on Facebook.

Welcome to a Career Strategy Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton reporting. In today's interview, we're going to spend most of our time with Cindy discussing Facebook, but we'll get into Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

Before we get started, here's a brief background:

Cindy Ratzlaff was named to the Forbes "20 Best Branded Women on Twitter" list and Forbes Woman called her one of the "Most Influential Women On Entrepreneurship." A contributor to Business Insider, writing on social media marketing strategy, her essays on happiness have appeared on Oprah.com, CNN.com and Wowowow.com. As Vice President of Brand Marketing at Rodale, Cindy pioneered a marketing methodology called The Marketing 360, now widely emulated throughout the industry. Her signature Marketing 360 campaign for the launch The South Beach Diet garnered her a spot on the prestigious Advertising Age Marketing 50 List. Her firm, Brand New Brand You, specializes in digital branding and content marketing. She co-authored two bestselling books on happiness and boundaries; Queen of Your Own Life and Queenisms: 101 Jolts of Inspiration. Cindy tweets, posts and pins with her more than 275,000 friends, fans, followers and subscribers daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Less Than Five Minutes Spent on a Single Resume


Published on May 05 2014
Evren Esen director of Survey Programs at SHRM -TotalPicture Radio interviewEvren Esen

A new Society of Human Resource Management survey, released at the recent SHRM Talent Management Conference in Nashville, Tenn, provides insight into how HR looks at resumes and cover letters and how organizations conduct interviews.

The press release headline, "Less Than Five Minutes Spent on a Single Resume, SHRM Survey Says," should be no surprise to anyone. Given the cut-backs in many in-house corporate HR and recruiting teams, and the influx of resumes responding to any job opening, having a set of human eyes gaze at your resume - even for 30 seconds - is close to a miricle.  At large companies, ATS (applicant tracking systems) are very efficient at weeding out most resume summissions before they hit a recruiter's desk.

Welcome to a Career Strategy podcast on TotalPicture Radio, this is Peter Clayton reporting. Joining me today from Alexandria, Va is Evren Esen director of Survey Programs at SHRM. She oversees the development and production of surveys and polls on HR and business topics through SHRM's Research area which releases data from approximately 30 research findings each year. This podcast is about resumes, cover letters and interviews, and the latest approach companies are taking in their hiring practices. If you are a current job candidate, pay attention!


Debra Feldman - Hidden Job Market Secrets


How to Get the Job You Want When You Are Not the Employer's Ideal Choice

Published on January 14 2014
Debra Feldman TotalPicture Radio interviewDebra Feldman

"...the most effective alternative is to avoid online application routes and to focus exclusively on how to Network Purposefully, essentially abandoning on line job applications in favor of one-on-one interactions, both in person and online relationships." Debra Feldman

Welcome to a special Career Strategy Channel interview on TotalPicture Radio - with Peter Clayton reporting. It's a new year and many people are determined to find a great job that truly utilizes their knowledge, skills, and passions in 2014.

Joining me today - a real expert in uncovering the Hidden Job Market - Debra Feldman. Debra is the JobWhiz™, a nationally recognized executive talent agent and job search expert known for her ability to implement strategic, customized senior level job search campaigns for her clients.

In our exclusive interview, Debra will help you to understand How to Get the Job You Want When You Are Not the Employer's Ideal Choice.

Following, here's Debra's article...



The New Rules For Career Success


A Conversation with Uber Millennial Dan Schawbel

Premiers on September 21 2013
Karen Russo, President IIPE -TotalPicture Radio InterviewDan Schawbel

"Hours are out. Achievement is in." Dan Schawbel

 When you look at how much the job market has sucked over the past number of years, (I've stopped counting), it's no surprise that there have been a lot of "how to" books written on the topic of careers and self promotion. However, few authors have reached the level of success -- and influence -- as Dan Schawbel.

Promote Yourself The New Rules For Career Success is Dan latest book.

So how did Dan launch his new book? Good question, right? How about a global webcast with Ernst & Young LLP in New York City? How about opening the webcast with Ken Bouyer, Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting, EY, who will share his perspectives as the leader responsible for developing and implementing EY's strategy to recruit a diverse and inclusive talent pool in the Americas.

How about following that up by Dan's keynote, then, have Dan moderate a panel focused on the book. The panel will bring key concepts of the book to life by addressing millennials' impact on the workforce now and in the future; describing how we can all manage the generational mix; highlighting the criteria managers seek when determining promotions; and listing creative ways professionals can enhance their own careers.

The panel included:

Valerie Grillo , Chief Diversity Officer, American Express - representing American Express' proprietary study featured in the book.
Kathryn Minshew , Founder & CEO, The Muse - representing a Gen Y perspective as one of Forbes' 2012 30 Under 30.
Karyn Twaronite , Americas Inclusiveness Officer, EY, and Partner, Ernst & Young LLP - representing a Gen X perspective.
Kendall O'Brien , Vice President, Group Finance Medical Device and Diagnostics, Group Operating Committee, Johnson & Johnson- representing a baby boomer perspective.

Now, that's what I call a kick-ass book launch.

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