June 18, 2019

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Career Strategy Interviews

How to Earn the Opportunity to Be Heard


An interview with Terri Sjodin, author of Small Message, Big Impact - The Elevator Speech Effect

Published on December 04 2012
Terri SjodinTerri Sjodin

"If you want me to speak for two minutes, it will take me three weeks to prepare, if you want me to speak for thirty minutes, it will take me a week to prepare. If you want me to speak for an hour, I'm ready right now." Winston Churchill

First, what Terri Sjodin will teach you how to accomplish in her new, updated edition of Small Message, Big Impact - The Elevator Speech Effect is not your father's elevator pitch. This is not Pong, this is Wii, with a story a compelling as Wreck it Ralph.

Terri shows not only how to perfect your personal elevator speech, but also how to take your message and communicate it in a meaningful and persuasive way to help maximize opportunities, grow your personal brand, raise your platform, and take everything to the next level. This isn't just a book about elevator speeches, but about how they can become a bridge to your new future. 

Terri is the principal and founder of Sjodin Communications, a public speaking, sales training, and consulting firm. For more than twenty years she has served as a speaker and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, industry associations, academic conferences, CEOs, and members of Congress.

Reputation: The Whole Truth About Jobsearch For Executives


The Rise of Social Networking and the Demise of the Resume

Published on July 31 2012
Debra Feldman, The JobWhiz
Debra Feldman

"I don't think there is wide awareness that social networking is not just for businesses.  Everyone is personally impacted by social networking today; no one can hide behind a corporate role/persona/ professional job title nor is it sane or safe to risk allowing your public reputation, and often first impression, to be represented by hearsay, random, online search results." Debra Feldman

Why is reputation today so important?

When did  the job market change making reputation a key element of job searching success?

How does this affect individuals seeking a new position?

What should individuals do to be competitive in today's market?

In today's world, your reputation precedes you; before you actually connect with a stranger, you will probably both get a first impression of the other based on Googling names. In the past, you had to provide a description of your background and could control what you wanted to share; you prepared a resume extracting the data that was most relevant to a given opportunity.  Nowadays, you may never have the chance to promote your strengths or discuss your interests one -to-one  if your online persona is damaging or simply incomplete.  For this reason, it is critically important to monitor your online persona and to generate a positive webinality, rather than leave your reputation up to search engine algorithms.

Welcome to a special Career Strategy channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio with producer/host Peter Clayton reporting. We're delighted to have back with us today a frequent contributor and nationally-recognized expert who designs and personally implements swift, strategic, and customized senior level executive job search campaigns Debra Feldman. Debra is the JobWhiz.

Declare Your Independence from Job Search Oblivion


Job Search Secrets with Career Expert, Tom Cairns

Published on July 04 2012
Tom CairnsTom Cairns

How You Can Make Sure Your Resume Gets Seen By A Human Being?

You've probably experienced the drill: Cut-and-paste your resume into a company's job application form, (an applicant tracking system, or ATS), and wait. You are a perfect fit for that job, right? Perhaps several minutes later you receive an automated reply... "thank you for your interest in blah, blah, blah..." but that's it.  You never hear from that company about that 'great opportunity' again.

Today, we're going to share with you some practical ways to beat the system and get noticed! If you've been laid-off, and have not beeen in a job search for a few years - you will learn quickly that it's a whole new ballgame.

In a special Career Strategy Channel podcast, producer/host Peter Clayton speaks with Tom Cairns, an expert in Talent Management, Career Coaching, Executive Development, Organization Design and Staffing, Employee and Labor Relations, and M&A. Tom is principal and chief career coach at the Cairns Blaner Group.

"There is so much to do that sometimes you rush certain aspects of job search only to find out that if you had taken the time to get advice on how to write a resume, cover letter, network, conduct research on target companies, use social media, prepare for an interview, and follow up you might have landed one of the jobs that came your way when you first began searching." Tom Cairns


Flip The Script - Fresh Career Strategies


Bill Wackermann, A Top Media Executive at Condé Nast Reveals His Unique Method For Turning Negative Situations Into New Opportunities

Published on June 04 2012
 Bill WackermannBill Wackermann

"Any plan is better than no plan."

Are you stuck in a rut? Has your 'Plan A' evaporated, along with Plan B, and Plan C? Did the job offer or promotion you were 'sure' you were going to get never materialize? In our interview, Bill and I focus on strategies you can use to overcome career roadblocks, negativity, depression, and "blamestorming."

Bill Wackermann is one of the most successful and recognized executives at Condé Nast. His ability to turn businesses around, combining business ingenuity and innovative branding, has made him the youngest Executive Vice President in the company's history. As EVP and Publishing Director at Condé Nast, Bill oversees sales, marketing and brand strategy for Glamour. Since joining Glamour in April 2004, Wackermann affected a strategy that boosted advertising pages, revenue, profitability, brand vitality and industry acclaim for the company's largest title.

Bill is the author of Flip the Script: How to Turn the Tables and Win in Business and Life, published by Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster.


Jason Alba, Founder of JibberJobber


I'm On JibberJobber, Now What?

Published on February 06 2012
Jason Alba, JibberJobberJason Albar

"I've come to believe that informational interviews are the most important tactical thing a job seeker can do today."

JibberJobber was designed by Jason Alba during his first real job search beginning January 2006. After having a successful career in IT and business strategy, Jason found himself in the job market, which was supposedly a "job seeker's market."

Jason quickly found that a job seeker's market does not mean the job search will be easy or short. Frustrated by the lack of real tools for job seekers, he decided to move forward on a tool that allowed a job seeker to manage and organize a job search.

As the months passed, and as Jason learned the importance of networking, he incorporated a major networking piece into JibberJobber. This has shifted its focus from a tool just to be used during one job search into a tool to be used to manage job transitions during your entire career.

So what is JibberJobber? Well Jason is here to tell us, and he has an offer for those 400 Monster Worldwide employees who just got laid off.

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