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Jobmaster: All the Best Job Boards, One App

Chris Russell, Founder of CareerCloud, Launches a New Way for Job Seekers to Stay Connected

Chris Russell Chris Russell

If you're in a job search (or simply keeping an eye on the market and demand), there are job aggregators like Indeed and Simply Hired. But to discover specific niche job boards that target those critical job skills you have - have a look at Jobmaster in the iOS App store.

Welcome to a Career Strategy Channel Podcast. I'm your host Peter Clayton. Today, we welcome back to TotalPicture Radio the "mad scientist of online recruiting," Chris Russell, talent acquisition executive, recruitment marketing strategist, sourcing expert, and inventor of many tools, resources and apps in the recruiting world.

CareerCloud, Talent Xray, Jobs with Friends, are all inventions from the fertile mind of Chris Russell. One of my favorite iOS apps is RecruitingNews, which aggregates all of the HR and recruiting blogs, conferences and podcasts. I use it daily.

Chris blogs at Making Money with Job Boards and hosts a popular podcast, CareerCloud Radio. (You'll find links in the sidebar).

Questions Peter Clayton asks Chris Russell in this interview:

Chris, before we get into a discussion of Jobmaster, I'd like to tap into your unique perspective: You're a recruiter, you're an expert on job boards, (having developed, owned a managed a number of them), you're a tech savvy and prolific app developer. So, what's happening in recruiting in 2015 that's new? That wasn't on your radar screen six months ago?

In your day job, Chris, you recruit for primarily skilled tech jobs. How are candidates finding you, and how are you engaging with qualified candidates. What tools and resources do you use?

Before we talk about Jobmaster, tell us about CareerCloud

I mentioned in the open you're constantly coming up with new ideas and creating new tools for recruiters and job candidates. Tell us about Jobmaster.

What can I do with this app that I couldn't do with say... Indeed or Simply Hired?

I downloaded the app to my iPad and clicked on National Sites/USA - which currently contains 28 - It includes aggregators like Indeed, Juju, Simply Hired and ZipRecruiter. Many of these have their own apps, so what's the advantage in using Jobmaster?

In addition to the well known National sites you have Niche sites (which cost .99) and local sites (again .99) how many niche sites are listed in the app?

Regarding local sites, I assume that's using the geolocation of your mobile device?

Is this app a "work in progress, meaning you plan on updating and adding to it?

In addition to Jobmaster, what other apps do you recommend job seekers use?

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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