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The Rogue Recruiter, David Perry Returns for an Encore

If your job involves finding, interviewing, or hiring executive level talent, here's the playbook.

David Perry, Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International,TotalPicture interviewDavid E. Perry

David Perry has probably been on this show more than anyone. Why? He's a prolific writer (including Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters - 3 editions, and Hiring Greatness), and his latest book, just published by Wiley - Executive Recruiting for Dummies. David loves to share his knowledge, experiences, and to help job seekers and recruiters up their game - and win.

Welcome to a Career Strategies Channel Podcast. I'm your host, Peter Clayton.

David tells me Executive Recruiting for Dummies is his last book.

Why? David practices his craft: he's a super-successful executive recruiter, managing partner of Perry-Martel International.

He has completed more than 1,000 searches on five continents negotiating over $300 million in salaries. His near perfect success rate is 300% better than the industry average - one reason why The Wall Street Journal dubbed him the "Rogue Recruiter." Another reason has to do with a food cart caper he used to find a purple squirrel. Ask him.

However, all of these books and all of this writing have taken time away from what he loves to do most: the hunt. Find the perfect fit to fill a senior executive role that could make-or-break a company. He loves The Challenge.

I'm not the only one impressed with David. Check out the resource links in the sidebar.

Here's some of the promotional Boilerplate for Executive Recruiting for Dummies:

"These days, strong leadership is more important than ever. Companies with great leaders significantly outperform their peers. At the same time, globalization, attrition, and changing demographics have led to a scarcity of executive talent. As a result, the competition for top leadership talent is fierce. If you want to ensure your company's survival by hiring great leaders, you'll need some effective way to find them, to hire them, and to ensure they stick around."

Talking Points:

David - as I mentioned in the open, this is your last book. Why?

You told me this is the most difficult, challenging book you've ever written. How so?

Who's the audience beyond the obvious? (People interested in a recruiting career)

You've been in this business for a long time. How has recruiting changed over the past few years?

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started Perry Martel?

Picking up a bullet point from your publishers marketing materials: "Yes, high-performing employees - in particular, high-performing leaders - have always been valuable. But these days, they're even more so." Why?

As you know, David, a lot of people who've never been confronted with the task of recruiting don't appreciate how difficult a job it truly is. Assuming all you need to do is post an ad on a job board and you'll be flooded with resumes. Could you dispel this fantasy?

In the introduction to Executive Recruiting for Dummies you refer to the book as a workbook, and offer a number of links to forms and additional resources - can you discuss the approach you recommend for getting the most out of your book?

So your new book provides a foundation for anyone to learn the steps required to become an executive recruiter. Take us through some of these steps, and what's required to become a successful recruiter.

However, like most things in life, to become a successful recruiter requires a lot of hard work, discipline, commitment and tenacity. Your book lists 10 STEPS TO EXECUTIVE RECRUITING SUCCESS - I'd like to have you elaborate on a few of them

Let's start with Assemble your team. Is recruiting a team sport?

Perform a needs analysis. What's that all about?

Research the market. What are the tools and resources you need?

Sourcing. I just returned from the SourceCon conference in Anaheim. I don't think the general public has any idea what an art and science sourcing is. In my book, people who are expert sourcers are magicians.

We're going to skip a few steps here and get to - Interview the short list. What is your approach when you get down to 2 or 3 finalists?

Finally, I'd like you to discuss onboarding - once you've successfully placed a candidate you need to make sure the transition is successful. Your job as recruiter is far from over.

How would you respond to the following question from the CFO of a mid-sized company. "We have a number of competent recruiters in-house and under contract. Why would I need to hire an executive recruiter, and pay a big fee, to find a new CMO?

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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