May 22, 2019

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HR Technology Interviews

Three Critical Questions Asked in HR Tech


How do we build the agile organization of the future? A conversation with Jason Chapman, Vice President, Corporate Strategy at SAP.

Premiers on October 18 2018
Jason Chapman, Vice President, Corporate Strategy at SAP, TotalPicture interviewJason Chapman

"I think we are extraordinarily fortunate to have the partners that we do. And to your point their presence at SuccessConnect Vegas and previously at Berlin are a testament to that. And I think one of the things that we're doing from a corporate strategy perspective that also ties in here is this focus on becoming open."

That means having open API and micro services. That means tapping into open source technology and it means having an open ecosystem which means that we have solutions that are are complementary to one another and in some cases, yes there might be a bit of functionality that is duplicative across our partner's capabilities and our core products. But in many ways that we end up serving different types of customers that have different needs."

"And so for me I rarely think of that as sort of any type of direct competition because again, what we're doing is providing our customers access to the best solutions that are out there and helping guide them to make the right decisions for them in terms of whether it's of course SuccessFactors product or something from one of our ecosystem guiding them to the best solution for their business." Jason Chapman

I met my guest today, Jason Chapman, Vice President, Corporate Strategy at SAP, at one of the many press briefings I attended at SuccessConnect - the SAP SuccessFactors annual user group meeting at the Aria in Las Vegas. This is the first time I've covered SuccessConnect and I have to tell you I was blown away at the scale of this event. The Aria has a very large conference area and I think SAP and its partners were occupying every part of it. First, a shout-out to Geraldine Lim, Public Relations Lead at SAP SuccessFactors and my friend Bill Kutik (the host of Firing Line with Bill Kutik on YouTube),for making the introduction. Geraldine was a tremendous help in Vegas and help to arrange this podcast with Jason.

Welcome to a HR Technology Channel of TotalPicture - I'm your host, Peter Clayton. A little bit about Jason: He joined SAP in 2017 as VP of Corporate Strategy. Previously, Jason was a Principal at Bain & Company. He has an MBA in Marketing and Technology from from the Sloan School of Management at MIT in Boston. Enjoy!


Episode #20 HR Tech Collaboration News October Madness Edition


OMG There Are So Many Great Conferences and Events in the Month of October!

Premiers on October 08 2018
Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

HR Tech remains Red Hot with over $225 million in new fundings last week! Welcome to Episode 20 of the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast, AKA BBOP (Build, Buy, Or Partner?) The Three C's apologize for our carbon footprint in the month of October.

Lots of travel this month... New York City (Future Workplace CLO Leadership Summit), Baltimore (National Association a Professional Background Screeners (3rd yr in a row of record breaking attendance) Orlando (Talent Board Candidate Experience Symposium and Awards Gala co-locating with ERE Fall) Amsterdam (UNLEASH World Conference & Expo). See sidebar for more information on The CandE Awards and UNLEASH.


Episode #19 HR Tech Collaboration News TAtechNOLA Edition


What Happend in NOLA? Canvas wins the Death Match! Ward joins the UNLEASH Blog Squad in Amsterdam, ReSI Winners!

Premiers on October 11 2018
Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

Welcome to an all new NOLA edition of BBOP (Build, Buy, or Partner?)- The HR Tech Collaboration Podcast. I'm your host, Peter Clayton, Last week I was at the TAtech Fall Congress and Job Board Forum - where some confusion arose with the 3 P's present - Peter Weddle, Pete Weddle and Me. You'll hear about some of the takeaways from Bourbon Street this week - including Canvas - the winner of the Chad and Cheese Death Match. (I can tell you I have a whole lotta editing to do. Jolie, my director of photography and I were very busy).

Shout-out to Kate Hinds, our Conference coordinator for herding cats... To Shane Gray for showing up everywhere! OMG -  in his session he helped everyone understand the impact of GDPR - it's not just Europe, folks - To Ryan Christoi Managing Partner at KRT Marketing and Deb Andrychuk VP Client Services Shaker Recruitment Marketing for Presenting the ReSI Awards.

Hat tip to the thought leaders we captured on camera: Shane Gray from Clinch, Jessica Miller-Merrell, Workolgy; Chris Forman, AppCast; Steven Rothberg, College Recruiter, Mona Tawakali, Partner at KRT Marketing, Thom Kenney, CEO Smashfly, Andy Hibel COO Higher Ed Jobs, Alykhan Rehmatulla, CEO Altru Labs and winner of the Daywalt Scholarship Award; Joe Rubin and his sidekick Mike Wiston from Crowded for winning 2 ReSI's and being entertaining! And of course Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman for being Chad and Cheese. If you subscribe to the Chad & Cheese Podcast (you do, right?) be sure to catch the TAtech NOLA Post-Game Show for all the ReSI winners from TAtech in New Orleans!

Welcome to Episode 19 of the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast featuring the  3 C's  I'm Peter Clayton and joining me is the talk of Twitter, Ward Christman, and  Chief_Connector, Larry Cummings.

We have a lot to cover today so let's get started...


Harbinger Systems - Shweta  Kulkarni & Vinod Manjoo reviews the AI techniques they use to modernize HR application.  

A Quillion Questions: The place to be now is the middle of meaningful conversations.  How does Allyo do it better?

ANSWER: BENNETT SUNG of @appywithAllyo  -

"Today, we live and work in a feedback economy. The place to be is in the NOW of every meaningful conversation. Long gone are the days of form-based applications, delayed messages of "we'll get back to you," and static hiring and retention KPIs. AllyO's conversational AI recruiting platform engagees candidate end-to-end, from "hi-to-hired, and beyond." The outcome is accelerated productivity and delivering a delightful experience for everyone."

Jobalign - (reported by Sarah Brennen -

NAPBS...7th-9th Meetings by Larry -- TaxWorks (Carla Knolls)  Innovative -  -  ISB Canada - (Michael Thompson & Sarah Baldeo)


Oct 23-24 - UNLEASH in Amsterdam - in most regards the best HR Tech show available! Ward will be there doing interviews & blogging about alliances & partnerships - got news? Book an interview w/ Ward.  

Podcast interview: Blockchain, Crypto Currency and the Future of Payroll & HR

by Anita Lettink from NGA (will be at Unleash)

Pymetrics Raises $40 Million in Series B Funding led by General Atlantic + Workday Ventures

SumTotal Systems Announces New Strategic Partnerships
STRIVR and HelloSign. And the first full Talent Suite vendor to implement Percipio Experience Services (PES), Skillsoft's new Content-as-a-Service offering  

WeWork Creator Fund launching a venture fund to invest in "the future of work" and other startups - will seek out social-impact startups, as well as those in the future of work category, one person said. Those will include technologies for human resources, recruitment, training and education, employee experience and real estate.

The XREF Award for Most Innovative Use of HR Technology

HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast BBOP #18 - The WTF Edition


More Vegas, TAtech Fall Congress, Using AI4HR Launches, UNLEASH Announces Partnership with Human Capital Media, and Much Much More!

Premiers on September 24 2018
Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

Welcome to an all new WTF edition of BBOP - The HR Tech Collaboration Podcast. No this is not WTF and I'm not Marc Maron. However, the 3 C's have had a couple of WTF weeks - regarding Ward's life-time ban from the Venetian.

This is Episode 18 - I'm Peter Clayton and joining me in a couple of minutes will be the talk of Twitter - Ward Christman, and the @Chief_Connector, Larry Cummings.

On a positive note, I'm heading to New Orleans this week for the TAtech Fall Congress / Deal Center. Looking forward to working with Peter and Pete Weddle again this year, and catching up with a lot of friends at the Royal Sonesta. Chad & Cheese will be there - we've all received copies of Peter Weddle's new book, Circa 2118, so maybe we'll have a Circa 2118 book club in NOLA!

Chad and Cheese are hosting a start-up Death Match which we're going to film: Andreea Wade CEO, Max Armbruster CEO, Talkpush, Aman Brar, CEO, Canvas, Teg Grenager CEO, Uncommon Co. and David Bernstein, Head Of Partnerships, AllyO. Our friend Faith Rothberg CEO of College Recruiter is the Forum Chair this year. I'll tell you a little bit more later in the podcast.

 I'm brining my NYC DP Jolie with me - we've been working together for the past several months on a series of videos for the Using AI4HR online course produced by Future Workplace and powered on the NovoEd platform. The 5 week course launches today! If you're interested in knowing how  leading organizations like IBM, GE, Intel, Cisco, rLoop, Cognizant, Hilton, View Glass - are using AI in their HR and recruiting functions check out and use the code TOTALPICTURE for $100 discount if you decide to sign up.


HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast BBOP #17 - The Crazy Edition from Las Vegas


Premiers on September 18 2018
Peter Clayton, Ward Christman, Larry Cummings, TotalPicture interviewHRTech Collaboration News Podcast

Thank you Patsy Cline. Your music will live on forever. However, Ward's welcome at the Venetian in Las Vegas came to an abrupt end as he was unceremoniously escorted out the Starbucks in the Venetian by LVPD and hotel security. Really? Have you met Ward? According to Ward's count, there were seven officers sent to march him out to the curb. More on that in this episode. Much more on THAT.

As a hobby, Larry designs and crafts beautiful pens from dead trees. One of the pens he gifted at the The Vegas Collaboration Zone was to our friend William Tincup, president of RecruitingDaily.

Peter Clayton attended Josh Bersin's keynote at #InfluenceHR - thank you Bret Starr for the press pass!

And Peter participated Jim Jensen's Vegas Collaboration Zone roundtable on "How to Partner with the Big Guys."  Jim is SVP Global Partners & Alliances at Ceridian.

Clayton attended SAP SuccessFactor's #successconnect conference at the Aria and met lots of friends, partners and amazing people. I'll give you some insights this week and next, and plan on having a number of the #successconnect participants on TotalPicture, including Jason Chapman, VP Global Strategy at SAP.

Congratulations to Patricia Manos Director of Partnerships and Alliances at Scout - she's expecting her first baby on December 31st. My first baby, Erin Clayton, was married on September 7th in Aurora New York. And that was truly amazing, wonderful, and yes... crazy.

Welcome to episode #17 of the HR Tech Collaboration News Podcast, AKA BBOP (Build Buy or Partner?)  It's a Double album/Crazy edition of BBOP, featuring the 3 C's: Larry Cummings, Ward Christman, and I'm you host Peter Clayton. This episode begins with a recording made at Carmine's on September 10 -- and segues into a recording on Monday, September 17. Enjoy.


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