June 18, 2019

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HR Technology Interviews

Google is Always Changing the Game - SEO and SEM and What You Need to Know


From Down Under We Have SEO Expert Kris Reid to Bring us Up-to-Date on Google, Keywords, and How Corporate Recruiters Should Structure their Job Ads for Maximum Exposure

Published on May 01 2018
Kris Reid @coolestguyinseo TotalPicture interviewKris Reid

How would you like some quick wins to boost your website and customer experience, engagement, reduce bounce rate and increase visitor time on your career portal and website? That's what we're going to discuss today, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Kris Reid, along with strategies for making your job ads visible on the first page of a Google search.

Welcome to an HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture, I'm your podcast protagonist, Peter Clayton. And joining me today from Australia, Kris Reid will break down in simple terms how it works, what the importance is, and give you some very easy to implement tips how you can boost your rankings, drive more visitors and grow your business.

And I do mean expert. Google Kris Reid - I'll wait. okay? You ready? Obviously this guy knows what he's doing. And if you listen to the end of this podcast, Kris has a special offer for the first 5 listeners who connect with him.


Watson Candidate Assistant and IBM Watson Recruitment


Behind the Code with Craig Shoneman, Offering Management Director, IBM Talent Management Solutions

Published on April 14 2018
Craig Shoneman, Director, Offering Management, IBM Talent Management Solutions TotalPicture interviewCraig Shoneman

Raise your hand if you've been in recruiting and HR long enough to remember when Kenexa was the cat's pajamas. It wasn't that long ago. In 2005 Kenexa went public and grew rapidly through acquisitions like BrassRing and Salary.com.

Kenexa was ranked the #1 most popular Talent Management Solution in 2012 and 2013 with 9,000 customers and 30 million users. Back in 2011 I interviewed the then-CEO of Kenexa, Rudy Karsan, who co-authored a NYT bestselling book "We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement," which you can still find on TotalPicture.com (see the side bar). And, let's face it, engagement is something many companies still struggle with.

In 2012, IBM bought Kenexa, which remains the foundation of many products geared to the HR and recruiting markets, like IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks. Today I'm joined by Craig Shoneman, Director, Offering Management, IBM Talent Management Solutions. According to Craig's LinkedIn profile, he is "focused on disrupting the HR technology space by leveraging IBM Kenexa solutions and IBM Watson capabilities to help our clients attract, hire, and source talent and develop that talent in a unique way. Today, we're going to focus on two new products, IBM Watson Candidate Assistant and IBM Watson Recruitment.


How Machine Learning Is Transforming Recruiting


Ideal Adds a Layer of AI to Your Recruiting Process. Speeding Up Hiring Decisions. Everyone Wins.

Premiers on September 28 2017
Somen Mondal, CEO Ideal- TotalPicture interviewSomen Mondal

"Ideal eliminates human bias, improves quality of hire, enhances the candidate experience, and increases recruiter efficiency 3.7x."

AI and machine learning certainly takes the top prize for buzzword bingo in HR and recruiting in 2017. In a recent post on Ideal's blog, CEO Somen Mondal writes "Candidate sourcing tools can - and should - be a recruiter's best friend."

In this in-depth HR Technology Channel interview on TotalPicture, Somen, who is a EY Entrepreneur of the Year, does a great job of going behind the buzz words and hype to clearly explain what's going on behind the code, and how his company is adding intelligence to their client's applicant tracking systems, giving them a competitive edge by helping them hire the right candidates.

Based in beautiful Toronto, Canada, Ideal uses artificial intelligence to automate time-consuming, repetitive recruiting tasks including sourcing, screening, and engaging candidates. Ideal clients include many enterprise level organizations challenged with large volume recruiting.

Over 5,000 Downloads!

Performance Based Matching Using Scout


Ken Lazarus, CEO of Scout Describes Scout's Ability to Track Down Great Candidates

Premiers on September 26 2017
Ken Lazarus, CEO of Scout Exchange TotalPicture interviewKen Lazarus

Welcome to an HR Technology Channel Podcast on TotalPicture - I'm your host, Peter Clayton.

Joining me today is Ken Lazarus, CEO of Scout Exchange, a platform for marketplace recruiting. Scout, based in Boston, connects employers with search firm and third-party recruiters . Scout's recruitment marketplace identifies specialists by using data analytics - what they call 'Performance Based Matching' - all within the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) your company is already using. Scout's integrations include ATS heavyweights IBM Kenexa, Oracle Taleo, iCIMS, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, and Bullhorn.

Ken has been a cofounder, CEO, director and advisor for more than a dozen technology-based startups during his 20-year career. He joined Scout in 2013, Lazarus holds a Ph.D. from MIT and a B.S. from Duke University. He's a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, has served as an MIT Visiting Committee Member and holds over 20 patents.


The Future of Work Series - Jerome Ternynck Founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters


Seven Years Ago, Jerome Ternynck Came to the US From France on an L1 Visa, and Set up Shop in San Francisco. Today SmartRecruiters has over 200 employees.

Published on July 06 2017
Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO SmartRecruiters, TotalPicture interviewJerome Ternynck

"Who you hire defines who you are. SmartRecruiters helps successful organizations hire better talent than their competitors."

Welcome to our continuing series of Future of Work Podcasts from HR Tech World in San Francisco. I'm you host, Peter Clayton. This HR Technology Channel Podcast features the CEO of SmartRecruiters, Jerome Ternynck.

SmartRecruiters was Founded in 2010. The company is based in San Francisco and backed by Mayfield, Salesforce and Insight.

"We actually convert 27 percent of candidates who say 'I'm interested,' versus 5 percent on your average ATS." Jerome Ternynck


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