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Saleforce and Jigsaw

Podcast with Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw

Jim Fowler Jim Fowler

DaaS Meets SaaS- Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw on the Saleforce.com Acquisition

Accordig to Jigsaw, it is the world's largest database of up-to-date, downloadable, and complete contact and company information. With a directory of more than 21 million business contacts and over 25,000 contacts added and edited daily by a dedicated user base of over one million, the quality, content, and scope of Jigsaw's world-class contact directory is unrivaled. Every Jigsaw business contact is complete with a phone number (over 70% of which are direct dial), position, company, mailing address, and business email address. Jigsaw also offers free tools for researching companies as well as a user generated company research wiki pages.

Jigsaw was recently acquired by salesforce.com, and joining us today is the CEO and cofounder of Jigsaw, Jim Fowler.

Questions Peter Clayton asks Jim Fowler

Obviously, a lot has transpired since we last spoke at OnRec a couple of years ago -- can you give us a quick update on Jigsaw? (stats, company wiki, etc).

So would it be accurate to say you're the Wikipedia of business cards -- using crowdsourcing for your content?

Who primarily uses Jigsaw -- is it sales professionals?

Are recruiters and job seekers using Jigsaw?

Why would someone add contacts to Jigsaw?

How does the point system work?

You wrote a blog post recently about DaaS - Data as a Service and how it will transform the data model the same way as SaaS has transformed the software model -- can you explain what you mean?

Okay in your blog post on DaaS you happened to mention Salesforce.com -- so let's talk about the acquisition... why did Salesforce want to buy Jigsaw?

Will Jigsaw remain a stand alone product?

Are you, and the management of Jigsaw staying with the company?

How will Jigsaw customers benefit from the Salesforce.com acquisition?

How will Salesforce.com customers benefit from the acquisition?

Questions from the Linkedin Answers community

Jeremy Eskenazi: How does the Salesforce Talent Acquisition team (their internal team), plan to leverage this acquisition and use Jigsaw tools.

-Does Salesforce intend to create a more "templated" recruitment-specific CRM that would/could be integrated with Jigsaw? Until now, if a recruitment organization wanted to use Salesforce, they would either have to customize it themselves, or hire a consultant to help create it for them. Is Salesforce going to create a bit easier templated tool?

Jim Panos: From my perspective, I would like to see if Jim has any insights into salesforce.com's strategy in Social Media, and some interesting applications or scenarios that now exist where Salesforce.com is being used in conjunction with social media to generate BtoB leads or refine trade promotion and marketing tactics.

Combining a few questions…

I would ask Jim to explain their privacy policy. How will it change now that salesforce acquired them.

How does he see other players in the space like Linkedin, Zoominfo, Hoovers?

What about "disruptive technology like Broadlook"? How do they fit into the mix, what problems do each of you solve, how can Broadlook and Jigsaw be used together? (of coarse I want to hear you ask him that).

Traditional ATS vendors are starting to face competition from add-ons to Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM. How does Jigsaw fit into that picture?

Kate Mayfield wrote: I'd like to know whether Jigsaw envisage having partnerships or supplying competitors to Salesforce in future? E.g Microsoft Dynamics CRM and similar.

What didn't I ask that's important to know about the acquisition?

Jim Fowler Biography

As Chief Executive Officer, Jim Fowler provides direction and leadership toward the achievement of goals and objectives at Jigsaw. A veteran sales executive, Jim has more than 12 years selling software for marketing and collaboration applications. Before starting Jigsaw, Jim served as VP of Sales at Digital Impact (DIGI), Paramark and TightLink. In these roles, he built sales departments from the ground up focusing on sales strategies and processes. He was able to leverage his experience as an outstanding sales manager at Personify and NetGravity. Prior to his career in software sales, Jim owned and operated Lookout Pass, a ski resort in Idaho.

Peter Clayton

About Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton, Producer/Host, is an award-winning producer/director of radio, television, documentary, video, interactive and Web-based media who has created breakthrough media for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients.


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